The Collective OP1: First Contact @ Escape Games (22-02-2015)

Firstly sorry for the lack of pictures on this one, I was kinda busy playing, I hadn’t intended to but due to a late withdrawal I have to make the numbers upto 8.  With that in mind I figured I’d give the Haakon build I’d been working on a go.  Knowing questions would be asked if I mysteriously pulled a Romulan Blind Booster I asked the Store Owner to randomly pull mine infront of the guys…….get in!!!!!  The Romulan Bird-of-Prey IRW Vorta Vor!!!!!

So my final fleet list for the events was as follows:-

Reman Warbird (36)
Donatra (4)
Tactical Officer (2)
Interphase Generator (3)
Ship SP: 45

I.R.W. Haakona (30)
Taris (4)
Indy Klingon FleetCaptain (0)
Invasion Plans (0)
Tactical Officer (2)
Parem (0)
Bochra (0)
Romulan Security Officer (1)
Romulan Security Officer (1)
Ship SP: 38

IRW Vorta Vor (18)
Livianna Charvanek (4)
Plasma Torpedoes (4)
Advanced Cloaking (4)
Ship SP: 30

Total Build SP: 118

There were a lot of new players, two of which had only played for the first time the day before.  Another had only 3 games under his belt and there were a lot of Federation builds.  I believe half the builds were Federation… Klingon, one Romulan, one Dominion and one Mirror Universe.

Round 1

This was against Daniel Ryans Federation Fleet:-

Sovereign Class (30)
Jean-Luc Picard (6)
Tuvok (5)
Dorsal Phaser Array (6)
Ship SP: 47

USS Voyager (30)
Kathryn Janeway (5)
Pavel Chekov (3)
Photon Torpedoes (5)
Ship SP: 43

IRW Vorta Vor (18)
Livianna Charvanek (4)
Direct Command (2)
Tal (2)
Advanced Cloaking (4)
Ship SP: 30

Total Build SP: 120

I had initiative.  Daniel struck early on focus firing on my Vorta Vor with the Sovereign and Voyager and had I not forgotten my Advanced Cloaking  I think my Vorta Vor would have survived these attacks.  Now it was time for my big guns to come to the fore and I was not disappointed.  Taris on the Haakona had already stripped all shields from the Sovereign when a second 6 dice primary attack (3 Base + 1 for Reman Warbird + 1 Donatra + 1 for Range1) destroyed Picard’s lumbering beast.

The next round saw he BCT (Borg Cube Token) begin to attack Daniels Voyager as my Reman Warbird and Haakona focus fired Daniels Vorta Vor off the board.  With time running out the two Romulan ships closed in and dropped a huge 13 attack dice in one round with double re-rolls (from Target Locks and Tactical Officers) to destroy Voyager and claim the victory before the BCT could target my ships.

Victory Romulans (120-30)

Round 2

With a win secured against one of the stronger players I was quietly confident and set about facing Anthony Marsden’s Federation Fleet:-

USS Voyager (30)
Jean-Luc Picard – Crew (5)
Tuvok (5)
Tom Paris (4)
Ship SP: 44

USS Enterprise-E (32)
Kathryn Janeway (5)
Adm. Matthew Dougherty (3)
Dorsal Phaser Array (6)
Ship SP: 46

U.S.S Yeager (22)
Federation Captain (0)
Elizabeth Shelby (2)
Quantum Torpedoes (6)
Ship SP: 30

Total Build SP: 120

Again I had Initiative and lined up in the same formation I had adopted in the first game thinking I couldn’t possibly face the same BCT manuevers as I had the previous round.

Again early on I failed to activate my Advanced Cloaking at the correct time and my opponent being the sporting sort he was punished that.  So it was game face on.  No more playing to make up numbers.  I dropped an 8 dice Primary Weapon Attack with the Haakona from my non-existent rear arc…mwah ha ha haaaa AND a 7 dice Primary Weapon Attack from the Scimitar at Range 12 having come about.  Lots and lots and lots of damage done to both Voyager and the Ent-E but with no Target Locks I couldn’t capitalise on using the Tactical Officers to finish them off.

Despite facing some truly horrifying BCT moving I managed to finish the round with all my ships intact.  I used my strategy of firing on the weakest link first and took down the USS Yaeger before it had a chance to unleash its torpedoes at me.

Having scored an easy 30 points by destroying the Yaeger it was a case of run down the clock and evade my biggest threat, the BCT.

Both Federation ships were doing their best to make a game of it and the only decent attack through cloak that hit the Ream Warbird was all but negated with the Interphase Generator.  When a shot was taken by the Haakona I disabled my Romulan Security Officers to re-roll two blank results and allied with my cloak managed to not take any damage.

With the Ent-E and Voyager taking heavy damage from the BCT I powered away from the Cube and kept it at Range 2 or more.  Time was called.

