A quick update. …

Sorry it’s been a quiet month on Tales From The Mancave….the girls have been excitedly preparing for Christmas and I’ve been kept busy with shopping, wrapping, chopping, cooking and playing games that sadly aren’t the kind I’d usually post about. So I’m going to give a quick update to keep your all advised of what’s been going down.  Let’s keep this simple. ….

I managed to grab three Star Trek Attack Wing Reinforcement Blind Booster Bricks for the forthcoming Temporal Cold War OP Series. I’ll be trying to post about each vessel and stick some pictures up as soon as I can.

Sticking with a space theme I’ll move next onto Star Wars.  I managed to grab a viewing of The Force Awakens on opening day and was like a child in a sweetshop with Daddy’s credit card!  Lol. Gaming wise I managed to pick up the last remaining ship I required to complete my Star Wars X-Wing collection. …the Tantive 4. Now onto Wave 8.  Being a massive Imperial fan I also wanted to get my dirty hands on the impressive Gozanti class Imperial Assault Carrier to swell the ranks of my Imperial Fleet.  I grabbed one for a very good deal of £39.67 (including P&P) from boardgameprices.co.uk which I was very happy about!

Sticking with Star Wars Christmas was very kind to me and I managed to get a whole heap of Star Wars Imperial Assault goodies from my girls.  I received Dengar to add to my wretched hive of scum in IG-88 & Boba Fett. I’m aiming to put together the whole line up of Bounty Hunters from The Empire Strikes Back. …so I need 4-Lom, Zuckuss and Bossk.  Then I’ll have then go toe to toe with my other games worth of hunters….the Predators from Prodos’ AvP.  I also got a copy of the latest expansion for SW:IA Return to Hoth. Finally I was given a load of Villain and Ally packs to build my SW:IA forces; – a Royal Guard Champion,  Kayn Samos, Chewbacca, Han Solo, R2-D2 & C-3PO and Princess Leia. So I can now assemble the whole gang from the films.  Happy gamer!

I did post a while ago about me returning to the Judge Dredd fold at NAGA to have some games with Brent Jay and Co. Well I was watching some very good deals on EBay and add luck would have it I did manage to scoop up the whole lot for a very decent price of £37 (including P&P). I ended up winning auctions for gangs for Judge Cals Personal Retinue, Justice Dept. Mega City Judges and Specialist Judges. So they’ll go onto the gaming table for use at some point in January against Brent.

The Hairy Gamers (me and Tris) took a little road trip to Dragonmeet in London during December to collect our AvP Wave 2 pledges and boy was there a whole load to struggle through a busy convention with.  I now have 3x Alien Warriors, 2x Alien Queens, 2x Royal Guards, 2x Alien Crushers, 2x Predaliens, 2x Alien Eggs, 2x Berserker Predators, 2x Predator HellHounds, 2x USCM Powerloaders and 1x each set of Dice (USCM, Aliens & Predators). I also bought an extra two boxes of Alien Warriors from Asylum Wargames Online Shop for a great price of £10 each. You can grab some too by visiting them on http://asylumwargaming.tictail.com/ . These guys have great deals on all sorts of goodies residual if you’re interested in Macrocosm or AvP.

This takes me neatly onto Macrocosm. Despite the awesome Chris Nicholls being very busy with his adventure into fatherhood for the second time he managed to go above and beyond to send out my Macrocosm Malignancy pledge.  Once the chaos of Christmas has subdued I’ll try to take some pictures and post more about this! Thanks Chris.  If you too are interested in Macrocosm then you can find more details on the website at http://www.macrocosm.co.uk/

Whilst we were on our road trip I managed to teach Tris the rules for The Devils Run and we even managed to grab a couple of demo games on the stand the Word Forge Games team were using.  Both of us are mad keen for this game and with any luck I’ll be able to help Mark Rapson with some more play testing and reviewing of the game in the build up to shipping.  With so many ideas for this game, with me posting regular bat-reps and reviews and with Mad Max Fury Road available on Blu-Ray and DVD it was inevitable that others would be drawn into the TDR:R666 game. Recently Tris and I expanded the Hairy Gamers family by inviting Gareth Mosley and James Hall to join our ranks. Both have the R666 bug and are busy trash-bashing and scheming for when R666 drops.  James has been busy using any and all HotWheels and Matchbox cars he can get his busy hands on to bash together some cars to use.  I myself am waiting until my pledge drops to see what gaps I have in my collection before getting too busy with trash-bashing. My ideas are mainly for scenery and game tiles based on British Roads rather than the American ones in the game.

Guildball now. ….as some of my regular readers will recall I play in a local Guildhall league at Black Dragon Games in Hinckley. Sadlt this has not been going to we’ll for my Fishermen who have lost their opening two encounters against Craigs Mort-Union team (12-8) & Andy T’s murderous Butchers (12-4). This week I have a double header of games planned against David Mustin and Mark Southerd in store on Tuesday so watch this space for that.  I’ve gone in half’s on a Union Starter with David to get me a copy of Avarisse and Greede to add to my Union Starter of Blackheath, Decimate and Gutter. I also added a Harry “The Hat” Hallahan to my Union line-up this month as well as hopefully getting the miniatures I’m owed by Jay Finnegan in the form of Fangtooth and Hemlocke. At some point I’ll have to grab me a copy of Coin,  the Union Mascot, so I can play Union too. I’ll do a “Gaming on a Budget” post later to cover my Guildball activities.  Having seen a couple of demo’s at Dragonmeet and spoken to one of the brains behind Guildball, Rich, Hairy Gamer Tris had also picked up a great deal on a Masons team for Guildball so we’ll probably throw down at some point even if it’s just to teach him the rules.

Lastly im going to talk about Frostgrave. Not the game or any bat-reps or warband stuff but mostly terrain.  I managed to grab myself two of the old Games Workshop Mighty Fortress plastic kits from EBay as a starter for my planned scenery. I wanted to build the walls of Felstadt. I also picked up 84 Lemax Snow Covered Wintery Pine Trees, a Garden of Morr kit from GW and some rather large Amera plastic moulded kits for their F204 Large Hill Top Ruin (Fantasy Realms page) & Z236 Corner Ruined Building  (Future Zone page). You can take a closer look at thier range on the link below;-


Once I get the chance to do anything with any of the above I’ll post something.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all!

Mancave Monday – TCW Reinforcement Blind Boosters

Tonight was a very exciting time in the Mancave as some lovely goodies I had ordered arrived and just in the nick of time.

Given it was the first glimpse of the Star Trek Beyond trailer and the worldwide premier on Star Wars:The Force Awakens it seemed fitting that my 3 sets of Star Trek Attack Wing Reinforcement Blind Boosters for Temporal Cold War and my final outstanding Star Wars X-Wing Ship, Tantive IV, both arrived.

Some time ago David Montgomery of The ShipYard YouTube channel previewed the STAW Reinforcement Boosters and I shared links each day to his videos (links to the videos can be found below).  Over winter Wizkids will be running The Temporal Cold War OP Series (based off the Enterprise episodes).  Each month players will participate in a scenario and build a 90pt fleet using all standard build rules and formats (check with your venue and TO for further advice).  Each player will then receive a randomly assigned Blind Booster to build an additional 40pt ship from which must be used.

For all of you who follow here and either don’t use Facebook or The Hairy Gamers (and why not!?) I’m going to provide links to each of my comments and the videos.

The Hairy Gamers can be found at https://www.facebook.com/TheHairyGamers?ref=bookmarks you can find a brief write up of each Blind Booster by me on that page which links to the videos attached below.  I dont want to steal David’s thunder as he’s done some great work on behalf of the STAW Community so please, please, please go take a look at his YouTube Channel and Subscribe.

