Mancave Superbowl Sunday (01-02-2015) – Part 1

So on Sunday the Mancave opened its doors to friends and fellow gamers alike.  Despite a large open invite and some late concellations only two managed to attend.  Food was prepped, drinks were flowing and we began to play some games waiting for the Superbowl at 10-30pm.

First up was a game of Star Wars X-Wing between Tris’ Rebel fleet of Leebo in a YT-2400 with Outrider and Heavy LAser Cannon and Etahn A’baht’s E-Wing with R2-D2, Determination and Advanced Sensors.  Both ships had more stuff because by my reckoning this only added upto 86pts.  I played an Imperial fleet of my own devising so was fully expecting to get my Imperial behind handed to me by superior tactics and experience of my Rebel opponent.  My fleet was:-

=============================== Kenny Careless With His Whisper (99) =============================== 

Commander Kenkirk (59) VT-49 Decimator (44), Lone Wolf (2), Darth Vader (3), Ysanne Isard (4), Mara Jade (3) Hull Upgrade (3)

“Whisper” (40) TIE Phantom (32), Intelligence Agent (1), Fire-Control System (2), Veteran Instincts (1), Advanced Cloaking Device (4)

I fully expected the more experienced X-Wing player Tris to absolutely hammer me in this game although was surprised to see he had left 12 points free in a bid for initiative and to stop me grabbing an easy 12 points by destroying a basic Bandit Squadron Z-95.

The game started with his Rebel fleet deploying close together in the far corner of the gaming mat.  Whisper deployed directly opposite them and Kenkirk lined his Decimator up to ease through the asteroid field straight at the Rebel Fleet.

All ships advanced forwards at one another, my faster advance left both of my ships at risk of attack which the Rebels happily took advantage of stripping shields from both ships.

Whisper “koorigan turned” behind Leebo’s YT-2400 leaving her too close for him to attack.  Etahn peeled off to take on Kenkirks Decimator but ended up crashing into the Imperial ship.  Unable to attack Etahn, Kenkirk and Co attacked the YT-2400.  The YT-2400 responded by attacking back with its Heavy Laser Cannon.

The next round of maneuvering proved to be pivotal for the battle as Kenkirk called its spot on and pulled in closely behind Leebo.  Leebo was unable to fire due to the range of his Heavy Laser Cannon and my build at Range 1 made it very difficult for a ship to shake a Stress token.  Whisper and Etahn circled each other around an asteroid attempting to bring weapons to bear but neither could get the other clearly in arc.

Eventually Etahn fled to support Leebo who was still failing to shake the Decimator.  In doing so he allowed Whisper to get the jump on him and pull in behind and out of the E-wings arc.  Whisper then began to take pot shots at the E-Wing and every hit granted a Focus, a Target Lock and a free Cloak.

Almost every maneuver was perfectly called by Kenkirk who was shadowing the TY-2400 of Leebo and Darth Vader, Mara Jade and Ysanne Isard were all doing their best to make Leebo’s day a very bad one.

Even when the maneuvering of Kenkirk was off and he crashed into the YT-2400 Etahn was close enough for the Imperials to not waste any shots or opportunities and again the crew of the Decimator were stressing and critting the Rebel ships.

As Leebo made a run for it Whisper pulled into range and with a superior firing position and initiative she destroyed the YT-2400 as Kenkirk made just as short work of firing rearwards at the stressed E-Wing.

With Leebo gone and his ship stressed Etahn was faced with Whisper bearing down on him and the 360 arc of the Decimator at long range.  Both Kenkirk and Whisper fired before Etahn had an opportunity to reply and the Imperial forces made short work of the Rebels.

My first victory at X-Wing and my first victory with my own fleet.  Very happy indeed!

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