Mancave Monday – TCW Reinforcement Blind Boosters

Tonight was a very exciting time in the Mancave as some lovely goodies I had ordered arrived and just in the nick of time.

Given it was the first glimpse of the Star Trek Beyond trailer and the worldwide premier on Star Wars:The Force Awakens it seemed fitting that my 3 sets of Star Trek Attack Wing Reinforcement Blind Boosters for Temporal Cold War and my final outstanding Star Wars X-Wing Ship, Tantive IV, both arrived.

Some time ago David Montgomery of The ShipYard YouTube channel previewed the STAW Reinforcement Boosters and I shared links each day to his videos (links to the videos can be found below).  Over winter Wizkids will be running The Temporal Cold War OP Series (based off the Enterprise episodes).  Each month players will participate in a scenario and build a 90pt fleet using all standard build rules and formats (check with your venue and TO for further advice).  Each player will then receive a randomly assigned Blind Booster to build an additional 40pt ship from which must be used.

For all of you who follow here and either don’t use Facebook or The Hairy Gamers (and why not!?) I’m going to provide links to each of my comments and the videos.

The Hairy Gamers can be found at you can find a brief write up of each Blind Booster by me on that page which links to the videos attached below.  I dont want to steal David’s thunder as he’s done some great work on behalf of the STAW Community so please, please, please go take a look at his YouTube Channel and Subscribe.

So far we have seen:

Romulans – IRW Belak –

Species 8472 – Bioship Gamma –

Dominion – Aldara –

Federation – USS Lakota –

Mirror Universe – IKS Toh’Kaht –

**Temporal Cold War OP 1 Prize** Xindi – Diaspora –

Klingon – IKS Buruk –

Bajoran – Interceptor 8 –

Kazon – Nistrim Cullah –

Vulcan – Seleya –

Ferengi – Nunk’s Marauder –

Now mine have arrived I can share some pictures of the ships and cards without stealing Davids thunder.

Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 19 Reveal – RIS Talvath

So the last of the Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 19 retail reveals has been shared by and it is the RIS Talvath, a Romulan Science Vessel (or RSV) seen in the Voyager episode “Eye of the Needle”.

The RIS Talvath was an RSV that was in service in the mid-24th century. In early 2350, the Talvath, operating under the direction of Dr. Telek R’Mor of the Romulan Astrophysical Academy, began an extended three-year scientific mission. In mid-2351, the Talvath encountered a micro-wormhole in Sector 1385 of the Alpha Quadrant that led to the discovery of the Federation starship USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant, located in the year 2371. The Talvath was scheduled to complete its mission and return to Romulus in 2353. In the episode the Talavth communicated with USS Voyager via a 13cm micro wormhole too small for Voyager to pass through so signals and a test cylinder are sent through. Eventually it is discovered that the ships are actually communicating across space and time as the Talvath is in 2351 and Voyager is in 2371. In fact Dr telek R’Mor died four years prior to Voyager leaving the Alpha Quadrant. Now we know about the Talvath we can start looking at the ship and expansion itself.

Firstly the RIS Talvath is a standard RSV with stats of 1-2-2-2 for the named variant and 1-2-2-1 for the generic. It is significantly weaker than the Delta Flyer which is only a shuttlecraft and yet does not have the same limitations of requiring a “capital ship” to deploy it. Its never going to be used in a front line attacking role but it certainly does have uses. The named version has the following ability “ACTION: If you are within Range 1-3 of at least 1 enemy ship, roll 3 defense dice. For every Evade result place 1 Evade token beside your ship. You cannot perform any free actions this round.”. As a small evasive vessel this is a situational yet nice enough ability that allows it to be deployed and used without taking the serious hits from bigger vessels. Even if you were lucky enough to roll 3 Evades this ship could still be 1 shotted especially by something like a pimped out Enterprise-E, a Krenim Time ship or a Borg Cube at close range. With a primary weapon value of 1, agility value of 2, hull and shield value of 2, this ship is designed to get in and get out quickly without taking heavy hits. It comes equipped with 3 Tech slots to allow it to fulfil that primary function of scientific vessel. This also makes it an absolutely amazing Mine Layer for Romulans which ensures I’ll be buying enough to deploy the 16 sets of Cloaked Mines I have!!!

In terms of Captains in this expansion it was always going to include Dr Telek R’Mor, even Wizkids couldnt screw that one up! Conducting a three year mission of “Secret Research” Telek R’Mor is the Captain of the R.I.S Talvath. Telek R’Mor is a CS3 Captain costing a reasonable 2pts that allows your ship to roll one extra defense die if you have a scan token beside your ship while defending. Whilst Telek R’Mor is the Captain, you may also field the “Secret Research” upgrade even though he does not have an Elite Talent upgrade icon. We’ll cover more about this Elite Talent later. Firstly we’ll cover the second Captain in this pack, Alidar Jarok, or more specifically another new Admiral for the Romulans. We already have a version of this captain from the RIS Vo expansion. The previous version was a CS7 costing 4pts. This version is CS6 for the same price, both have an Elite Talent slot. Looking at the two abilities of each I think I prefer the newer version whose ability says “ACTION: Target a ship at Range 1 and remove 1 token (Evade, Scan, Battlestations or Target Lock). If you remove a Target Lock Token with this ability also remove the corresponding Target Lock Token”. As a Fleet Action for an Admiral I like this ability a lot. Fancy firing your Torpedos at me? Nuh huh, I’m removing that token. Fancy reducing my defence with a Scan? I don’t think so. Whats that Picard/Dukat, you have a Battlestations? Not any more you don’t. I think I’d take this version of Alidar Jarok over the other every day of the week. Great ability although we dont yet know what affect he will have on the corresponding Captain if deployed as an Admiral. We’ll have to wait and see for that!

Onto Elite Talents and this pack only has one “Secret Research”. Captain/Admiral Alidar Jarok can equip it as he has an Elite Talent slot but so too can Dr.Telek R’Mor whose ability allows his to equip just this upgrade. It is very thematic of the story of this ship. This Elite Talent adds the Scan Action to the Action Bar of your ship and the RIS Talvath doesnt have this Action already. In fact only the RIS Vo and Prototype Drone have the Scan Action so this is a great way to add this Action to your Action Bar on other Romulan ships. As a secondary affect during the Activation Phase you may also discard this card to perform a Scan Action as a free action. Ok, so thats kinda neat. The Romulans getting access to an Action they’ve previously not really had access to. It is situational because for the most part you’ll probably be Cloaking or Sensor Echoing so it has its uses but Im not sure how much play it will see. There may be combos that can be used to trigger off the previously unavailable Scan token you can now use. We’ll see.

As befitting a scientific vessel conduction secret experimental research with 3 Tech upgrade slots and no ability to equip Secondary Weapons or Crew this expansion is loaded with sneaky Romulan Technology. I’ll start with “Warp Core Ejection System”, every ship captain knows a Warp Core Breach is one of the most dangerous things you can face. Using this 4pt Romulan Tech Upgrade, you can take an action to repair 1 hull damage and flip any “Warp Core Breach” critical damage cards face down. For the rest of the game you cannot take any maneuvers with a speed greater than 1. However, you also cannot receive any more “Warp Core Breach” critical damage cards. If you do, you simply flip it over and treat it as a normal damage. Being able to eliminate the risk of losing your ship to a Warp Core Breach by using Warp Core Ejection System is something every captain will want to have at his finger tips, just in case. Its hugely situational and there are much better Tech upgrades for Romulans…..Cloaked Mines, Interphase Generators, Polarized Hull Plating, Advanced Cloak etc. These are my top tier Tech upgrades for Romulans.