So far we have seen:

Romulans – IRW Belak –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg0B0ZhGp4k&feature=share

Species 8472 – Bioship Gamma – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eA8ZncHR-M

Dominion – Aldara – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUrcuygImY8&feature=youtu.be

Federation – USS Lakota – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiGCWpeTu9c

Mirror Universe – IKS Toh’Kaht – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pL_cR_ITeE

**Temporal Cold War OP 1 Prize** Xindi – Diaspora – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJ2rK5AnXcw&feature=youtu.be

Klingon – IKS Buruk – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xru6Ibq4Y0&feature=youtu.be

Bajoran – Interceptor 8 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGnDLFvD_p8&feature=youtu.be

Kazon – Nistrim Cullah – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cF8UwB9VWPk

Vulcan – Seleya – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajokBQPewa4&feature=youtu.be

Ferengi – Nunk’s Marauder – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TQLyAfarVQ

Now mine have arrived I can share some pictures of the ships and cards without stealing Davids thunder.

Star Trek FIRST LOOK: Halik Raider for Attack Wing Wave 20

More exclusive reveals from StarTrek.com.  They have an exclusive First Look at the Kazon vessel, Halik Raider, available this month for Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 20.

The Halik Raider was first seen in the Voyager episode Dreadnought where treacherous members of Voyagers crew in league with Seska were transmitting details of a powerful Cardassian weapon stolen and used by the Maquis back in the Alpha Quadrant.  The crew surmise that upon investigating a debris field in the Delta Quadrant it would take a very powerful weapon to cause so much damage to the duritanium-hulled unmanned probe. Upon investigation, Commander Chakotay and Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres find that a powerful Cardassian weapon caused the destruction. Captain Kathryn Janeway asks if Seska could be involved but Torres reveals that she herself was responsible.

Source: Star Trek FIRST LOOK: Halik Raider for Attack Wing Wave 20

Star Trek FIRST LOOK: USS Hathaway for Attack Wing Wave 20

Our friends at StarTrek.com have an exclusive First Look at the Federation destroyer, the USS Hathaway for the upcoming Star Trek: Attack Wing — Wave 20.

The USS Hathaway, as seen in the TNG Episode Peak Performance was briefly recomissioned in 2365 and towed into orbit of Braslota IV in the Braslota system for a Starfleet battle simulation, in which Commander William T. Riker commanded the obsolete Hathaway against the state-of-the-art Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D. Although the Hathaway ran on minimum power, had only a few shards of dilithium, and no antimatter fuel, Riker’s away team managed to reactivate the ship and place it in sufficient condition for simulated combat in only 48 hours.

The battle proceeded well and Riker was able to outwit Captain Jean-Luc Picard on several occassions. Unfortunately, the war games were interrupted by the intrusion of a Ferengi D’Kora-class starship, the Kreechta, whose DaiMon, Bractor, believed that the two starships were engaged in real combat. Thinking that the Hathaway must be of great value to be fighting against the Enterprise, the Ferengi demanded theHathaway’s immediate surrender after disabling the Enterprise.

Fortunately, the combined crews of the Enterprise and Hathaway formulated a plan in which it was made to appear as if the Enterprise destroyed the Hathaway to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. In reality, the Hathaway had merely made a split-second warp jump, thanks to the resourcefulness of Wesley Crusher, the instant before photon torpedoes, launched by the Enterprise, were detonated. Its potential prize destroyed, the Ferengi retreated. Following the exercise, the Hathaway was towed to the nearest starbase.

Source: Star Trek FIRST LOOK: USS Hathaway for Attack Wing Wave 20

Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 19 Reveal – IKS Rotarran

The second in the series of Wave 19 reveals by StarTrek.com for WizKidsStar Trek Attack Wing sees the Klingons get some love. The IKS Rotarran, a B’Rel class Bird-Of-Prey, is added to the arsenal for all Klingon players fleets. Taken from the DS9 episodes “By Infernos Light”, “Soldiers of the Empire”, “Blaze of Glory” and “A Call to Arms” the recurring IKS Rotarran was a Klingon Bird-of-Prey that was in service with the Klingon Defense Force in the late 24th century. The Rotarran served with distinction during the Dominion War, with General Martok using the vessel as his flagship. It had developed an unfair reputation as a ‘cursed’ ship whose crew had all been dishonoured. In late-2373, General Martok was assigned command of the Rotarran by the Klingon High Council and dispatched to locate the missing IKS B’Moth. Joining him as his first officer was Lieutenant Commander Worf and Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax as science officer. Both were serving on detached duty from Starfleet at the time. Plotting course for the last known position of the B’Moth, the Rotarran was forced to circumnavigate the Tong Beak Nebula in order to avoid the Jem’Hadar. Martok’s wish to avoid a fight struck a sour chord with his weary crew. On the way, Martok reviewed his crew’s personnel reports, which included remarks such as: “Dishonorable conduct,” “lack of respect,” “dereliction of duty,” “inattention to orders,” “unmotivated,” and “insufficiently aggressive.” This did not go over well with Martok nor Worf, Martok likening the report to a prison record. Together they vowed to restore honor to the Rotarran and make it a ship worthy of the Empire.


The “IKS Rotarran” is a standard B’Rel Bird-of-Prey with the named version having stats of 4-1-3-3. It comes with 2 Crew, 1 Secondary Weapon and 1 Tech upgrade slots on its bar and Actions of Evade, Target Lock, Cloak and Sensor Echo. At first the Rotarran sought to “avoid conflict” with the Jem’Hadar. This is reflected in the Rotarran’s special ability that, as an action, allows the ship to perform a second maneuver on the maneuver dial with a speed of 1 or 2. After taking that action, the Rotarran gets an Auxiliary Token and cannot attack this turn. This is nicely thematic and whilst reflecting the defensive nature of the ship it also can be used to bank or turn into arc and fire upon an unsuspecting ship that it normally wouldnt be able to attack. I like this ability as it is very Klingon and in keeping with this expansions theme. The Named version comes in at 22 points whilst the generic loses a shield and costs 20pts.

Obviously it would be remiss of Wizkids to not include another version of Martok in this expansion given his link to this ship and we are not disappointed. “Martok is a CS7 Captain costing 4pts who comes ready to equip with an Elite Talent. As an ability Martok can reduce the cost of all other Klingon upgrades by -1pt. Additionally, when attacking, Martok allows the player to take an action to roll 2 less attack dice to add 1 hit result to his roll, if all upgrades on this ship are Klingon, you roll only one less attack die to gain 1 hit result instead. If you have the Action economy to use this ability then this can really help you, especially in the faction pure environment and its nice to see Wizkids acknowledging faction purity even if unofficially.

So Martok can bring an Elite Talent to his ship but what options do we have here? Well this ship has not one, not two but three Elite Talents! “The Day is Ours!” is a 4pt discard allowing a player to add one critical hit result to the roll during the Roll Attack Dice Step but only if it is equipped to a Klingon Ship with a Klingon Captain. This is ok and may see some usage between Martok, the Torpedo upgrade (which I’ll cover later) and this you might be hitting for at least 2 Crits and a guaranteed hit.

“Alert Status One” is another discard action costing 3pts in order to place a battle stations token next to your ship. Not sure how I feel about this in honesty…….3pts to take a BS? Its a significantly weaker version of Defence Condition One but for 4pts I could take the Action Crew Drex or N’Garen who are better BS converters.

Finally, “Supreme Commander” is another 5pts Action discard that allows the player to give another friendly ship within range 1-3 a free action from its action bar. If the targeted ship was a Klingon ship it may perform ANY action…….not sure what this means but if it means as read then potentially Klingon ships could take Battlestation, Scan or even Regenerate Actions. That could make for some very interesting combinations.

