Miniatures Art Team Barrel Scenery Sets

Some of the guys who play WZR in Poland and frequent the WZR Page cast some awesome resin Barrels and scenery elements to use in games as Cyberpunk, Dieselpunk, WW2 or Industrial terrain.  It was a roaring success and almost overnight prompted them to offer the same scenery out to others due to massive interest.  I immediately purchased a very reasonable MEGA-Set including 80 pieces of terrain and 11 laser-cut MDF bases.  Postage was amazing even though it was from outside the UK.  They shipped immediately and are now running a small endeavour to sell their scenery commercially.  I cannot recommend this stuff highly enough.  Its a great price and great deal.  It would suit any game from WH40K to Warzone Resurrection to Necromunda to any similarly scaled and styled game.

Check them out on their FB page!

or better yet go to their website:-

you can also email them with commission paint jobs or other resin casting requests:-

Small Scenery Set £11

Small Scenery Set £11

Medium Scenery Set £19

Medium Scenery Set £19

Large Scenery Set £25

Large Scenery Set £25

Mega Scenery Set £30

Mega Scenery Set £30

Cartel Tactical Centre (Community Magazine for WZR)

Being a recent convert to WZR its really aided me to have supportive and helpful players out there willing to give you ideas, explain certain rules and create fluff and scenarios to support my wargaming.

Cartel Tactical Centre (CTC) is a fan-made magazine covering Prodos Games’ Warzone: Resurrection. We will have regular issues available for download via Dropbox and some FB interaction via a dedicated page.

These guys in particular go above and beyond to produce a monthly magazine called CTC available on Dropbox:-

you can also visit their FB page:-

you can also contact them directly via their email

Here are some examples of the great work CTC do!  Enjoy!

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Warzone Resurrection: Imperial Hurricane Walkers (2nd Entry, 5th AHPC)

Another great blog including WZR content.


So as promised last week, I am finally going to keep up with new entries for the AHPC competition.

And continuing with my Imperial forces for Warzone Resurrection, here are two of their light walkers known as Hurricane Walkers. Now the Walkers themselves (minus the Gun Nests) were done the previous weekend, but the bases and Gun Nests (and the Minotaurus from yesterdays theme round) took another week. The main time drain was the water on the one base which took ages to cast, followed by the gun nests. The later essentially contain three full models, but cast as one, which makes the details somewhat hard and time-consuming to paint. But here are the models.

Now I bought myself two models of these. That is… I did so even though I knew that in all likelihood I would only ever get to play one at any time. Under the OOB my group…

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