Secondly we have “Test Cylinder” which allows you to take an action to target a ship at any range and disable this card, plus any crew upgrades on the targeted ship. Taking this action requires you to disable all remaining shields on your ship, but if done at the right time, disabling an opponent’s crew upgrade can be quite devastating. The fact that it can be done from any range gives you a very big tactical advantage over your opponent. At ANY Range so hide your little mine laying ship at the back before disabling one of those quirky undisabling cards the Federation have or remove those horrible Drex or N’Garen at a critical moment. There are plenty of Crew combos out there that could really wreck an opponents strategy by disabling one at the right time. This is nice but requires being used in a combo at the right time to really put the hurt on an enemy ship. It needs some experimentation to work well but could be a devastating strategy to deploy. This is a 3pt upgrade so not horribly priced.

“Temporal Displacement” yet another of the recent Romulan Technological advances, is the ultimate in Romulan defense. This upgrade allows you to discard this card to cancel ALL of the attacking ship’s hit and critical hit results. That’s right, cancel all hit and critical hit results! The attacking ship cannot make any other attacks during this round, but any cards used in the attack are returned to the state they were in prior to the attack, allowing the attacking ship to use them again in a different round. Think of this as a pimped out Interphase Generator that you do not need to be Cloaked to use. The ability to completely negate a whole attacks worth of Hits and Crits could swing a battle. Use a Chroniton Torpedo or Transphasic Torpedo against me? No fear I’ll discard this and bounce all damage. If youre using these little ships to lay mines then get up close, drop the mines and use this Tech upgrade to get away taking no damage. Thank you very much. Mine spamming fleets just got a little more solid, although for 5pts and a discard and the limitation of only working on RSV’s this is questionable as to whether you’d be able to make it const effective. Other attack negation strageties are equally as cost prohibitive so without doing some math I couldn’t honestly tell you if it was better than those on a case by case basis. the limitation of only RSV’s probably rules this out as a general widely used future upgrade.

“Advanced Scanning” allows you to add the Scan Action to your ships Action Bar. Whenever you perform the Scan Action you may place 1 additional Scan Token next to your ship at the cost of placing an Auxiliary Token next to your ship as well. Thats not too bad when you have a maneuver dial like an RSV which has no red maneuvers at all and quite a few greens. Double Scan tokens aren’t really so useful for this ship as its not a front line warship, its more of a support vessel so being able to reduce your opponents defense on a 1 or 2 dice attack might help but if its come down to using your RSV’s like that then you’ve probably already lost. Situational at best but can be used in conjunction with other Tech upgrades to really shine. Its another Tech that is best equipped to the RSV as it costs +5pts on any other vessel (+6 out of faction). When you stack this upgrade or the Secret Research Elite Talent with the next Tech upgrade is when things get a little interesting. Lots of scan tokens are nice but you have to be able to get mileage out of them and thats where “Signal Amplifier” comes in. Signal Amplifier is a 5pt discard that allows you to spend a Scan Token to either add +2 attack dice or +2 defense dice. Paired with Secret Research or Advanced Scanning, Signal Amplifier gives you the flexibility to choose a boost to attack or defense whenever it is needed most. At the cost of an Auxiliary Token you can take 2 Scan tokens, use 1 to boost your attack by +2 Attack Dice and the second to reduce defense by -1 Defense Dice. A little 1 Attack ship at range 1 out of arc is dropping 4 Attack dice against a ship with -1 Defense. Nice if expensive and dangerous!

Lastly we have our final Tech upgrade, the 5pt “Graviton Field Generator”. This is an action that allows you to either, disable this card and 2 Active Shields to immediately perform an additional forward maneuver with a speed equal to the number of shields you disabled with this action, OR if you performed a green maneuver this round, discard this card to place 2 Shield Tokens beside your ship. Ok so on a big beast of a ship like a Reman Warbird this can really make it super tanky! This is great, especially when you consider that this card is not unique so a ship can be equipped with more than one. Interestingly I cannot find any reference to removing these additional Shield tokens beside the ship. The End Phase rules do not mention the removal of Shield Tokens only Scans, Evades and Battlestations. So that could lead to some interesting abuse. Certainly worth further investigation.

So having seen this expansion and using the Wizkids Suggested Rules Format and Faction purity I’d probably build this ship as follows:-

RIS Talvath – 14
Dr Telek R’Mor – 2
Secret Research – 5
Alidar Jarok – 4
Advanced Scanning – 5
Signal Amplifier – 5
Temporal Displacement – 5

Total – 40

How would you build this ship? Comment with your build and let me know how you’d equip it.

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Star Trek Attack Wing Updates

Recently David Montgomery, of The Shipyard YouTube channel, has been revealing the latest Blind Booster ships for the forthcoming OP events in Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing.  I’ve been sharing these YouTube videos and providing comments via The Hairy Gamers Facebook page.  For all of you who follow here and either don’t use Facebook or The Hairy Gamers (and why not!?) I’m going to provide links to each of my comments and the videos.

The Hairy Gamers can be found at you can find a brief write up of each Blind Booster by me on that page which links to the videos attached below.  I dont want to steal David’s thunder as he’s done some great work on behalf of the STAW Community so please, please, please go take a look at his YouTube Channel and Subscribe.

So far we have seen:

Romulans – IRW Belak –

Species 8472 – Bioship Gamma –

Dominion – Aldara –

Federation – USS Lakota –

Mirror Universe – IKS Toh’Kaht –

**Temporal Cold War OP 1 Prize** Xindi – Diaspora –

Klingon – IKS Buruk –

Bajoran – Interceptor 8 –

Kazon – Nistrim Cullah –

Vulcan – Seleya –

Ferengi – Nunk’s Marauder –

**Edit** So thats its folks…all ten Blind Boosters have been revealed and should start to become available from the end of October onwards and will last about a year, starting with the Temporal Cold War OP Series.

Geek Exile is over! Im back!

Ok folks, my geek exile is over.  I took the month of April off to have a holiday with the family and look after my daughter over Easter break.  I’m now back!

I did manage to sneak an appearance at Salute 2015 into my month off but mainly to support PRODOS and pick up my Imperial troops for Warzone Resurrection.  Thankfully whilst some of the items I really wanted were out of stock I did manage to pickup two Imperial Wolfbane Starter Boxes, a Morten Oakenfist, a set of Grey Ghosts, some Imperial Special Forces and the Freedom Forever Salute exclusive diorama. Lots to be done here.

The Cybertronic Voltigeur was also released during April and rather than miss out I ordered a couple to add to my Cybertronic forces.  These really need “the Matrix” treatment as I really think Voltigeur Drones need some awesome mechadendrites as they skulk and crawl across the battlefield.  I created a Pinterest board showing my inspiration for my Cybertronic:-

A slow by steadily increasing pile of awesomeness has been developing in the Mancave and I’m working my way through it.