With no other captains to review lets look at crew upgrades starting off with yet another version of Worf. “First Officer Worf” provides a +1 bonus to your captain skill, which increases to +3 if you have a Klingon Captain. Simulating the near mutiny on Rotarran if your captain is ever disabled or discarded, Worf becomes the new captain with a skill level of 5. Worfs special ability to boost a Klingon captain cannot be used on himself so no shenanigans there although it does in theory allow the Klingons to now deploy a captain with CS of 14 (Ch’Tang Martok (9) + Admiral Gorkon (+1) + Klingon Fleet Captain (+2) + Rotarran Worf (+3) = 14).

Next up is Jadzia Dax who joined Worf on leave from Starfleet to serve as Science Officer aboard the Rotarran. “Jadzia Dax” allows you to spend a scan token to convert 1 battle stations result on your die into a hit or evade result. This is really in keeping with the idea of turning the tide of battle and thematically Klingon. Considered to be one of their own, Jadzia Dax does not pay a faction penalty when assigned to a Klingon ship so gets added to the list of options we can use when considering Penalty Pure fleet lists. At a hefty price of 5 points and given that the only Klingon ship with a Scan Action is the Somraw this may be an upgrade you simply cant afford to build around or include. You will almost certainly need to use upgrades and other crew to acquire Scan tokens. Not sure she’ll see much play as a Klingon crew so its a good job she has a Federation icon.

This expansion is very crew heavy. the ship itself only has two slots and we’ve already seen two crew but there are three more included to boost the options available to you. First up we’ll look at “Leskit” the helmsman of the Rotarran, who allows you to convert a red maneuver into a green maneuver. If your ship is cloaked when you do this, you can perform a sensor echo as a free action. Hes a 3pt discard crew but I like this ability! Given the way Klingons joust and come about to hit you again the ability to swap a red come about for a green come about is amazing! No Auxiliary Power Tokens for doing so…..is this worth 3pts? Yes I personally think so. I can see this upgrade seeing table time in many Klingon fleets.

“Tavana” the ships Engineering officer allows you to repair 1 shield token by disabling himself. If your ship is cloaked you may also repair one damage to your hull but you roll -2 attack dice on all attacks this round. If you’re out of arc this is a decent enough ability. The fact you can repair Shields and Hull at the cost of a reduced attack is nice, sure its situational but it could really save you if needed. Considering this is the usual 5pt Klingon crew upgrade the fact he is only a disable puts him above current options of Bu’Kah (4pt discard to repair 2 to hull if you performed a green maneuver) and Konmel (3 pt Action, not cloaked and repair 1 shield). The ability to reuse Tavana and remain cloaked elevates him in my opinion.

Finally the Weapons Officer, “Kornan” allows the player to take an action to place a target lock on an enemy ship within range 1-3 and then perform another action on the ships action bar as a free action but not the Target Lock Action. Ok thats nice but thats where it ends, he is a 5pt Action Discard….c’mon Wizkids, give the pastyheaded rageoholics some love!!!! Im disappointed by this.

So we have 5 crew for 2 slots. What about Secondary Weapon options in this pack? The Rotarran packs a punch with a new “Photon Torpedoes” that utilizes the new Time Token mechanic. Instead of disabling the weapon when it fires the players places 3 time tokens on the card. During the end phase one time token is removed. When no time tokens remain on the card the weapon is ready to fire again. This is a standard Range 2-3 5 Attack Dice torpedo that allows you to convert 1 Battlestations result into a Critical result. If combined with an all Klingon crew and Captain Martok then you could roll 4 dice and get 1 autohit plus the BS to Crit conversion. Meh…….I’d rather a boost to a B’Rel firing as that precedent has been set on Negh/Var and Vor’Cha classes.

Oddly whilst this ship comes equipped with a Tech slot no Tech upgrades seem to be included in the pack. More unseen upgrades may be included but StarTrek.com are usually pretty good and would have revealed it. Such a shame.

So having reviewed everything Im going to try and build a Faction Pure vessel from this expansion built to Wizkids Suggested Rules Format limits of 50pts:-

IKS Rotarran – 22pts
Martok – 4pts
The Day Is Ours! – 3pts (4pts overridden to 3pts by Martok)
Worf – 1pt (2pts overridden to 1pt by Martok)
Leskit – 2pts (3pts overridden to 2pts by Martok)
Photon Torpedos – 4pts (5pts overridden to 4pts by Martok)

Total – 36pts

What do you think about how I built this ship? How would you build it? Go take a look and let me know….comment below.

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Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 19 Reveal – RIS Talvath

So the last of the Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 19 retail reveals has been shared by Startrek.com and it is the RIS Talvath, a Romulan Science Vessel (or RSV) seen in the Voyager episode “Eye of the Needle”.


The RIS Talvath was an RSV that was in service in the mid-24th century. In early 2350, the Talvath, operating under the direction of Dr. Telek R’Mor of the Romulan Astrophysical Academy, began an extended three-year scientific mission. In mid-2351, the Talvath encountered a micro-wormhole in Sector 1385 of the Alpha Quadrant that led to the discovery of the Federation starship USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant, located in the year 2371. The Talvath was scheduled to complete its mission and return to Romulus in 2353. In the episode the Talavth communicated with USS Voyager via a 13cm micro wormhole too small for Voyager to pass through so signals and a test cylinder are sent through. Eventually it is discovered that the ships are actually communicating across space and time as the Talvath is in 2351 and Voyager is in 2371. In fact Dr telek R’Mor died four years prior to Voyager leaving the Alpha Quadrant. Now we know about the Talvath we can start looking at the ship and expansion itself.

Firstly the RIS Talvath is a standard RSV with stats of 1-2-2-2 for the named variant and 1-2-2-1 for the generic. It is significantly weaker than the Delta Flyer which is only a shuttlecraft and yet does not have the same limitations of requiring a “capital ship” to deploy it. Its never going to be used in a front line attacking role but it certainly does have uses. The named version has the following ability “ACTION: If you are within Range 1-3 of at least 1 enemy ship, roll 3 defense dice. For every Evade result place 1 Evade token beside your ship. You cannot perform any free actions this round.”. As a small evasive vessel this is a situational yet nice enough ability that allows it to be deployed and used without taking the serious hits from bigger vessels. Even if you were lucky enough to roll 3 Evades this ship could still be 1 shotted especially by something like a pimped out Enterprise-E, a Krenim Time ship or a Borg Cube at close range. With a primary weapon value of 1, agility value of 2, hull and shield value of 2, this ship is designed to get in and get out quickly without taking heavy hits. It comes equipped with 3 Tech slots to allow it to fulfil that primary function of scientific vessel. This also makes it an absolutely amazing Mine Layer for Romulans which ensures I’ll be buying enough to deploy the 16 sets of Cloaked Mines I have!!!

In terms of Captains in this expansion it was always going to include Dr Telek R’Mor, even Wizkids couldnt screw that one up! Conducting a three year mission of “Secret Research” Telek R’Mor is the Captain of the R.I.S Talvath. Telek R’Mor is a CS3 Captain costing a reasonable 2pts that allows your ship to roll one extra defense die if you have a scan token beside your ship while defending. Whilst Telek R’Mor is the Captain, you may also field the “Secret Research” upgrade even though he does not have an Elite Talent upgrade icon. We’ll cover more about this Elite Talent later. Firstly we’ll cover the second Captain in this pack, Alidar Jarok, or more specifically another new Admiral for the Romulans. We already have a version of this captain from the RIS Vo expansion. The previous version was a CS7 costing 4pts. This version is CS6 for the same price, both have an Elite Talent slot. Looking at the two abilities of each I think I prefer the newer version whose ability says “ACTION: Target a ship at Range 1 and remove 1 token (Evade, Scan, Battlestations or Target Lock). If you remove a Target Lock Token with this ability also remove the corresponding Target Lock Token”. As a Fleet Action for an Admiral I like this ability a lot. Fancy firing your Torpedos at me? Nuh huh, I’m removing that token. Fancy reducing my defence with a Scan? I don’t think so. Whats that Picard/Dukat, you have a Battlestations? Not any more you don’t. I think I’d take this version of Alidar Jarok over the other every day of the week. Great ability although we dont yet know what affect he will have on the corresponding Captain if deployed as an Admiral. We’ll have to wait and see for that!

