Tales From The Mancave Update 29-06-15

Since beginning this blog I’ve also started to play a few of Fantasy Flight Games’s products in Star Wars:X-Wing, SW:Imperial Assault and SW:Armada.  I also picked up some rather beautiful Cybertronic, Mishima and Imperial Wolfbanes for PRODOS’s other game Warzone Resurrection.  I’ll be running demos and playing games as my skills develop and I hopefully build up to full tournament level experience.  Together with Hairy Gamer Tris I’ve invested in Riverhorse Games Terminator:Genisys game based on the film of the same name and also backed the amazing The Devils Run:Route 666 Kickstarter from Word Forge Games.

Lastly whilst at my local gaming club NAGA (Nuneaton Altrnative Games Association) I was lucky enough to play a demo game of Legendary: A Marvel Deckbuilding Game featuring the heroes and heroines of the Marvel universe including the Avengers and Shield.  I had already seen and wondered if another game Legendary Encounters: An ALIEN Deckbuilding Game would be as good as it looked.  Having played a game with the same mechanics at NAGA I took the plunge and invested some money in this game.  Its all kinds of awesome so now we await the Predator version which should go to retail in Q3 2015.

Recently I’ve started a “Gaming on a Budget” feature where I will be picking up a brand new game from scratch and investing £30 of my hard earnt pennies every month and trying to get as good value for money as I can to show gamers that you need not have a mega-bucks budget to play a game.  The game that I will be investing in is Guildball by Steamforged Games.  I’ll be posting regular monthly updates about my progress and activities with this game.  There are a few other players locally and I;ve joined some Facebook pages and Forums to find more.  Watch this space!

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