Whilst at Salute I managed to grab some images of the models for AvP.  Anthony Evans aka Anton from the Blog The Anarchy of Anton was demoing a fantastic looking jungle temp table using AvP minis and a “homebrew” set of rules based off WZR rules.  I stepped in to run a demo whilst he was away and the minis are generating quite the buzz.  The same question kept popping up over and over again “When will I get my KS minis?”.  Poor Hairy Gamer Tris wasn;lt even volunteering or demoing and he still had to face these questions.  With final approval in the pipeline and only a matter of a signature from FOX to get things moving its an exciting and stressful time for the guys at PRODOS and for all us AvP KS backers at the same time.  It was commented that they hoped to have retail copies available for UK Games Expo at the end of May.  I’m going to cross my fingers for that!

I added an Oversized Borg Cube to my Star Trek Attack Wing as it was a peach of a deal from Tritex Games at £50.  I also managed to grab hold of 10 x IRW Praetus for my Romulans which adds 10 sets of cloaked mines to my 4 sets I already had.  Im seriously considering a very Cloaked Mine heavy build for something in the future.  I think it has to be done….maybe in a pre-TOS era game?

Wave 13 Star trek Attack Wing also arrived in the Mancave.  I added 2 x ISS Enterprise, Constitution class starship from Mirror Universe, 2 x Reklar, Galor Class Warship from the Dominion and 2 x Goranus, Gorn Ship from Independants faction.  With Wave 14 not that far away and my Peak Performance & Q-Continuum OP kits on their way I really need to pick up some new display cases from Ikea to house the huge amount of ships I now have.  I think I’m in the 270 region now.

I also have a few Star Wars X-Wing goodies to open up.  My YT-2400 arrived along with 2 x Z-95 Headhunters and a B-Wing for my Rebels.  The Empire was reinforced too in the form of a pair of TIE-Bombers.  Lastly my Scum and Villainy picked up a third M3-A Scyk Interceptor and a Starviper.  Happy days indeed and a good way to celebrate Star Wars Day (#maythe4thbewithyou).

More Star Wars goodies arrived in the form of Star Wars Armada and luckily Hairy Gamer Tris and I managed to squeeze in a quick game at Salute 2015 when we attended.  A minor victory was mine as his Rebel Scum were taught a lesson by the might of the Galactic Empire.  I just need to debox and review my Armada.  Better late than never eh??

So, I guess you can look forward to more content from me as the weeks go by now I’m back.  More battle reports from NAGA, more STAW OP events run by yours truly and Scott Young at Youngs Hobbies.  If you want to see anything please do let me know.

STAW 9: Rude Interruption (@ NAGA 04-03-2015)

So during my Warzone demo with Anthony Evans we had discussed some members of Phat Katz coming over for some demo or taster games of Star Trek Attack Wing.  We’d ummed and ooohhhhed and aaahhhhed about it and finally this week we managed to get something in the schedule that suited us both.  I asked Anthony if any of his Phat Katz buddies also wanted a taster session or game.  I offered to either run a game and go through each phase slowly as if they were novices to the game or play within it myself.  We agreed that I’d also play.  Anthony indicated that he wanted to play Borg or Klingon.  Given my feelings towards Borg (STAW Easy mode for somewhat bad pilots who can maneuver ships) and the fact that Anthony already had a Klingon ship I set about building him a reasonably competitive list I;d happily roll with using the build rules we agreed…..120pts Faction Pure.

Anthony spread the word amongst the other Phat Katz members and the challenge was taken up by Robert Howard, who had a Dominion fleet so would build a list accordingly.  At this point we get to how the scenario got named…..a forth player decided to invite himself into the game.  A 3 way game at 100 points on a 3ft by 3ft space mat is tight at best, a 4 way with 480 points is nigh on impossible without ships being ontop of eachother from the get go.  Also not helped that said player then decided to roll up with easy mode Borg.  Not the first time either.

So I set about planning my fleet and decided I would try Officer Exchange Program as my resource.  This card costs nothing to equip and has the following actions:- prior to the fleet building choose two factions, one as primary and one as secondary.  All Captains, Admirals and crew upgrades from the second faction can be added to your primary faction like factional cards.  Not only do they not incur the +1 cross factional penalty but they also get a reduction in cost by 1pt (to a minimum of 0pts).  Also all captains in your fleet, even those of the primary faction get a -1 reduction.  So given the chronic lack of action economy of Romulans I thought I’d see if Jean-Luc Picard aka The Baldy Gimmer and Spock could alleviate some of these problems for me.  This lead me to the following build:-

Reman Warbird (36)
Jean-Luc Picard (6-1=5)
Tactical Officer (3)
Ship SP: 44

Scimitar (38)
Mr. Spock (4-1=3)
Tactical Officer (3)
Ship SP: 44

Valdore (28)
Donatra (4-1=3)
Ship SP: 31

Total Build SP: 119

Anthony would play the following fleet:-

Vor’cha Class (26)
Martok (5)
Ship SP: 31

Vor’cha Class (26)
Gowron (4)
Ship SP: 30

Chang’s Bird-of-Prey (22)
Nu’Daq (3)
Photon Torpedoes (4)
Ship SP: 29

I.K.S. Koraga (26)
Chang (4)
Ship SP: 30

Total Build SP: 120

I’d be showing him how the interaction between Martok and Gowron works to give the Klingons the awesome firepower they have at their disposal.  I also went for some nice named ships to show him the difference between abilities and some Photon Torpedoes to compliment Chang’s Bird-Of-Preys ability.

Rob would play a Dominion fleet consisting of two Jem Hadar Attack Ships and a Jem Hadar Battleship but the exact make up of his fleet and upgrades escapes me right now so I will update with a comment later.

The Collective OP1: First Contact @ Escape Games (22-02-2015)

Firstly sorry for the lack of pictures on this one, I was kinda busy playing, I hadn’t intended to but due to a late withdrawal I have to make the numbers upto 8.  With that in mind I figured I’d give the Haakon build I’d been working on a go.  Knowing questions would be asked if I mysteriously pulled a Romulan Blind Booster I asked the Store Owner to randomly pull mine infront of the guys…….get in!!!!!  The Romulan Bird-of-Prey IRW Vorta Vor!!!!!

So my final fleet list for the events was as follows:-

Reman Warbird (36)
Donatra (4)
Tactical Officer (2)
Interphase Generator (3)
Ship SP: 45

I.R.W. Haakona (30)
Taris (4)
Indy Klingon FleetCaptain (0)
Invasion Plans (0)
Tactical Officer (2)
Parem (0)
Bochra (0)
Romulan Security Officer (1)
Romulan Security Officer (1)
Ship SP: 38

IRW Vorta Vor (18)
Livianna Charvanek (4)
Plasma Torpedoes (4)
Advanced Cloaking (4)
Ship SP: 30

Total Build SP: 118

There were a lot of new players, two of which had only played for the first time the day before.  Another had only 3 games under his belt and there were a lot of Federation builds.  I believe half the builds were Federation… Klingon, one Romulan, one Dominion and one Mirror Universe.