Victory Romulans (30-0)

Round 3

Final round and in this system I was facing the player in second position, Scott Young, the Store Owner.  He was fielding a pretty experimental but ultimately sound Mirror Universe fleet with a Gavroche Blind Booster:-

Regent’s Flagship (32)
Worf (2)
Julian Bashir (2)
Elim Garak (3)
Jadzia Dax (2)
Photon Torpedoes (5)
Cloaking Device (4)
Ship SP: 50

ISS Defiant (24)
Miles O’Brien (3)
Rebellion (5)
Brunt (1)
Aft Phaser Emitter (1)
Quantum Torpedoes (6)
Ship SP: 40

Gavroche (22)
Michael Eddington (4)
Focused Particle Beam (4)
Ship SP: 30

Total Build SP: 120

I tackled this round differently and attempted to pre-empt where the BCT would go.  I lined up in my usual position but this time took a very long time to engage.  I used soft 1’s to ease towards the token whilst cloaking.  As luck would have it it seems the Borg like the Mirror Universe and they moved towards Scott’s fleet.  Scott’s Gavroche was acting as sacrificial lamb as the BCT targeted it.  Despite resisting at every opportunity eventually it fell to the BCT which had stripped every upgrade, captain and then attacked it in consecutive rounds.  Without really trying I had quickly developed a lead.  The Romulan fleet, now knowing where the Borg were going, snaked back the other way and kept the Borg at range.  with all the ships moving towards the same corner the BCT followed attacking the ISS Defiant.

As the two fleets engaged the superior firepower of the Romulan’s very quickly finished off the ISS Defiant but not before Regent Worf could grant it a free attack.  This did nothing as my cloaked Reman Warbird shrugged off the ineffectual attack.  Focus firing on the cloaked Regents Warship the Romulan’s managed to strip a sizable amount of its hull away and remove Worf from the Captaincy before it could reply.  With the Haakona and Reman Warbird at range 1 Scott used his Regents Warships ability to attack both ships at the same time.  Again the Interphase Generator and Romulan Security Officers came to my rescue.  No damage done.

With both fleets passing each other the Haakona fired backwards and damaged the Regents Warship further before all Romulan ships turned on the gas and pulled away from the now stranded Regents Warship trapped in a corner against a BCT.  Leaving nowhere for it to maneuver to the Regents Warship was forced to limp off the board and flee the field.

Victory Romulans (120-0)

The Final Standings

The Final Standings

I won the tournament overall with 9-270, Daniel Ryan and Ashton in join second with 7-195, Scott next with 7-160.  I had beaten two of the next three players 120-0.  Nic Harbut picked up the Fellowship Award as voted for by the players.  I gave my prize away to Anthony Marsden who narrowly missed out on the award himself.  Ashton Batchelor and Daniel Ryan took home other prizes.  It was a great day, decent numbers for a first tourney at a new venue.  The Store Owners were happy and we’ve scheuled the next in the series OP2 : The Battle for Wolf 359 for Sunday March 29th 2015.

Lessons have been learnt and a bit more prep time would be nicer next time around but Im sure this will be a growing community which Ive been working towards since my move to Coventry.

Exclusive Web Reveal on IRW Haakona cards on The Hairy Gamers

As revealed exclusively on The Hairy Gamers Facebook page moments ago the full card list and images for the latest Romulan D’Deridex Class vessel, the IRW Haakona (from the TNG episode “The Contagion”).

Firstly lets look at the ship itself, the stats are unremarkable seeing as they are standard Named D’deridex stats.  It has the standard two Weapon slots that all other DD’s have but no Tech slot as the others have.  This has been replaced with an extra Crew slot upto 3.  Useful since this pack is super heavy with useful and non-unique Romulan crew.  This isn’t a huge issue as this can be rectified with the right Fleet Captain Resource or Valdore 6 or T’Rul.

The Named version has a really nice ability that will see it shoot to the top of the list of available D’Deridex’s.  “When attacking with your Primary Weapon while cloaked, gain +1 attack die for every other Romulan ship in your fleet (max (+4)”.  Wow!  So that Science Vessel Swarm suddenly became a viable tactic.

The Generic loses its Tech slot too and gains a crew slot giving players who run a Generic D’Deridex an option of taking crew heavy variants.

Also worth noting that a lot of the crew included here are disable to use which means Liviana Charvanek may see some use now.