Onto Elite Talents and this pack only has one “Secret Research”. Captain/Admiral Alidar Jarok can equip it as he has an Elite Talent slot but so too can Dr.Telek R’Mor whose ability allows his to equip just this upgrade. It is very thematic of the story of this ship. This Elite Talent adds the Scan Action to the Action Bar of your ship and the RIS Talvath doesnt have this Action already. In fact only the RIS Vo and Prototype Drone have the Scan Action so this is a great way to add this Action to your Action Bar on other Romulan ships. As a secondary affect during the Activation Phase you may also discard this card to perform a Scan Action as a free action. Ok, so thats kinda neat. The Romulans getting access to an Action they’ve previously not really had access to. It is situational because for the most part you’ll probably be Cloaking or Sensor Echoing so it has its uses but Im not sure how much play it will see. There may be combos that can be used to trigger off the previously unavailable Scan token you can now use. We’ll see.

As befitting a scientific vessel conduction secret experimental research with 3 Tech upgrade slots and no ability to equip Secondary Weapons or Crew this expansion is loaded with sneaky Romulan Technology. I’ll start with “Warp Core Ejection System”, every ship captain knows a Warp Core Breach is one of the most dangerous things you can face. Using this 4pt Romulan Tech Upgrade, you can take an action to repair 1 hull damage and flip any “Warp Core Breach” critical damage cards face down. For the rest of the game you cannot take any maneuvers with a speed greater than 1. However, you also cannot receive any more “Warp Core Breach” critical damage cards. If you do, you simply flip it over and treat it as a normal damage. Being able to eliminate the risk of losing your ship to a Warp Core Breach by using Warp Core Ejection System is something every captain will want to have at his finger tips, just in case. Its hugely situational and there are much better Tech upgrades for Romulans…..Cloaked Mines, Interphase Generators, Polarized Hull Plating, Advanced Cloak etc. These are my top tier Tech upgrades for Romulans.

Secondly we have “Test Cylinder” which allows you to take an action to target a ship at any range and disable this card, plus any crew upgrades on the targeted ship. Taking this action requires you to disable all remaining shields on your ship, but if done at the right time, disabling an opponent’s crew upgrade can be quite devastating. The fact that it can be done from any range gives you a very big tactical advantage over your opponent. At ANY Range so hide your little mine laying ship at the back before disabling one of those quirky undisabling cards the Federation have or remove those horrible Drex or N’Garen at a critical moment. There are plenty of Crew combos out there that could really wreck an opponents strategy by disabling one at the right time. This is nice but requires being used in a combo at the right time to really put the hurt on an enemy ship. It needs some experimentation to work well but could be a devastating strategy to deploy. This is a 3pt upgrade so not horribly priced.

“Temporal Displacement” yet another of the recent Romulan Technological advances, is the ultimate in Romulan defense. This upgrade allows you to discard this card to cancel ALL of the attacking ship’s hit and critical hit results. That’s right, cancel all hit and critical hit results! The attacking ship cannot make any other attacks during this round, but any cards used in the attack are returned to the state they were in prior to the attack, allowing the attacking ship to use them again in a different round. Think of this as a pimped out Interphase Generator that you do not need to be Cloaked to use. The ability to completely negate a whole attacks worth of Hits and Crits could swing a battle. Use a Chroniton Torpedo or Transphasic Torpedo against me? No fear I’ll discard this and bounce all damage. If youre using these little ships to lay mines then get up close, drop the mines and use this Tech upgrade to get away taking no damage. Thank you very much. Mine spamming fleets just got a little more solid, although for 5pts and a discard and the limitation of only working on RSV’s this is questionable as to whether you’d be able to make it const effective. Other attack negation strageties are equally as cost prohibitive so without doing some math I couldn’t honestly tell you if it was better than those on a case by case basis. the limitation of only RSV’s probably rules this out as a general widely used future upgrade.

“Advanced Scanning” allows you to add the Scan Action to your ships Action Bar. Whenever you perform the Scan Action you may place 1 additional Scan Token next to your ship at the cost of placing an Auxiliary Token next to your ship as well. Thats not too bad when you have a maneuver dial like an RSV which has no red maneuvers at all and quite a few greens. Double Scan tokens aren’t really so useful for this ship as its not a front line warship, its more of a support vessel so being able to reduce your opponents defense on a 1 or 2 dice attack might help but if its come down to using your RSV’s like that then you’ve probably already lost. Situational at best but can be used in conjunction with other Tech upgrades to really shine. Its another Tech that is best equipped to the RSV as it costs +5pts on any other vessel (+6 out of faction). When you stack this upgrade or the Secret Research Elite Talent with the next Tech upgrade is when things get a little interesting. Lots of scan tokens are nice but you have to be able to get mileage out of them and thats where “Signal Amplifier” comes in. Signal Amplifier is a 5pt discard that allows you to spend a Scan Token to either add +2 attack dice or +2 defense dice. Paired with Secret Research or Advanced Scanning, Signal Amplifier gives you the flexibility to choose a boost to attack or defense whenever it is needed most. At the cost of an Auxiliary Token you can take 2 Scan tokens, use 1 to boost your attack by +2 Attack Dice and the second to reduce defense by -1 Defense Dice. A little 1 Attack ship at range 1 out of arc is dropping 4 Attack dice against a ship with -1 Defense. Nice if expensive and dangerous!

Lastly we have our final Tech upgrade, the 5pt “Graviton Field Generator”. This is an action that allows you to either, disable this card and 2 Active Shields to immediately perform an additional forward maneuver with a speed equal to the number of shields you disabled with this action, OR if you performed a green maneuver this round, discard this card to place 2 Shield Tokens beside your ship. Ok so on a big beast of a ship like a Reman Warbird this can really make it super tanky! This is great, especially when you consider that this card is not unique so a ship can be equipped with more than one. Interestingly I cannot find any reference to removing these additional Shield tokens beside the ship. The End Phase rules do not mention the removal of Shield Tokens only Scans, Evades and Battlestations. So that could lead to some interesting abuse. Certainly worth further investigation.

So having seen this expansion and using the Wizkids Suggested Rules Format and Faction purity I’d probably build this ship as follows:-

RIS Talvath – 14
Dr Telek R’Mor – 2
Secret Research – 5
Alidar Jarok – 4
Advanced Scanning – 5
Signal Amplifier – 5
Temporal Displacement – 5

Total – 40

How would you build this ship? Comment with your build and let me know how you’d equip it.

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Star Trek Sunday – Balance of Terror OP – USS Intrepid

Morning Mancavers,

Today I will be walking you through the Monthly OP Event Kit “Balance of Terror” which is the second episodic OP Event Kit, after “Year of Hell” and fills the short 2 month gap between the OP Events “Q-Continuum” and”Temporal Cold War” for Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing (STAW).

Balance of Terror comes from the Original Series (TOS) timeline and is inspired by the TOS episode of the same name:-


It is the first time in Star Trek where we witness and experience the nefarious Romulans.