Round 1

This was against Daniel Ryans Federation Fleet:-

Sovereign Class (30)
Jean-Luc Picard (6)
Tuvok (5)
Dorsal Phaser Array (6)
Ship SP: 47

USS Voyager (30)
Kathryn Janeway (5)
Pavel Chekov (3)
Photon Torpedoes (5)
Ship SP: 43

IRW Vorta Vor (18)
Livianna Charvanek (4)
Direct Command (2)
Tal (2)
Advanced Cloaking (4)
Ship SP: 30

Total Build SP: 120

I had initiative.  Daniel struck early on focus firing on my Vorta Vor with the Sovereign and Voyager and had I not forgotten my Advanced Cloaking  I think my Vorta Vor would have survived these attacks.  Now it was time for my big guns to come to the fore and I was not disappointed.  Taris on the Haakona had already stripped all shields from the Sovereign when a second 6 dice primary attack (3 Base + 1 for Reman Warbird + 1 Donatra + 1 for Range1) destroyed Picard’s lumbering beast.

The next round saw he BCT (Borg Cube Token) begin to attack Daniels Voyager as my Reman Warbird and Haakona focus fired Daniels Vorta Vor off the board.  With time running out the two Romulan ships closed in and dropped a huge 13 attack dice in one round with double re-rolls (from Target Locks and Tactical Officers) to destroy Voyager and claim the victory before the BCT could target my ships.

Victory Romulans (120-30)

Round 2

With a win secured against one of the stronger players I was quietly confident and set about facing Anthony Marsden’s Federation Fleet:-

USS Voyager (30)
Jean-Luc Picard – Crew (5)
Tuvok (5)
Tom Paris (4)
Ship SP: 44

USS Enterprise-E (32)
Kathryn Janeway (5)
Adm. Matthew Dougherty (3)
Dorsal Phaser Array (6)
Ship SP: 46

U.S.S Yeager (22)
Federation Captain (0)
Elizabeth Shelby (2)
Quantum Torpedoes (6)
Ship SP: 30

Total Build SP: 120

Again I had Initiative and lined up in the same formation I had adopted in the first game thinking I couldn’t possibly face the same BCT manuevers as I had the previous round.

Again early on I failed to activate my Advanced Cloaking at the correct time and my opponent being the sporting sort he was punished that.  So it was game face on.  No more playing to make up numbers.  I dropped an 8 dice Primary Weapon Attack with the Haakona from my non-existent rear arc…mwah ha ha haaaa AND a 7 dice Primary Weapon Attack from the Scimitar at Range 12 having come about.  Lots and lots and lots of damage done to both Voyager and the Ent-E but with no Target Locks I couldn’t capitalise on using the Tactical Officers to finish them off.

Despite facing some truly horrifying BCT moving I managed to finish the round with all my ships intact.  I used my strategy of firing on the weakest link first and took down the USS Yaeger before it had a chance to unleash its torpedoes at me.

Having scored an easy 30 points by destroying the Yaeger it was a case of run down the clock and evade my biggest threat, the BCT.

Both Federation ships were doing their best to make a game of it and the only decent attack through cloak that hit the Ream Warbird was all but negated with the Interphase Generator.  When a shot was taken by the Haakona I disabled my Romulan Security Officers to re-roll two blank results and allied with my cloak managed to not take any damage.

With the Ent-E and Voyager taking heavy damage from the BCT I powered away from the Cube and kept it at Range 2 or more.  Time was called.

Victory Romulans (30-0)

Round 3

Final round and in this system I was facing the player in second position, Scott Young, the Store Owner.  He was fielding a pretty experimental but ultimately sound Mirror Universe fleet with a Gavroche Blind Booster:-

Regent’s Flagship (32)
Worf (2)
Julian Bashir (2)
Elim Garak (3)
Jadzia Dax (2)
Photon Torpedoes (5)
Cloaking Device (4)
Ship SP: 50

ISS Defiant (24)
Miles O’Brien (3)
Rebellion (5)
Brunt (1)
Aft Phaser Emitter (1)
Quantum Torpedoes (6)
Ship SP: 40

Gavroche (22)
Michael Eddington (4)
Focused Particle Beam (4)
Ship SP: 30

Total Build SP: 120

I tackled this round differently and attempted to pre-empt where the BCT would go.  I lined up in my usual position but this time took a very long time to engage.  I used soft 1’s to ease towards the token whilst cloaking.  As luck would have it it seems the Borg like the Mirror Universe and they moved towards Scott’s fleet.  Scott’s Gavroche was acting as sacrificial lamb as the BCT targeted it.  Despite resisting at every opportunity eventually it fell to the BCT which had stripped every upgrade, captain and then attacked it in consecutive rounds.  Without really trying I had quickly developed a lead.  The Romulan fleet, now knowing where the Borg were going, snaked back the other way and kept the Borg at range.  with all the ships moving towards the same corner the BCT followed attacking the ISS Defiant.

As the two fleets engaged the superior firepower of the Romulan’s very quickly finished off the ISS Defiant but not before Regent Worf could grant it a free attack.  This did nothing as my cloaked Reman Warbird shrugged off the ineffectual attack.  Focus firing on the cloaked Regents Warship the Romulan’s managed to strip a sizable amount of its hull away and remove Worf from the Captaincy before it could reply.  With the Haakona and Reman Warbird at range 1 Scott used his Regents Warships ability to attack both ships at the same time.  Again the Interphase Generator and Romulan Security Officers came to my rescue.  No damage done.

With both fleets passing each other the Haakona fired backwards and damaged the Regents Warship further before all Romulan ships turned on the gas and pulled away from the now stranded Regents Warship trapped in a corner against a BCT.  Leaving nowhere for it to maneuver to the Regents Warship was forced to limp off the board and flee the field.

Victory Romulans (120-0)

The Final Standings

The Final Standings

I won the tournament overall with 9-270, Daniel Ryan and Ashton in join second with 7-195, Scott next with 7-160.  I had beaten two of the next three players 120-0.  Nic Harbut picked up the Fellowship Award as voted for by the players.  I gave my prize away to Anthony Marsden who narrowly missed out on the award himself.  Ashton Batchelor and Daniel Ryan took home other prizes.  It was a great day, decent numbers for a first tourney at a new venue.  The Store Owners were happy and we’ve scheuled the next in the series OP2 : The Battle for Wolf 359 for Sunday March 29th 2015.

Lessons have been learnt and a bit more prep time would be nicer next time around but Im sure this will be a growing community which Ive been working towards since my move to Coventry.

Exclusive Web Reveal on IRW Haakona cards on The Hairy Gamers

As revealed exclusively on The Hairy Gamers Facebook page moments ago the full card list and images for the latest Romulan D’Deridex Class vessel, the IRW Haakona (from the TNG episode “The Contagion”).

Firstly lets look at the ship itself, the stats are unremarkable seeing as they are standard Named D’deridex stats.  It has the standard two Weapon slots that all other DD’s have but no Tech slot as the others have.  This has been replaced with an extra Crew slot upto 3.  Useful since this pack is super heavy with useful and non-unique Romulan crew.  This isn’t a huge issue as this can be rectified with the right Fleet Captain Resource or Valdore 6 or T’Rul.

The Named version has a really nice ability that will see it shoot to the top of the list of available D’Deridex’s.  “When attacking with your Primary Weapon while cloaked, gain +1 attack die for every other Romulan ship in your fleet (max (+4)”.  Wow!  So that Science Vessel Swarm suddenly became a viable tactic.

The Generic loses its Tech slot too and gains a crew slot giving players who run a Generic D’Deridex an option of taking crew heavy variants.

Also worth noting that a lot of the crew included here are disable to use which means Liviana Charvanek may see some use now.

