STAW 8: “Worst” Contact aka Never Invite Borg to a Birthday Party (NAGA @ 28-01-2015)

Tonight at NAGA it was Owen Cartwrights birthday, so he chose the rules for tonight’s game.  It was going to be a Fleet Pure 150pt game with no Suggested Tournament Format.

My opponents would be Owen Cartwrights Twin Reman Warbirds captained by Toreth and Shinzon, stacked to the hilt and loaded with torpedoes.  My other opponent would be Daniel Ryans Federation Fleet consisting of the USS Enteprise-E captained by Picard, the USS Voyager captained by Janeway and a Galaxy Class Starship captained by William Riker.

I decided to run a dual Borg ship build using the following list:-

Queen Vessel Prime (42)
Korok (4)
Indy Klingon Flagship (10)
Magnetometric Guided Charge (5)
Access Terminal (2)
Borg Assimilation Tubules (8)
Regeneration Sequencers (5)
Ship SP: 76

Tactical Cube 138 (46)
Borg Queen (5)
Full Assault (6)
Subspace Beacon (5)
Borg Ablative Hull Armor (7)
Regeneration Sequencers (5)
Ship SP: 74

Total Build SP: 150

Stardate 28-01-20-15

We are the Borg. We will add your biological distinctiveness to us and serves us as the Borg.  Your birthday is irrelevant.  Your slab of birthday cake is irrelevant. Resistance is Futile.  You will be assimilated”

It is the birthday of Romulan Praetor Shinzon, clone of Jean-Luc Picard.  In an attempt to ease the tensions between the Federation and the Reman clone, Jean Luc Picard is bringing a bottle of Romulan Ale and some Photon Torpedoes to the party.

Through liberal use of Subspace Beacons and Transwarp Conduits the Borg have also decided to attend the party uninvited in an attempt to retrieve their former Federation counterpart Locutus and create a Romulan equivilent from Shinzon, Fake-utus, to deliver its message of conquest to the Romulan Empire.

The Borg fleet entered the rendezvous location first from behind the blue planet as the Federation fleet entered from the far side of the sector.  The Romulan fleet split its forces, sending the Reman Warbird captained by Toreth to intercept the Federation Fleet as Shinzons Scimitar tried to engage the Borg fleet with its Tholaron Weapon.

The Federation fleet swiftly engaged Toreths Warbird and stripped away its shields before it was given an opportunity to cloak.  Both Picard 8’s Enterprise-E and Janeway’s Voyager alpha striking the lone uncloaked warbird with focused phaser fire.  Picard 8 with his declared hatred of the Romulans, especially Shinzon, fired into the warbird dealing it critical damage as its shields crackled and failed.  Janeway followed this up with a devastating reply from close range as her weapons tore into the unshielded hull of the Reman Warbird.

In reply Toreth brought her weapons to bear and attacked Voyager but with its maneuverable deft pilot Tom Paris at the helm it was about to shrug off some of the phaser fire and some of its shields were damaged in a tense close range phaser fight.

On the opposite side of the sector the Borg advanced slowly and with menace as they rounded the blue planetoid.  Moving up towards and behind the planet Shinzon cloaked his Scimitar and prepared his Tholaron Weapon to engage the Borg Cube.

Picard and Janeway moved past the now heavily damaged Reman Warbird of Toreth and Picard dropped his party gift of Anti-Matter Mines right onto the rear of the ship.  As the mines had been dropped onto the ship they immediately struck the Romulan vessel.  The combined damage from the previous turns firing and the Anti-Matter Minefield almost finished off the crippled ship as Rikers Galaxy turned and brought the ship into arc.

Firing into the stricken hulk of the Reman Warbird the Galaxy tore the the vessel to pieces as it was unable to return fire due to critical damage to its weaponary.

The Borg fleet engaged as the Queens Tactical Cube and Scimitar came face to face.  Shinzon fired first and attacked with the devastating Tholaron Weapon.  The powerful life stripping weapon killed the Queen and completely destroyed the Borg ships Ablative Armour without further damage to the structure of the Tactical Cube or its shields. Now without its Queen would the Borg fleet waver and fall to pieces?

The Borg Cube returned fire tearing into the hull of the cloaked, unshielded vessel as the Kuroks Octahedron assimilated the Photon Torpedoes out of the Scimitar.

The Scimitar hadn’t planned for this as it swept in front of the Borg Cube and attempted to fire its torpedoes from its rear arc.  Its plan had been foiled as it was now at frighteningly close range of the Cube and Octahedron with no weapons to fire.

In a last ditch attempt at destroying the Tactical Cube Shinzon turned his ship to fire but found the Borg waiting exactly where he had been planning to maneuver to.  Crashing into the Borg behemoth both ships traded phaser fire.  Shinzons vessel destroying layers of Borg shields before the close range primary weapons of the Cube finished off the Praetors Reman Warbird.  The Federation fleet swept out from behind the second planet in the sector, the yellow Nuneaton Prime, and began their advance on the Kurok’s Octahedron.  Before they could close the distance the combined firepower of the Borg destroyed the Romulan Clone Shinzons Scimitar….an ominous warning to the Federation fleet.

The Borg cube reversed back into patrolling the centre of the sector as Janeways Voyager engaged the Borg Octahedron.  With Kurok able to make even mundane phaser fire devastating he was able to destroy the last of its shields and wreak havoc upon the unprotected hull.  Janeways only option was to run and regroup and she fled the fight leaving Picards Enterprise-E and Rikers Galaxy to defend against the Borg.

Strong combined fire from both Borg vessels into the rear of Voyager finally destroyed the Federation vessel.  Only Picard returned fire as he was the only Federation ship in range and arc.  His ferocious firing at the Octahedron stripping away its shields even with the evasive actions of the Borg crew.

Rikers Galaxy turned and drove directly at the heart of the Borg fleet hoping to draw their fire at close range even if he was destroyed in the process allowing Picard to bring his rear mounted Photon Torpedos to attack the Octahedron.  Before he could do so Kurok assimilated them and added them to his Alpha Quadrant Photon Torpedo collection gathering dust in the Octahedrons cargo hold.  The surprised Picard was left without ability to fire and was forced to take a wide maneuver to come around and return to the fight.  The Enteprise-E was targeted at long range by both Borg ships who had chosen to ignore Riker sensing a trap was being laid.  Dealing some devastating damage to the big-E it was left unshielded and badly damaged.

Now Rikers trap had been avoided both Borg ships closed on it leaving it nowhere to maneuver and it crashed into the side of the Borg Cube leaving its crew dazed and unable to act.  Without the ability to modify its primary attacks and without Picards support the two Borg vessels easily crippled then destroyed the Galaxy class starship.

Picard slowly maneuvered to face his aggressors but before he could bring weapons to bear and attack the badly damaged broken hull of the Federation starship was torn asunder with focussed critically damaging fire from both Borg vessels.  If only he had now had those Photon Torpedoes stolen!  Kuroks voiced boomed over the hail as the remaining lifepods of the Enterprise-E disappeared into the low orbit of the blue planet, Nuneaton Secundus…..”Humans are irrelevant.  Romulans are irrelevant.  Your celebration is irrelevant.  Your biological distinctiveness, albeit one year older, will be added to us and will serve the Borg.  Your torpedoes have been assimilated.  Resistance was futile.

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