The Star Trek: Attack Wing Balance of Terror OP Kit includes everything a store needs to run an event supporting 10 players Including:
  • 1 Tournament Instruction / Score Sheet here
  • 1 Tournament Overview Sheet here
  • 1 Fleet Build Sheet
  • 10 Sabotage Participation Prize Cards
  • 3 USS Intrepid / Constitution -class Starship Pre-Painted Plastic Ships
    • 1 Plastic base (with 2 Plastics Pegs)
    • 1 Maneuver Dial
    • 10 Cards (2 Ship, 1 Maneuver, 2 Captain, 1 Additional Rules, and 4 Upgrade Cards) 5 Token Sheets (4 Captain ID, 1 Ship, 5 Action, 1 Critical Hit, 1 Auxiliary Power, 1 Fleet Action, 1 admiral, 1 Disabled upgrade, and 3 Shield Tokens)

Source: http://wizkids.com/attackwing/star-trek-attack-wing-balance-of-terror-op/

Interestingly, in addition to the OP Event mission, which can be downloaded legally and free of charge via the link above, there are as usual a participation resource “Sabotage”. Players will receive the participation price regardless of their actual placement in the tournament.

This OP resource costs 5 fleet points and can be used a total of five times. When the game starts you place five Mission markers ontop of the Sabotage Resource. Each round a player may spend one of these tokens, to obtain one of the following four effects: if you are Attacking the enemy you can (1) force the Defending ship to re-roll 2 dice of your choice or (2) force the Defending ship to roll 1 less Defense dice.  You can also when Defending force the Attacking ship to, either (3) to roll 1 less Attack dice or (4) to re-roll 2 Attack dice of your choice.  This can already be very handy albeit a bit situational. The card is also very flexible. And for just 5 points, I don’t think it will become common in my builds but its fun and may see the odd use in casual play.

For those participating in the event the kit also contains three prize ships, the USS Intrepid, a Federation Constitution Class Starship.  One usually goes one to the tournament winner.  The other two vessels are often shared by the tournament hosts (or its trusted third party, which organized the tournament, the TO) and another player from the field of competitors who has embraced the spirit of the game or played thematically….well call this the Fellowship Prize.  As the Tournament Organiser (TO) and already having three of these ships I will be returning my Prize ship back into the pool.  So First and Second and Fellowship (Most Sporting) will each receive a prize.

The Wizkids official Event Site describes the kit as follows:


While on a mission to investigate attacks against the outposts near the Romulan Neutral Zone, your fleet has discovered an enemy fleet heading back towards the neutral zone. You have your fleet follow the enemy into the Neutral Zone at a distance, mirroring Their every move. Even though any act of aggression would be Considered to act of war between your people, you decide to make your move and have your fleet attack. Will you outmaneuver and destroy your enemies?Or wants They outwit you and claim victory for Themselves?

The USS Intrepid was first seen in the TOS episode “The Immunity Syndrome” and is a Federation Starship. It is, as Captain Kirk’s USS Enterprise was, a Constitution class and has a unqiue identifying feature. The entirity of Admiral Decker’s crew is composed exclusively of Vulcans!  A fact which this kit unfortunately does not do justice. As only a single Vulcan Crew card is included in this prise ship set.

So lets start with the ship itself, this ship model is a recycled sculpt also used for the USS Enterprise or Tinyprise from the initial “Wave 0” of the game. This is ok, given that the two ships are the same class of ship in game although the many reported issues with the engine nacelles detaching in transport for the USS Enterprise so you may see broken off engines.  I personally have never had an issue with this sculpt at all and including the ISS Avenger which also uses this sculpt own 9 of this sculpt now without issue.   As you can see, the Intrepid follows the recent trend for Federation ships that began to established over the last few waves to paint ships in Liberace-esque silvers. Silver is the new Federation Baby Blue. Following the silver Akira class USS Thunderchild, Nebula class USS Pheonix and Intrepid class USS Bellerophon we now also get a silver Constitution class.  Im not sure how I feel about this….Im not a huge fan of the Baby Blue colour but I dont see that the Silver which Wizkids are currently using is any better.  Its almost as if those guys at Wizkids have never actually watched an episode of Star trek ever.  When you see the paint jobs, the blatantly incorrect cards in some packs and the wrong ships being used for particular episodic events you have to question whether WK actually know or care any different.

The USS Intrepid has the usual stats ​​of its sister ship, the Constitution class USS Enterprise and costs, using the usual formula of doubling the total of all primary stats – 22 points for the Named Variant (game values ​​3-1-4-3) and 20 points for the Generic Constitution class.  It uses the standard Federation Action Bar of Evade, Target Lock, Scan and Battlestations.

As per all other version of the Constitution class this ship has a 180 degree front arc and no rear arc.  Its a very useful maneuver dial and will certainly help in keeping those enemy ships within the front arc.  1 Bank & 1 and 2 Fwd Greens. 2 & 3 Bank, 2 Hard and 3 & 4 Fwd Whites with 2 Reverse and Hard 3’s as Red.  No Come About at all.

The ability of the named version is nice, not game breaking or meta changing but nice.  “When attacking a ship at Range 3, if there is a Scan Token beside your ship the Defending Ship rolls -2 Defense dice instead of -1”.  There have been certain scenarios when staying at Range 3 and “fed shuffling” could win your the event.  In those scenarios this ability would have been great.  Its a nice ability if you can use it.  Its a little situational but given that this ship is a little fragile you may want the additional defensive benefits of staying at Range 3 whilst making your attacks that little bit more potent.  The larger front arc will almost certainly help with this.  This will also work on Secondary Weapons!

So who do we have at the helm of the USS Intrepid….well none other than Commodore Matt Decker (the father of Captain Will Decker from the Enterprise Refit expansion!).  Sadly this is where things start to fall apart and Wizkids lack of caring or understanding of the Trek’verse begin to show.  The USS Intrepid (NCC-1631) was a 23rd century Federation Constitution-class starship operated by Starfleet. This ship was crewed entirely byVulcans and was seen in the TOS episode “The Immunity Syndrome“.  Expanded canon described the Captain of the Intrepid as Satak.  In this pack we see Commodore Matt Decker, the captain of the USS Constitution which went toe to toe with “The Doomsday Machine” in the TOS episode of the same name.  So far Wizkids have the wrong ship attributed to the episodic OP (should have been the Enterprise) and the wrong captain (should have been Satak).  100% failure rate so far.

As there is no mechanic for using Commodores in STAW Matt Decker is listed as an Admiral which means we can use him as either an Admiral or a Captain.  The Admiral version costs 1 point and actually reduces the effectiveness of your captain but reducing his CS by 1.  A thoroughly thematic implementation of this guy!  As Captain he is a low CS2 captain.  Both versions bring an Elite Talent slot to the table which for the cost is pretty good and he also comes with an ability.  “Target a ship within Range 1 of your ship (including your ship).  Target ship gains +1 Attack die this round and suffers 1 damage to its Hull.”.  Its thematic of Matt decker and the episode he appeared in but again that wasn’t Balance of Terror.  Its an ok ability.

This ability poses a number of questions: Is it possible with Deckers Action to allow an enemy to target ship to get it on the one hand briefly to strengthen the attack value, but then to also damage as a result of the interaction?  If you were in the rear arc of a ship with no shot at you you may want to use this ability to directly apply damage to the Hull of that enemy ship.  This is a rather sneaky usage for this ability.  You could also use it against a an enemy ship at range 1 with a shot on you when you have Feedback Pulse from the Borg Sphere expansion that allows you to cancel all the damage and apply half of it rounded up aback at the enemy.  Nifty huh!  Keevan + Feedback Pulse + Admiral Matt Decker??

When does this deal damage effect occur? After application of the additional die or immediately?  I would be inclined to say that the damage dealt is directly linked to the triggering of the Action occurring.  Therefore indirectly this action allows the ability to destroy his own ship itself!

On the first point, I feel the wording of the card is clear. I will go with the wording of card that you Matt Decker’s action may also employ against enemy ships! An interpretation supported by the wording of another card in this set card, the Elite Talent Flag Officer because there is a clear distinction between the terms is friendly and enemy implied.
In this form, this action is a very exciting prospect to play with, as long as you survive its use!