Speaking of Crew we’ll start with them first.  This pack includes 3 x Romulan Security Officer, 1 x Romulan Helmsman and 1 x Romulan Sub Lieutenant.  They’re all non-unique which means you can take multiples of each and given the Romulan Security Officers ability you may very well want to. “For each Romulan Security Officer equipped to your ship (including this one), your Captain’s Skill is +1 (max +3).  When defending, you may disable this card to re-roll one of your blank results.”  Thats nice, and he will see a lot of play boosting Romulan captains but also we may see a rise in play of Liviana Charvanek (from the IRW Vorta Vor expansion) who can stop disable crew being disabled on the roll of a die.  So whilst its chancey there are more options for her now.  This takes me to the Romulan Helmsman, another disable to use crew card.  Given that some of the most necessary moves our Romulan fleet can make are Red he is a welcome addition.  “During Activation, if you reveal a Red Maneuver, you may disable this card to treat that maneuver as if it were a White Maneuver.  No ship may be equipped with more than one Romulan Helmsman”.  Hes a little situational but when you need that come about or reverse he will save you!  Plus he also works with Liviana and can be disabled by Admiral Hiren for extra attack dice.  All in all two very solid crew.

Lastly we have the Romulan Sub Lieutenant, this fella is a discard and an Action too.  Hmmm… no likee.  However his ability is ok if a little situational.  “ACTION: Discard this card to target a ship at Range 1-2.  If the target ship has a Hull Value of 6 or greater, that ship must disable 2 of its Active Shields, if possible.  Otherwise, that ship must disable 1 of its Active Shields, if possible.  This upgrade may only be purchased for a Romulan ship.” .  So its good against those hard hitting Dominion or Borg ships but given how Action starved the Romulans are at best its not an upgrade I would be choosing unless I knew I was facing the Borg and even then for 4pts there are better out there, even in the Faction Pure environment.

The Romulans get a decent Admiral finally……Admiral Mendak makes an appearance.  Firstly I love his ability to bits.  “FLEET ACTION: Target a friendly ship at Range 1-2 (including your own) that has no Battlestations Token(s) beside it and place a Battlestations Token beside that ship.  The target ship cannot perform a Battlestations Action this round.  This card may only be purchased for a Romulan ship.”. Finally some access to Battlestations for Romulans, plus he adds +2 to your existing Captain skill making Shinzon a hefty 11!!!  He also comes with a Elite Talent slot.  He’s expensive for an Admiral at 4pts but could recoup that value very quickly.  His Captain skill if used as a Captain is a solid 6 so he’s up there for competing for a place in my fleets.  He’ll probably see more action as a Captain than as an Admiral.  I like Hiren (from the Scimitar) for his ability to disable cheap crew for an extra Attack Dice.

You get two unique Captains in this expansion, Taris and Centurion.  Taris is kinda amazing with this expansion as she makes use of those disabled Crew Romulan Security Officers.  He ability is as follows “When attacking with your Primary Weapon, during the Declare Target step, you may discard one of your Crew upgrades to target a ship that is not in your forward firing arc.”.  Well i do like that, hmmm…do I re-eanble my Romulan Security Officer or sacrifice him to fire in any direction?  Gee thats a toughie.  What a great ability, especially with cheap Crew upgrades.  Centurion is a cheap unique captain that grants us Romulans the ability to finally modify dice via Battlestations.  “When attacking, you may re-roll one of your Battlestations results.”.  Hes no Mendak but stack him up with  a Tactical Officer and Target Lock and you have some pretty potent dice modification going on there.  Certainly worth a punt when you need a 1pt Captain, even without other cards.

Penultimately we have the Weapons upgrades included in this pack.  You have you usual Plasma Torpedoes included which are Range 1-2, 5 Attack Dice and re-rolling all of your blanks one time.  Pretty standard stuff there.  The two gems of this pack are Disruptor Beams and Disruptor Pulse.  Both are useful and do not require Target Lock, which leaves plenty of ships and options to deploy them on.  The Disruptor Beams are pretty awesome and can turn your little 1 or 2 Attack into a complete beast dealing upto 6 Hits.  Its also Range 1-3 so I figure this will become the new Additional Weapons Array as the must have Secondary Weapon of choice on little Romulan ships.  The Disruptor Beams is mentally good.  Again its only a disable but wow….I mean, thats meta changing if done right!!!  So its a 3 Attack Dice Secondary Weapon used at Range 1-2, nothing remarkable there but the second paragraph makes this card so amazing “During the Declare Target step, target every enemy ship that is in your forward firing arc and within range and perform a separate attack against each of the target ships with this attack.”.  Well swarms of Romulan Science Vessels spamming 72 attack dice in a initial attack just became a thing.  Even better that with its +5 Sp for non Romulan ships we wont be seeing our precious used against us often.  A great expansion weapons wise!

Lastly we have the cloud to counter balance the silver lining that is everything else in this expansion.  The Elite Talent Make Them See Us!.  Firstly, any card that needs a wall of text like that is going to raise some eyebrows and a lot of questions.  Secondly its one of those very situational Elite Talents that us Romulans seem to have a lot of….so Shinzon may use it but when you read what it does you won’t choose it……ever.  It is only usable by a Romulan Captain on a Romulan ship which already limits its usefulness in the bigger picture.  Ok here comes that wall of text:

“While Cloaked, during the Activation Phase, before revealing your dial you may discard this card to target a ship that you already have Target Locked.  Remove your Target Lock from that ship.  If you do this and your ships base or maneuver template overlaps the target ships base during the Execute Maneuver step, inflict an amount of damage equal to the current speed on your maneuver dial to both ships (max 4).  The ships whose Captain has the higher Skill Number rolls a number of defense dice against this damage equal to the difference in your Skill Numbers.  This upgrade may only be purchased for a Romulan Captain on a Romulan ship.” 

Personally Im not a huge fan of this Elite Talent as it shackles a High Skill Captain to an expensive Elite Talent which may or may not cause damage.  Its very situational and expensive to setup.  Much like Ultiritium Explosives from the Praetus expansion.

So thats it.  Let me know what you think.  Comment below.

STAW 8: “Worst” Contact aka Never Invite Borg to a Birthday Party (NAGA @ 28-01-2015)

Tonight at NAGA it was Owen Cartwrights birthday, so he chose the rules for tonight’s game.  It was going to be a Fleet Pure 150pt game with no Suggested Tournament Format.

My opponents would be Owen Cartwrights Twin Reman Warbirds captained by Toreth and Shinzon, stacked to the hilt and loaded with torpedoes.  My other opponent would be Daniel Ryans Federation Fleet consisting of the USS Enteprise-E captained by Picard, the USS Voyager captained by Janeway and a Galaxy Class Starship captained by William Riker.

I decided to run a dual Borg ship build using the following list:-

Queen Vessel Prime (42)
Korok (4)
Indy Klingon Flagship (10)
Magnetometric Guided Charge (5)
Access Terminal (2)
Borg Assimilation Tubules (8)
Regeneration Sequencers (5)
Ship SP: 76

Tactical Cube 138 (46)
Borg Queen (5)
Full Assault (6)
Subspace Beacon (5)
Borg Ablative Hull Armor (7)
Regeneration Sequencers (5)
Ship SP: 74

Total Build SP: 150

Stardate 28-01-20-15

We are the Borg. We will add your biological distinctiveness to us and serves us as the Borg.  Your birthday is irrelevant.  Your slab of birthday cake is irrelevant. Resistance is Futile.  You will be assimilated”

It is the birthday of Romulan Praetor Shinzon, clone of Jean-Luc Picard.  In an attempt to ease the tensions between the Federation and the Reman clone, Jean Luc Picard is bringing a bottle of Romulan Ale and some Photon Torpedoes to the party.