Speaking of Crew we’ll start with them first.  This pack includes 3 x Romulan Security Officer, 1 x Romulan Helmsman and 1 x Romulan Sub Lieutenant.  They’re all non-unique which means you can take multiples of each and given the Romulan Security Officers ability you may very well want to. “For each Romulan Security Officer equipped to your ship (including this one), your Captain’s Skill is +1 (max +3).  When defending, you may disable this card to re-roll one of your blank results.”  Thats nice, and he will see a lot of play boosting Romulan captains but also we may see a rise in play of Liviana Charvanek (from the IRW Vorta Vor expansion) who can stop disable crew being disabled on the roll of a die.  So whilst its chancey there are more options for her now.  This takes me to the Romulan Helmsman, another disable to use crew card.  Given that some of the most necessary moves our Romulan fleet can make are Red he is a welcome addition.  “During Activation, if you reveal a Red Maneuver, you may disable this card to treat that maneuver as if it were a White Maneuver.  No ship may be equipped with more than one Romulan Helmsman”.  Hes a little situational but when you need that come about or reverse he will save you!  Plus he also works with Liviana and can be disabled by Admiral Hiren for extra attack dice.  All in all two very solid crew.

Lastly we have the Romulan Sub Lieutenant, this fella is a discard and an Action too.  Hmmm… no likee.  However his ability is ok if a little situational.  “ACTION: Discard this card to target a ship at Range 1-2.  If the target ship has a Hull Value of 6 or greater, that ship must disable 2 of its Active Shields, if possible.  Otherwise, that ship must disable 1 of its Active Shields, if possible.  This upgrade may only be purchased for a Romulan ship.” .  So its good against those hard hitting Dominion or Borg ships but given how Action starved the Romulans are at best its not an upgrade I would be choosing unless I knew I was facing the Borg and even then for 4pts there are better out there, even in the Faction Pure environment.

The Romulans get a decent Admiral finally……Admiral Mendak makes an appearance.  Firstly I love his ability to bits.  “FLEET ACTION: Target a friendly ship at Range 1-2 (including your own) that has no Battlestations Token(s) beside it and place a Battlestations Token beside that ship.  The target ship cannot perform a Battlestations Action this round.  This card may only be purchased for a Romulan ship.”. Finally some access to Battlestations for Romulans, plus he adds +2 to your existing Captain skill making Shinzon a hefty 11!!!  He also comes with a Elite Talent slot.  He’s expensive for an Admiral at 4pts but could recoup that value very quickly.  His Captain skill if used as a Captain is a solid 6 so he’s up there for competing for a place in my fleets.  He’ll probably see more action as a Captain than as an Admiral.  I like Hiren (from the Scimitar) for his ability to disable cheap crew for an extra Attack Dice.

You get two unique Captains in this expansion, Taris and Centurion.  Taris is kinda amazing with this expansion as she makes use of those disabled Crew Romulan Security Officers.  He ability is as follows “When attacking with your Primary Weapon, during the Declare Target step, you may discard one of your Crew upgrades to target a ship that is not in your forward firing arc.”.  Well i do like that, hmmm…do I re-eanble my Romulan Security Officer or sacrifice him to fire in any direction?  Gee thats a toughie.  What a great ability, especially with cheap Crew upgrades.  Centurion is a cheap unique captain that grants us Romulans the ability to finally modify dice via Battlestations.  “When attacking, you may re-roll one of your Battlestations results.”.  Hes no Mendak but stack him up with  a Tactical Officer and Target Lock and you have some pretty potent dice modification going on there.  Certainly worth a punt when you need a 1pt Captain, even without other cards.

Penultimately we have the Weapons upgrades included in this pack.  You have you usual Plasma Torpedoes included which are Range 1-2, 5 Attack Dice and re-rolling all of your blanks one time.  Pretty standard stuff there.  The two gems of this pack are Disruptor Beams and Disruptor Pulse.  Both are useful and do not require Target Lock, which leaves plenty of ships and options to deploy them on.  The Disruptor Beams are pretty awesome and can turn your little 1 or 2 Attack into a complete beast dealing upto 6 Hits.  Its also Range 1-3 so I figure this will become the new Additional Weapons Array as the must have Secondary Weapon of choice on little Romulan ships.  The Disruptor Beams is mentally good.  Again its only a disable but wow….I mean, thats meta changing if done right!!!  So its a 3 Attack Dice Secondary Weapon used at Range 1-2, nothing remarkable there but the second paragraph makes this card so amazing “During the Declare Target step, target every enemy ship that is in your forward firing arc and within range and perform a separate attack against each of the target ships with this attack.”.  Well swarms of Romulan Science Vessels spamming 72 attack dice in a initial attack just became a thing.  Even better that with its +5 Sp for non Romulan ships we wont be seeing our precious used against us often.  A great expansion weapons wise!