The Elite Talent Flag Officer allows you to target a friendly ship within Range 1-2 and that ship can perform a free Action if you discard this Elite Talent.  Its a 4pt discard Elite Talent.  In my mind for a free Action the costs of this card are prohibitively high, 4pts and a discard??  The effect itself is quite nice, but there are simply better talents for the Federation out there or uses for those 4pts in a build.

Lets look at the Crew upgrades available in this pack.  As I mentioned earlier the Intrepid was crewed exclusively by Vulcans so you could reasonably expect a Vulcan Crew heavy expansion.  Again Wizkids have dropped the ball here as they have only provided one Vulcan Crew, the Vulcan Engineer.  The Vulcan Engineer is a 3pt Action.  He’s worded thusly “ACTION: If there are no enemt ships within Range 1-3 of your ship, repair one of your shield tokens.  You do not pay a faction penalty when assigning this upgrade to a Vulcan ship.”.  Its a nice ability, not sure I’ll use it as much as other repair cards of which the Federation has quite a few.  The penalty pure element is cool and another card to add to the lists for penalty pure events but as we play pure here I cant see him getting much use.

We also have another Crew upgrade in Astrogator.  It can be deployed as a Crew upgrade or a Secondary Weapon upgrade.  Its a 3pt Action discard which is never a nice to decision to make.  It says “ACTION: Discard this card to perform an additional non-red maneuver on your maneuver dial with a speed of 1 or 2.  This upgrade may only be purchased for a Constitution class ship and you may fill a Crew or Secondary Weapon Upgrade slot on your upgrade bar with this upgrade.  No ship may be equipped with more than 1 Astrogator upgrade”.  So you can perform a non-red speed 1 or 2 maneuver as an Action, it has its uses but sadly the timing of this card limits those interactions.  Had it been a discard after you move then it could have been used to remove a Auxiliary Token after a red manuever.  But as it is an Action you need an Action to use it.  Its nice for getting out of dodge or moving into a better firing position but would closing to R1 be better than using that Action for a Target Lock or Battlestations?  Im not sure.  Its a  nice thematic card as I recall its usage in another TOS episode.  There was a failed experiment with the M5 Multitronic Computers on all Constitution class starships in the TOS episode “The Ultimate Computer”.

Last card to look at is the Secondary Weapon upgrade Dual Phaser Banks.  Its a 3pt disable upgrade which adds +1 to your Primary Weapon Attack.  It may not sound much but when you cosnider this now makes a Constitution class as punchy as a Galaxy class starship or hit even harder than a Romulan D’deridex class Warbird.  Sadly the Dual Phaser banks upgrade may only be equipped on Federation ships are used and cost another 3 pts cost if they were a vessel type other than said Constitution wants to play class. As with other similar upgrades you may only ever equip one of these upgrades to your ship.

However, this card is absolutely worth its points and a real steal of an upgrade. As the Primary Weapon attack  is boosted, you can stack this upgrade with others than boost your Primary Attack or Attack dice.  You can also use your best maneuvers to – used at the right moment – get two additional attack dice (1 for Range 1 and 1 for this card). Since you get to keep the card after use also, the ability is often performable over and over again. I personally like that, especially since I do not like disposable cards. Its too bad that cards like this will become available only via tournament play to the players.

So let me know what you think.

The Delta Flyer – Star Trek Attack Wing First Look

As we approach Autumn and Wave 19 for Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing looms on the horizon the reveals and first looks begin to appear on StarTrek.com.

The first of the Wave 19 first looks is for the Federation Shuttlecraft, the Delta Flyer.

The Delta Flyer

The Delta Flyer

The Delta Flyer was a specially designed Federation shuttlecraft constructed by the crew of the USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant in 2375. The vessel was designed to handle environments that would be too hazardous for a standard shuttlecraft and to be slightly larger than the average shuttle, the crew having acknowledged that standard shuttles were of little use in the increasingly hostile and unexplored Delta Quadrant. The vessel was a blend of Starfleet and Borg technology, designed in collaboration between B’Elanna Torres, Tom Paris, Tuvok, Harry Kim, and Seven of Nine. It featured a warp-streamlined tetraburnium alloy hull, retractable warp nacelles, parametallic hull plating, unimatrix shielding, and a Borg-inspired weapon system, including photonic missiles, most of which were Paris’ conceptions. For aesthetic reasons, Paris designed some of the flight controls to resemble those from the holodeck simulation of Captain Proton; when Tuvok complained, Paris explained that he wanted to feel the ship and that he was tired of tapping panels. But to Paris’ disappointment, the addition of dynametric tailfins was denied by Tuvok. Instead of having the usual two pilot stations, it had several command stations. The ship was first featured in the Voyager episode “Extreme Risk“.

Firstly, what a tough little vessel!  This Shuttlecraft packs the punch of some TOS era ships and exceeds the capabilities of later era ships such as the Saber Class, Nova Class and Oberth Class ships already available to the Federation.  In fact its not far off being as powerful as the Defiant Class ships.  It has a great PWV of 3, a decent Evade of 2, a Hull value of 2 and Shields of 3.  It follows the special rules associated to Shuttlecraft which were introduced with the Type 7 Shuttlecraft, the Sakharov.  This means that the ship can only attack at Range 1-2, must only be included if a “capital ship” vessel of Hull 4 or more is included in your fleet, it can dock with larger vessels and cannot have weapon upgrades of 3 SP or more assigned to it.

Shuttlecraft Additional Rules Reference Cards

Shuttlecraft Additional Rules Reference Cards

The Delta Flyer has some notable exceptions to these rules as befitting its unique status.  Firstly as per its named ability you can deploy weapon upgrades of 4SP or less which gives you more options when using secondary weapons.  It can also fire its primary weapon from its rear arc at -1 Attack Dice.  Not a huge ability but it does offer some flexibility.  With Evade, Target Lock and Scan actions on the Actions Bar this little ship can certainly make its limited attacks worthwhile.

To make those attacks count you will want to keep out of range then close quickly and unload at R1-2, the first of the Delta Flyer’s captains, Tom Paris, offers you that ability.  With a CS of 4 and costing 2pts Tom allows you to convert a 3 Fwd manuever into a 4 Fwd maneuver at the cost of an Auxiliary Power Token and losing the ability to “dock”.  If speed isnt your thing and you want some tactical flexibility then consider Tuvok, the second of the Delta Flyer’s captains.  He’s a little more experienced with a CS of 5 but costs more at 3pts.  Tuvok allows you to add another Tech Upgrade slot to your vessel AND reduces the cost of all your Tech Upgrades by -1pt.  This will work great with upgrades like Specialized Shields or Enhanced Hull Plating to add greater evasiveness to this ship.  Neither brings an Elite Talent slot to this pack.

Given Tuvoks ability to reduce the price of Tech upgrades you’d think this pack comes loaded with Tech and you’d be right!  First up we have Parametallic Hull Plating which is a 2pt discard allowing you to cancel a Hit or Crit during the Compare Results Step.  The second Tech option Immersion Shielding costs 3pts and adds another shield to your ship while providing protection against unexpected obstacles by granting a reroll of the attack dice if you overlap an obstacle. Lastly, Unimatrix Shielding adds another 2 shields to your ship while giving you the possibility of even greater protection against Borg attacks by disabling upto 2 active shields to cancel an equal number of Hits and Crits.   You may only equip one of each of any of these upgrades to any Federation vessel and they cost +3pts for any non-Federation vessel, except Unimatrix Shielding which costs +5pts.  There’s some seriously useful Tech available in this pack which will make a tough little ship even tougher.  Looking good!

So what about Crew?  Who do we have here?  Well as collaborators in the process of building the Delta Flyer B’Elanna TorresHarry Kim and Seven of Nine are all included and have new versions.  How can they help?