Through liberal use of Subspace Beacons and Transwarp Conduits the Borg have also decided to attend the party uninvited in an attempt to retrieve their former Federation counterpart Locutus and create a Romulan equivilent from Shinzon, Fake-utus, to deliver its message of conquest to the Romulan Empire.

The Borg fleet entered the rendezvous location first from behind the blue planet as the Federation fleet entered from the far side of the sector.  The Romulan fleet split its forces, sending the Reman Warbird captained by Toreth to intercept the Federation Fleet as Shinzons Scimitar tried to engage the Borg fleet with its Tholaron Weapon.

The Federation fleet swiftly engaged Toreths Warbird and stripped away its shields before it was given an opportunity to cloak.  Both Picard 8’s Enterprise-E and Janeway’s Voyager alpha striking the lone uncloaked warbird with focused phaser fire.  Picard 8 with his declared hatred of the Romulans, especially Shinzon, fired into the warbird dealing it critical damage as its shields crackled and failed.  Janeway followed this up with a devastating reply from close range as her weapons tore into the unshielded hull of the Reman Warbird.

In reply Toreth brought her weapons to bear and attacked Voyager but with its maneuverable deft pilot Tom Paris at the helm it was about to shrug off some of the phaser fire and some of its shields were damaged in a tense close range phaser fight.

On the opposite side of the sector the Borg advanced slowly and with menace as they rounded the blue planetoid.  Moving up towards and behind the planet Shinzon cloaked his Scimitar and prepared his Tholaron Weapon to engage the Borg Cube.

Picard and Janeway moved past the now heavily damaged Reman Warbird of Toreth and Picard dropped his party gift of Anti-Matter Mines right onto the rear of the ship.  As the mines had been dropped onto the ship they immediately struck the Romulan vessel.  The combined damage from the previous turns firing and the Anti-Matter Minefield almost finished off the crippled ship as Rikers Galaxy turned and brought the ship into arc.

Firing into the stricken hulk of the Reman Warbird the Galaxy tore the the vessel to pieces as it was unable to return fire due to critical damage to its weaponary.

The Borg fleet engaged as the Queens Tactical Cube and Scimitar came face to face.  Shinzon fired first and attacked with the devastating Tholaron Weapon.  The powerful life stripping weapon killed the Queen and completely destroyed the Borg ships Ablative Armour without further damage to the structure of the Tactical Cube or its shields. Now without its Queen would the Borg fleet waver and fall to pieces?

The Borg Cube returned fire tearing into the hull of the cloaked, unshielded vessel as the Kuroks Octahedron assimilated the Photon Torpedoes out of the Scimitar.

The Scimitar hadn’t planned for this as it swept in front of the Borg Cube and attempted to fire its torpedoes from its rear arc.  Its plan had been foiled as it was now at frighteningly close range of the Cube and Octahedron with no weapons to fire.

In a last ditch attempt at destroying the Tactical Cube Shinzon turned his ship to fire but found the Borg waiting exactly where he had been planning to maneuver to.  Crashing into the Borg behemoth both ships traded phaser fire.  Shinzons vessel destroying layers of Borg shields before the close range primary weapons of the Cube finished off the Praetors Reman Warbird.  The Federation fleet swept out from behind the second planet in the sector, the yellow Nuneaton Prime, and began their advance on the Kurok’s Octahedron.  Before they could close the distance the combined firepower of the Borg destroyed the Romulan Clone Shinzons Scimitar….an ominous warning to the Federation fleet.

The Borg cube reversed back into patrolling the centre of the sector as Janeways Voyager engaged the Borg Octahedron.  With Kurok able to make even mundane phaser fire devastating he was able to destroy the last of its shields and wreak havoc upon the unprotected hull.  Janeways only option was to run and regroup and she fled the fight leaving Picards Enterprise-E and Rikers Galaxy to defend against the Borg.

Strong combined fire from both Borg vessels into the rear of Voyager finally destroyed the Federation vessel.  Only Picard returned fire as he was the only Federation ship in range and arc.  His ferocious firing at the Octahedron stripping away its shields even with the evasive actions of the Borg crew.

Rikers Galaxy turned and drove directly at the heart of the Borg fleet hoping to draw their fire at close range even if he was destroyed in the process allowing Picard to bring his rear mounted Photon Torpedos to attack the Octahedron.  Before he could do so Kurok assimilated them and added them to his Alpha Quadrant Photon Torpedo collection gathering dust in the Octahedrons cargo hold.  The surprised Picard was left without ability to fire and was forced to take a wide maneuver to come around and return to the fight.  The Enteprise-E was targeted at long range by both Borg ships who had chosen to ignore Riker sensing a trap was being laid.  Dealing some devastating damage to the big-E it was left unshielded and badly damaged.

Now Rikers trap had been avoided both Borg ships closed on it leaving it nowhere to maneuver and it crashed into the side of the Borg Cube leaving its crew dazed and unable to act.  Without the ability to modify its primary attacks and without Picards support the two Borg vessels easily crippled then destroyed the Galaxy class starship.

Picard slowly maneuvered to face his aggressors but before he could bring weapons to bear and attack the badly damaged broken hull of the Federation starship was torn asunder with focussed critically damaging fire from both Borg vessels.  If only he had now had those Photon Torpedoes stolen!  Kuroks voiced boomed over the hail as the remaining lifepods of the Enterprise-E disappeared into the low orbit of the blue planet, Nuneaton Secundus…..”Humans are irrelevant.  Romulans are irrelevant.  Your celebration is irrelevant.  Your biological distinctiveness, albeit one year older, will be added to us and will serve the Borg.  Your torpedoes have been assimilated.  Resistance was futile.

STAW 7: De-Generations aka A New Source of Dilithium (NAGA @ 21-01-15)

Tonights outing at STAW saw a variation on the Scenario in the Starter Set Rulebook “A New Source of Dilithium”.

Rumors of a new planet harboring dilithium crystals reach the ears of the Federation, as well as the Klingon and Romulan Empires.  So rich is the new source that it threatens to provoke open war from the Romulan Empire, and even threatens the Khitomer Accords between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

Three Player Scenario, standard three player set up.  Recommended: Federation/Klingon/Romulan.

Each Player recieves 40 Squad Points and must includ at least one CREW Uprgade.

Be the first player to obtain three Mission Tokens and warp out by returning to your starting point OR eliminate all opposing ships.

The scenario is intended for 3 players with one ship each (from the starter box) but we had decided to run it with 4, increase the points limit from the scenario standard 40pts per fleet/ship to 80pt fleets with no ship more that 50pts ( as per the WK Suggested Tournament Format) and make it Ship Pure.

There were some special actions available to ships to enable them to drop Away Teams to gather the Dilithium resources from the Scenario:-

When a ship is within Range 1 of the Planet, it gains the following Actions

ACTION: If your ship is not cloaked, disable all shields and disable your captain and one crew upgrade..  They are now considered your Away Team on the Planet and cannot be re-enable except by using the Action below.