Firstly B’Elanna Torres provides defensive options by allowing this ship to disable herself and an active shield to cancel one Hit or Crit during the Compare Results step.  This is nice and thematic in this pack but when you combine her with some of the doctors available for the Federation on a big hitting ship with lots of shields then you really are cooking on gas.  I can see B’Elanna getting lots of table time in combo’s like that!  She’s 4pts but its a price im willing to pay for a great ability like that.

Harry Kim is another great defensive boost for the Federation.  Sadly he is a 4pt Action disable but he allows you to place 2 Evade tokens beside your ship.  You wont be able to perform an Evade action at all, even as a free Action but you still get to roll defense dice so 2 guaranteed evades instead of taking an Action to get 1.  Nice.  I’m sure there are some really rather dirty ways of abusing this card including other crew or captains that allow you to perform upgrades actions as Free Actions (and thus not disabling him) or by using upgrades that allow you to take double tokens etc.  I’ll have a more detailed look once I’ve finished writing this.  Both are greatly improved versions of their previous cards and I can see both being used in preference to their originals.

Lots of defensive options but what if you want to engage in combat.  Seven of Nine allows you to disable herself during the Activation Phase to perform a free Battlestations action.  Its important here to differentiate between taking tokens and performing actions.  Seven performs a free Action which means this ship cannot perform that same action again in any way….it can however place Battlestations tokens.  The rules state you cannot perform the same Action twice, even if it was a free Action.

Lastly we have those Secondary Weapon upgrades that will boost the offensive options of this ship.  We have the 3pt Photonic Missiles which are Range 1-2 missiles, which, in addition to dealing damage, can also give any hit target an Auxiliary Power Token.  This is always an awesome ability as forcing a ship to take an APT can really throw an opponents plans off.  Finally, the power of Photon Torpedoes is made available for a shuttlecraft. Normally you wouldnt be able to equip such an upgrade to a Shuttlecraft due to the rules however the Delta Flyer can equip Secondary Weapons upgrades of 4pts or less.  Additionally these torpedoes can be fired at Range 2-3 with 5 attack dice which means the Delta Flyer can fire a 5 dice attack at Range 3 from its Fwd or Rear arcs.  Allowing such a powerful attack from such a tiny ship requires you to discard this upgrade rather than disable it, but this seems like a fair trade off for a shuttle. Both weapon upgrades can be fired from either the front or rear firing arc, giving you the flexibility to go head-to-head with an enemy or fire while on the run.

Wow!  What a great little pack!  I’m seriously excited by this vessel even with the limitations of Shuttlecraft.  Its a small nippy craft with a great dial, nice stats and reasonable actions.  The upgrades perform well and will see lots of use in other formats.

Were I to try and build this ship in the current Suggested Tournament Format of 50pts in a pure environment, out of cards just in this pack I’d probably do it as follows:-

Delta Flyer (20)

Tuvok (4)

B’Elanna Torres (4)

Harry Kim (3)

Photon Torpedoes (4)

Immersion Shielding (3)

Unimatrix Shielding (5)

Total (43)

So what do you think about the Delta Flyer?  How would you run it using just the cards in this pack?  Let me know and comment below.

Thanks for reading.



Trek Tuesday – USS Bellerophon

Sorry its been a while since I last posted, its been crazy at work and Ive only just had a chance to grab some Jase time.  Even now I have the kids here as its summer holidays

That doesn’t mean that nothing has been happening.

Today I received my copies of the USS Bellerophon, the prize for the Voyager episodic OP Event “Year of Hell”.  The USS Bellerophon (NCC-74705) was a 24th century Federation Intrepid-class starship operated by Starfleet. Under the command of Admiral William Ross, the Bellerophon transported Federation delegates to Romulus for a conference on Dominion War issues in 2375 as seen in the DS9 episode “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges“.

This is the second Intrepid class vessel seen in Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing, the first being USS Voyager after which the Voyager series is named.  It is also only the second time an Intrepid class vessel is seen in Star Trek and the only time it happens outside of the Voyager series.

USS Bellerophon, Federation Intrepid Class Starship

USS Bellerophon, Federation Intrepid Class Starship

Stats - 4-2-4-5 Actions - Evade, Target Lock, Scan and Battlestations

Stats – 4-2-4-5 Actions – Evade, Target Lock, Scan and Battlestations

A Wing of Intrepids

A Wing of Intrepids


Lets start with the model itself….well its the same sculpt as USS Voyager but sadly has the horrible silver paintjob of the NX-Class.  It could certainly do with some toning down with either a wash or just a general repaint to take that horrible shine off it.

USS Bellerophon Base Plate

USS Bellerophon Base Plate

Intrepid Base Plate

Intrepid Base Plate

Intrepid Maneuver Dial

Intrepid Maneuver Dial

USS Bellerophon and Intrepid Ship Cards and Maneuver Card

USS Bellerophon and Intrepid Ship Cards and Maneuver Card

The USS Bellerophon has standard Intrepid class stats of 4-2-4-5 (for the named version) and 4-2-4-4 (for the generic).  The Maneuver dial is the standard set of maneuvers for a ship of this class and does not have any Red maneuvers at all which is all kinda of awesome.  With stats of 4-2-4-5 the named version is 30pts and the generic comes with one less shield and no ability for 28pts.  Unlike its class mate USS Voyager the upgrade slots available on this ship do not include 3 Crew, 1 Weapon and 1 Tech.  The Bellerophon has 2 Crew, 2 Weapons and 1 Tech.  This makes the vessel more of a warship than Voyager although Voyager has been used previously as the basis for many a Fednought build.

The named ability is rather nifty as any damage nullification ability is.  In a world where Magnometric Guided Charges and other shield ignoring weapons are commonplace those shields wont be taking much damage so to be able to disable 2 Active Shields to cancel an attackers Hit is a nice ability to have.  What this ship doesn’t have is that nice 360 arc shot that Named Voyager has.  So you may find yourself utilising the extra weapon slots on this vessel to add torpedoes to protect that rear of your hull.

Admiral Ross (CS6)

Admiral Ross (CS6)

Generic Federation Captain (CS1)

Generic Federation Captain (CS1)

As per the DS9 episode where this vessel first appeared Admiral William Ross captains the USS Bellerophon.  We are treated to two versions of Ross, the Admiral who adds +2 to any captain he supports and the CS6 Captain.  Both versions bring an Elite Talent slot to the table and the Action is good when jousting with an enemy vessel.  it requires the enemy vessel to be in your forward arc and to attack your ship.  Ideally you’d not want to be attacked as you’d have flanked and come into the rear arc of the enemy but if you do go toe to toe with the enemy Ross will be there to help.  Sadly no further captains are included except the generic Federation included in every Federation ship.  I’d have liked to have seen another captain but I can understand why one isn’t included.

Secondary Weapon - Tricobalt Device

Secondary Weapon – Tricobalt Device

Crew Upgrade - Luther Sloan

Crew Upgrade – Luther Sloan

Elite Talent - Section 31

Elite Talent – Section 31

Tech Upgrade - Variable Geometry Plyons

Tech Upgrade – Variable Geometry Plyons

This prize ship isn’t really stocked to the gills with upgrades and extras.  It only includes 1 Crew, 1 Secondary Weapon, 1 Tech Upgrade and 1 Elite Talent.  Thankfully two of them are related to my all time favourite character ever….Luther Sloan, so that’s where we’ll start.  Luther Sloan, the clandestine operative from Section 31, the dark side of Starfleet, makes an appearance.  Due to his nature and lack of accountability to the Federation he is listed as an Independant Crew upgrade.  His knowledge of the enemy is what he brings to your fleet.  He can change his ships maneuver after assessing upto 3 enemy ships maneuver dials and then disappear as if he were never there.  I’d have loved him to be a disable but he’s a discard.  Not too expensive either clocking in at 3pts.  Given the episode in which this ship appears I would have expected a Julian Bashir crew card but no sign of DS9’s beloved genetically enhanced doctor.

Sloan also brings with him the Elite Talent Section 31 which allows the captain it is assigned to to perform the effects of spending a Battlestations, Evade or Target Lock token as if the ship had one.  For 3pts this discardable ET will give your ship the cutting edge it needs in Attack or Defence.  The ability to spend a Target Lock or BS on an attack from a ship that doesn’t natively have that Action is great!  I can see this being used in Romulan fleets for the BS it grants.

Lets fill those weapon slots on the Bellerophon…..to do this we have Tricobalt Device.  Its a nice weapon to have with a decent range of 2-3 and sadly can only be fired from the forward arc.  Nothing game breaking there.  Its a 6 attack dice and is Intrepid class only…..boo.  It would have been nice to see some standard Torpedoes that this ship could use from its rear arc but again nothing there.

Lastly we have our Tech upgrade Variable Geometry Pylons.  Its another Intrepid only upgrade and clocks in at 5pts.  This would be bad enough for me to seriously consider not using it but it gets worse, it also costs you your ships Action for that round.  To me this is too big a price to pay for the limited ability it grants.  This upgrade allows you to increase or decrease your speed by 1 if you disable it before you move.  Im not 100% about this upgrade…….I like that it is disable only but its cost and limited use really make me consider consigning it to the folder forever.

All in all this is a somewhat disappointing prize ship.  The only redeeming features are the Section 31 cards in Luther Sloan and Section 31.  I might use Admiral Ross from time to time but the weapon is a bit meh and the Tech upgrade is hardly worth pulling out the folder.

Its just not that great.  The ship will see use especially in those Fednought builds.

Dont take my word for it, go play and grab one yourself.  Let me know what you think


Mancave update

Apologies to everyone in Mancave-land as I haven’t posted in about a week a lot has happened.  Firstly its been the birthday of two important people in my life in the last week.  Last weekend it was my youngest daughter, Phoebe’s, birthday and this weekend just gone it was my better half, Lucy’s birthday.  Happy birthday ladies!

So what has been going on then?  Well firstly after nearly two years of waiting my copies of AvP:The Hunt Begins finally arrived in the Mancave following a haphazard and uncommunicative Kickstarter.  I’ve enjoyed limited success with Kickstarters and to be honest this entire experience has left a rather bitter aftertaste for me.  I’ve watched as “limited edition Kickstarter exclusive” copies of a game I and many other have funded and made possible made their way to retailers before we’d even been given a sniff of the game….so much for our Limited edition copies eh?   Everything that made our game exclusive is now anything but.  Regardless of that fact my two copies eventually arrived…only 9 days after I could have walked into a FLGS and bought it cheaper.  I’ll do a full review some other time as I’ve now punched all the card elements and started assembling models from one of my copies.  The other copy I gave to Hairy Gamer and long term geek-mance Tris who is still waiting to receive any semblance of notification for his AvP Kickstarter.

20150709_172015-1 20150709_172105-1 20150709_172702-1

Monday saw the monthly Imperial Assault campaign swing into action again.  Dave returned to the fold to pick up his sniper and get his kill on.  Recently we had enjoyed moderate success in the campaign picking up a few close but hard fought wins.  This session our objective was to attack and deactivate a secret Imperial Research Facility and achieve this within 5 game turns.  The Facility was heavily fortified with armoured doors and Stormtroopers defending it.  With no idea what was within we had to clear any resistance to us from outside and get through it as fast as possible.  To be honest we were not expecting success and thought Alan, our GM, may have some nasty surprises in store for us inside.  By the end of turn one our organised teamwork had allowed us to kill five Stormtroopers and Stun and destroy the Probe Droid guarding the door.  Next turn we blasted through the door and my smuggler stressed herself to race through the structure and see what was lying in wait.  Everything was going to plan as everything Alan deployed got very quickly destroyed by our Soldier with his Havoc shots.  Everything happened so fast I didn’t even get a chance to take pictures and for that I apologise again.  We were outrageously successful this month and I’m sure that next month Alan’s Imperial’s will come back stronger and nastier.  With only 3 sessions left until the end of the campaign I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed participating in it and will hopefully run one of my own once this is finished.  Dave Baxter and I were also chatting about the skirmish variant of the game so with any luck you may see some reports of that on the Mancave as things progress.  Watch this space!

Other things have been going on though…..it seems like pretty much everything I do is sponsored by the letter T.  So much like Sesame Street todays update will be sponsored by the letter T.

T stands for TIE-Advanced.  This week saw me finally get my dirty Imperial hands on Darth Vader in his TIE-Advanced for my Star Wars X-Wing collection.  I’ve been after a TIE-Advanced for a while as it was one of the few ships I was missing plus with the Imperial Raider inbound in August it was going to improve the Imperial Navy.  I may even get to use it next week in the NAGA X-Wing League match I have scheduled with Brent Jay on Wednesday.

T also stands for Terminator:Genisys.  Recently I deboxed and reviewed this game by RiverHorse Games in a blog post but hadn’t up until last night had the chance to do much more to it.  During the May trip to Salute 2015 Hairy Gamer Tris and I watched in awe as Warlord Games ran a competition to see who could assemble the Terminator Endoskeleton miniature from this game in the fastest time.  I don’t know what the final timings were but people were able to assemble these snip and clip miniatures in about 40-50 seconds each.  Armed with my snips, some files and a camera I set about assembling the 10 Terminator Endoskeletons, 5 Crawlers, 16 Resistance soldiers and 1 Limited Edition white metal Kyle Reese (athough it should be resin) in their varied configurations.  Sadly only 2 variants of the Terminators are supplied but the Resistance have a reasonable amount of customization with 4 different poses and 6 different weapon options.  .  I wasn’t really trying hard to do it quickly but a little under an hour later I had a full set of assembled miniatures that I was happy with and could game with.  I must admit that they were very easy to assemble and get to grips with.  Once assembled they do have the look of little green Army men about them.  They aren’t without their issues (some of the faces look a little like Nuclear disaster victims) and its nothing that a spot of glue here and there and maybe some green stuff filler cant fix but for a first pass they will certainly do.  Next will be to get some paint onto them.  I imagine painting Terminators will be as easy as painting Xeno’s from AvP and Resistance fighters will be similar to USCM Marines from AvP.  I can use similar techniques and styles for both although I imagine the results will be very different.  I posted pictures of my progress on my Facebook page last night.

20150624_171043 20150624_171054 20150714_194429 20150714_194456 20150714_194605 20150714_194627 20150714_194634 20150714_194643 20150714_201710 20150714_201725 20150714_201858 20150714_212158 20150714_212217 20150714_212302 20150714_212319 20150714_212844 20150714_212853 20150714_212902 20150714_212954

Lastly, my final T stands for Trek.  Tonight I managed to debox my last few ships – two copies each of the Federation USS Prometheus, Klingon IKS Ning’Tao and Bajoran Ratosha from Wave 15 of Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing.  I had previously previewed these ships on Mancave so all that is left for me to do is post some pictures and total up the damage.  I would post the same pics in this blog post but for some reason WordPress is being a bit funny with me so I may use links instead:-

Bajoran Scout Ship, Ratosha.

Bajoran Scout Ship, Ratosha.

Klingon B'rel Bird Of Prey, IKS Ning'Tao.

Klingon B’rel Bird Of Prey, IKS Ning’Tao.

Federation Prometheus class, USS Prometheus.

Federation Prometheus class, USS Prometheus.

I find myself sitting on 287 ships now including at least 2 of every ship (some as many as 4 and one 15!!!) and 3 of every prize and Limited Edition release available.  I have 21 ships awaiting purchase of a new storage cabinet/display case so they can be put away properly.  So a little trip to Ikea may be required this weekend to buy another Detolf Display Case although I have been trying to source some spare shelves to mod my existing units.