ACTION:  If your ship is not cloaked, disable all shields and re-enable your Away Team.  They are now consider back on board your ship.  Any Mission Tokens on your captain are transferred to your ship.

While on the Planet, members of your Away Team cannot be targetted by any other cards or effects.  Your ship is considered to have a Captain skill of 1.

During any end phase that you have an Away Team on the Planet, take one Mission Token from the Planet and place it on your Captain.

With the scenario set we set about building fleets.  Derek chose a triple Keldon Dominion build, I had a Reman Warbird flanked by two Romulan Science Vessels, Daniel had a pimped out Enterprise-E and a Galaxy Class Starship, Josh flew an Enterprise-NX class and a Intrepid Class.  My exact fleet is as below:-

80pts Rom Pure List v3

Romulan Science Vessel (12)
Romulan Captain (0)
Bochra (2)
Cloaked Mines (2)
Ship SP: 15

Romulan Science Vessel (12)
Romulan Captain (0)
Romulan Pilot (2)
Cloaked Mines (2)
Ship SP: 16

Reman Warbird (36)
Mirok (2)
Indy/Dom FleetCaptain (5)
Adm. Hiren (1)
Parem (1)
Cloaked Mines (2)
Cloaked Mines (2)
Ship SP: 44

Total Build SP: 80

The plan was to advance quickly with my ships and drop mines at range 1 of the planet making it prohibitively difficult for ships to come in drop off crews and orbit without taking damage.  Then all of my ships could dump away teams and mission tokens could be gather quickly.  The nippy Science Vessels made dropping mines easy and the fast strong Reman Warbird made dealing with ships once they’d deposited Away Teams easy because I’d have a firing advantage after my away team went planetside as Admiral Hiren would take over captaincy and have Initiative in the Attack Phase.  With a plan in place we set-up.

Each fleet had a corner to deploy in the deployment area was range 2 from the corner in both directions and range 1 deep so an L shape on each corner.

The fleets assemble to race to the planet and gather Dilithium.

The fleets assemble to race to the planet and gather Dilithium.

Turn one was posturing and guesswork as all fleets began their plans.  Dereks Dominion fleet (bottom left) arced towards Joshs Federation fleet (top left).  Joshs Federation fleet arced towards Daniels Federation fleet (top right).  Daniels Federation and my Romulan Fleets (bottom right) raced directly towards the planet forwards.  I had forgotten just how small a 3×3 gaming mat was as before I knew it the ships were in close around the planet making deploying mines a tad difficult.

Both Science Vessels deployed mines at the start of turn 2 from cloak in front of Dereks Dominion and Daniels Federation before J-turning and leaving.  The Reman Warbird dumped its Away Team and flew over the planet.  Derek had managed to put his only Away Team down too.

Derek began using his superior 180 arcs to damage Joshs NX Class.  The two Federation fleets went at it with shots being traded.  Both the Intrepid and Galaxy Class ships taking heavy damage.

Elsewhere some very accurate torpedo fire from Daniels Enterprise-E caused a Warp Core Breach on the Romulan Science Vessel.  Which began to limp away hoping to evade the Federation ship.

So in the End Phase both Derek and I began acquiring Mission tokens.

The Reman Warbird dropped a set of mines to the left of the planet, I had now dropped 3 of my 4 sets in roughly where I wanted getting decent coverage around the planet.  Sadly the Dominion had already managed to place an Away Team the turn before.  Turn three saw the destruction of the Intrepid and Galaxy Classes as the two Federation fleets engaged one another and the Dominion fleet of Gul Dukat, Sar and an uncaptained Keldon arced around the planet and engaged them.

The Reman warbird appeared from behind the planet and began to reign down phaser fire into the rear of Gul Dukats Keldon whilst Luaran and Boheeka hid on the planet.  Choosing Admiral Hiren, who later became Captain Hiren in Miroks absence proved to be an advantage allowing me to destroy the rear Keldon very quickly before it could reply.  Gul Dukat had clearly forgotten his Dorsal Phaser Arrays.  In closing down the Dominion fleet I opened myself up to an attack from the superior firing arcs of the Keldons.  With no sheilds and cloak engaged the resultant phaser fire tore into the unprotected hull of the Reman Warbird.  Had my captain been aboard I would have been able to repair some damage but he was gathering Dilithium and fighting Dominion on the planet.

The Reman Warbird targets the Keldon of Sar  as they pursue the NX Class.  The Enterprise-E pushes through the minefield past the critically damaged Science Vessel to attack its sister ship.

The Reman Warbird targets the Keldon of Sar as they pursue the NX Class. The Enterprise-E pushes through the minefield past the critically damaged Science Vessel to attack its sister ship.

The Romulan Science Vessel was restricted due to some earlier torpedo fire from the Enterprise-E.  It was limping on maneuvering thrusters as the big Federation ship passed through its minefield.  Unable to evade the big ship its only hope was to get in close from the side or rear and try to remove as many shields and hull as possible.  Without arc on the damaged Science Vessel the Enterprise-E turned her phasers on the sister ship which was dead ahead.  Some great firing later and it was blasted to pieces.

The start of turn four saw two away teams on the planet gathering Dilithium and most fleets having lost one ship each, the Science Vessel on without warp being under serious threat from Picards Enterprise-E.  The planet had been mined making it difficult for further Away Teams to be placed.  The Dominion fleet followed the now wounded NX-Class round towards the far side of the planet, where the limping Science Vessel was harrying and harassing the Enterprise-E.  The loss of its Warp Core made out maneuvering the Federation ship difficult and it crashed into the side of the Enteprise.  Once the Enterprise moved away it had range and arc on the little minelayer.

The NX Class attempted to evade the two remaining Dominion ships which were in fast pursuit.  The Reman Warbird was badly placed to attack unless it could turn around quickly so it pulled a J-turn to flip it around and leave it facing the planet and its escape route once it picked up its Away Team.

The Enterprise-E unleashed a devastating salvo of torpedos at the limping Romulan Science Vessel tearing it in two.  Its Romulan crew left floating in the black of space slowly dying.

Concentrated phaser fire with Target Locks and Battlestations from the Dominion ships destroyed the NX-Class whilst the Reman Warbird managed a long range shot at the Keldon closest to the planet in an attempt to destroy it and make it more difficult to retrieve the Dominion Away Team.  Even a long range the Reman ship was able to destroy all the shields of the Keldon and damage its hull.

Turn five saw a tough decision for me, do I lower shields and retrieve my Away Team then race for home under cloak or do I keep shields up and move back over the planet but risk giving the Dominion fleet two turns of firing at me?  I chose the former and collected my Away Team.  The two Dominion ships arced back towards the planet which given their firing arcs gave the damaged Keldon a shot at the now uncloaked, unshielded and damaged Reman Warbird.

The Reman warbird was unable to attack as its 90 degree arc couldn’t be brought to bear on the Keldon.  Had it had arc it could have finished off the Dominion beast before it could reply but sadly the Keldon shot to its side and applied just enough damage to leave the Reman Warbird a floating hulk.

The lone Enterprise-E was now being pursued by the two Keldons.  They closed quickly whilst she navigated around the multiple minefields.  Each field causing minimal damage to the Enteprise but slowly stripping shields away one by one.

The Dominion collected their Away Team and Dilithium and raced for home with only the Federations Enteprise-E to stop them.

Some concentrated torpedo fire by the Enterprise saw Sars support Keldon destroyed as Luaran and Boheeka managed to scrape home.

In the end the winning ship, Luaran and Boheekas Keldon had 1 hull points and no shields remaining whilst Daniels Enterprise-E had 2 hull points and no shields but also no Dilithium.

Great game, great scenario and I shall definitely be looking back through some of the scenarios from the ship expansions to tweak and alter them and make them fit our regular STAW crowd.

Thanks to Derek Maynard, Daniel Ryan and Josh Pemberton.

STAW 6: The Undiscovered Hidden Klingon Fleet (NAGA @ 07-01-2015)

The first big Star Trek Attack Wing game of the year at NAGA was a very big game indeed with each fleet deploying 150 points Fleet Pure using the “Suggested Rules Format” introduced by Wizkids last year.  It saw Josh Pembertons Romulan Fleet ally itself with my pure Cardassian Dominion Fleet against Owen Cartwrights Klingons and Derek Maynards Mirror Universe.

Due to the size of the game we decided to use a 6×4 gaming mat lengthwise with each fleet deploying at either end.  My Cardassian fleet was as follows and was a tweak and improvement on the basic triple Keldon fleet I’ve been running for recent games.  Given the limitations of the Actions the Fighters can take I wanted to try and use a resource that I’ve seldom used before and with that in mind I went for Advanced Targeting Systems to give each of my ships as much opportunity to modify dice during attacks as possible.  I’ll get the guys to send me their builds to update this thread if I can.

150pt Cardassian Pure with Advanced Targeting Fighters

Cardassian Keldon Class “Legates Fury” (24)
Cardassian Captain (0)
Dorsal Weapons Array (3)
Ship SP: 27

Cardassian Keldon Class “Blood of Cardassia” (24)
Cardassian Captain (0)
Dorsal Weapons Array (3)
Ship SP: 27

Cardassian Keldon Class “Wrath of Terok Nor” (24)
Gul Dukat (5)
Boheeka (2)
Ship SP: 31

Dominion Attack Fighters (20)
Ship SP: 20

Dominion Attack Fighters (20)
Ship SP: 20

Dominion Attack Fighters (20)
Ship SP: 20

Advanced Targeting System (5)

The plan was simple, advance, target lock, attack with superior firing arcs and destroy.

Stardate 07-01-20-15

A joint Obsidian Order/Tal Shiar strike force has been dispatched to investigate strange fluctuating readings in the Nuneaton Prime sector.  Upon arrival in the sector some Klingon ships were seen to be firing tachyon bursts into the nearby star causing it to emit strange readings.  Before further investigation could occur a rift in space tore its way through the suns core and what looked like more Klingon ships emerged.  Monitoring the communications from the safety of their advanced cloak the Romulans determined that whilst the pattern seemed Klingon in origin the ship was in fact far larger than a standard Negh’Var class vessel and was accompanied by two Defiant Class ships and a Galor class vessel.  Having heard enough of this treacherous criminal Garak in his stolen Galor class warship and his allies Dukat dispatched his armada of ships to engage the enemy and bring the traitor Garak to justice by any means necessary.

The Cardassians advanced on the left flank opposing the Mirror Universe fleet whilst the Romulans covered the right flank to halt the advance or escape of the Klingon fleet.  As the Mirror Universe fleet advanced quickly Dukat changed strategy and drove his ships into the planetary system weaving between the three planets, with fighters in support the new plan was to destroy the Klingon fleet and then turn all weapons on the Mirror Universe ships before being home in time for a well earnt glass of Canar.

The Klingons advanced on the Rolumans before being funnelled towards the planets by the careful deployment of Cloaked Mines and as the ships were turned inwards two powerful Keldon class warships were waiting, the “Wrath of Terok Nor” captained by Gul Dukat and the “Legates Fury” lead by an unnamed captain.  With both ships able to maintain multiple Target Locks and Dukats also able to go to Battlestations they made very short work of the lead Klingon vessel, a Vor’cha.  They then quickly turned their weapons on the Somraw which had been lurking at the rear of the Klingon fleet.  Shots were exchanged before the combined Keldons firepower overwhelmed the Klingon ship.  Chang had been driven off course by the Romulan Cloaked Mines and the combined firepower of the Scimitar and Avatar of Tomed destroying it in a single round of combat.

On the right flank of the combined Mirror Universe/Klingon fleet the Mirror Universe ships had left their Klingon allies to face the wrath of the Cardassians and Romulans alone and were slowly maneuvering to flank the fighter support at the rear of the Cardassian Fleet.  The faster Mirror Universe ships raced the fighters and closed the gap first leaving the fighters with a dash between planets to avoid being targetted.  One wing of Fighters did not fare so well with the combined firepower of the Regents Warship and Worfs Defiant able to take shots at long range into the unprotected rear of the fighters.  Excellent piloting and small losses meant the fighters were taking casualties but this only improived their ability to deftly weave amongst the bigger ships and avoid phaser fire.  As thier numbers thinned the superior Captain Skills of the Mirror Universe fleet enabled them to fire first on the Fighters causing even more damage.

Having now dispatched the entire Klingon fleet the remaining Cardassian vessels and disengaged Romulans swept around the planets to engage the rear ships of the Mirror Universe vessels.  The two lead Keldons applying their Advanced Targetting Systems to the two rear most ships, O’Briens Prakesh and Worfs Defiant.

As the Romulan fleet regrouped and prepared to join the assault on the Mirror Universe fleet a wave of reinforcements emerged from where the Klingons had originally deployed.  It seems that a fleet made up of exactly the same classes of ships and very similar looking and trained captains with exactly the same upgrades had been lying in wait for them.  They advanced under cloak and proceeded to attack the rearmost ships in the combined Romulan/Cardassian fleet.  The Somraw and the two Birds of Prey taking on the Romulans and a Keldon whilst the Vor’cha flanked the Avatar of Tomed and the “Blood of Cardassia”.

In a supreme display of advanced piloting the Flagship Valdore deftly maneuvered in between the four Mirror Universe ships and appeared out of nowhere to disrupt the Mirror Universe fleets plans as their ships weaved apart to avoid collisions.  Smiley O’Brien seemed unable to avoid any other ships and crashed into the ISS Defiant and the Valdore in two consecutive turns.  This bought the big Romulan bird some time to push forward and drive a wedge between the forward elements of the MU fleet, Rikers Regents Warship and Siskos ISS Defiant and the rear members, O’Briens Prakesh and Worfs Defiant.

This gave Gul Dukat the opportunity he had needed to engage the MU fleet.  Using his Target Lock and superior trained crew at Battlestations he managed to isolate and destroy the evasive Defiant of Worf before it could engage the Valdore.

As the Vor’cha emerged from behind the third planet it trained its weapons on the advancing fleet and took out all the shields on the Cardassian “Blood of Cardassia” Keldon.  In returning fire from both the Avatar of Tomed and the Cardassian ship the close range firepower of the borgified D’Deridex class Avatar of Tomed struck an almost fatal blow to the Klingon ship before the Cardassian ship fired and destroyed the remaining structure of the ship.

As time drew to a close the final results were:-

Mirror Universe losses were Worfs Defiant, two Vor’cha class, two Birds of Prey and a Somraw.

Cardassian/Romulan losses……there were none.

A resounding victory for the Dukat/Donatra Obsidian Order/Tal Shiar joint fleet.