Lastly we have the cloud to counter balance the silver lining that is everything else in this expansion.  The Elite Talent Make Them See Us!.  Firstly, any card that needs a wall of text like that is going to raise some eyebrows and a lot of questions.  Secondly its one of those very situational Elite Talents that us Romulans seem to have a lot of….so Shinzon may use it but when you read what it does you won’t choose it……ever.  It is only usable by a Romulan Captain on a Romulan ship which already limits its usefulness in the bigger picture.  Ok here comes that wall of text:

“While Cloaked, during the Activation Phase, before revealing your dial you may discard this card to target a ship that you already have Target Locked.  Remove your Target Lock from that ship.  If you do this and your ships base or maneuver template overlaps the target ships base during the Execute Maneuver step, inflict an amount of damage equal to the current speed on your maneuver dial to both ships (max 4).  The ships whose Captain has the higher Skill Number rolls a number of defense dice against this damage equal to the difference in your Skill Numbers.  This upgrade may only be purchased for a Romulan Captain on a Romulan ship.” 

Personally Im not a huge fan of this Elite Talent as it shackles a High Skill Captain to an expensive Elite Talent which may or may not cause damage.  Its very situational and expensive to setup.  Much like Ultiritium Explosives from the Praetus expansion.

So thats it.  Let me know what you think.  Comment below.

General Gaming Update/Name and Shame

Its been about a week or so since my last update and whilst nothing of earth shattering importance has occurred I feel I should still do a bit of an update to keep people up-to-date with where we are.

You could also view this as a bit of a warning…..of late I’ve bought lots of stuff and some online retailers are very suspect in their service and ability to do simple things….name and shame time.

Warzone – well Wayland Games messed up my Armoured Chasseurs order sending me two boxes of the Old Version rather than two boxes of the New Version (released 31-01-15).  So I contacted them and they insisted i raise a Helpdesk ticket to resolve their mistake.  So now they’ve contacted PRODOS and advised them to ship some new ones to me.  Well despite having a very clear order and the information in front of them they only advised PRODOS to ship 1 set so yet another helpdesk ticket and another phonecall later and they have asked PRODOS to send another set. *sigh*

I did manage to pick up two squads of Mirrormen to join Pieter Diamond so lots of models for assembly.  Thank you Black Dragon Miniatures

Lastly I ordered a Mishima Starter Box force from Wargames Miniatures on EBay, who seem to have the same service team as Wayland and have, since 2nd February, failed to dispatch my order despite two messages requesting they do.  They have until the close of play today for it to arrive or I will be raising a dispute against them and using Paypal to get my money back.

Allan Powell and I will be attending Overlord Gaming Convention/Show on March 1st in Abingdon to run some Warzone Demo’s so please do come along and grab a game with us.  It would be great to expand the community and get others interested in what is an excellent product.

I’ll also be going over to Leicester on Wednesday evening to join Anthony Evans as he demos Warzone Resurrection at Tabletop Tyrant/Gifts for Geeks.  Im looking forward to getting some more WZR gaming time.  I may even have to book some tickets for the UK Games EXPO Warzone Resurrection tournament (sadly I fear it clashes with Empire 1 2015)

Lastly in WZR I bought some excellent resin bases for my WZR models from bases4war (  I went with the Battlefield Debris range and picked up 40 small (30mm lipped) and 10 medium (40mm lipped) for basing my Cybertronic on.  These are excellent bases and will really unify my Cybertronic forces.

Star Trek Attack Wing – The previews for the new Wave 12 ships begin to find their way online so its time for an update.  Well my Wave 11 ships arrived quickly and reasonably cheaply from Chaos Cards without issue.  I *think* they worked out as £9-95 per ship, which was cheaper than using one of the American traders and cheaper than most if not all of the FLGS.  Looking forward to another Romulan ship in Wave 12 which sadly hasn’t been previewed yet…..the IRW Haakona.

Taken from Memory-Alpha:-

The IRW Haakona was a Romulan D’deridex-class warbird that was in service with the Romulan military in the mid-24th century.

In 2365, Subcommander Taris was the commanding officer of this ship. In that year, the Haakona covertly downloaded logs from USS Yamato and then followed the USS Enterprise-D to the planet Iconia. However, the warbird had acquired the same malevolent Iconian software transmission in the download as the Enterprise-D, and was experiencing similar system malfunctions, which Taris blamed on Starfleet sabotage. Nevertheless, on the warnings from the Enterprise-D the Haakona destroyed an Iconian probe before it could make a scan, prolonging its survival.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard escaped from the surface of Iconia onto the Haakona using an Iconian gateway, and was shortly after beamed back to the Enterprise-D. By that time, the program had activated the Haakona’s self-destruct sequence. The Enterprise-D transmitted instructions on neutralizing the Iconian program to the Haakona before its departure, saving the Romulan vessel. (TNG: “Contagion“)

Speculation abounds as to what we’ll be seeing on the Haakona but I’m going to go with a Subcommander Taris card, maybe a CS6 or 7?  An Iconian Gateway/Probe?  A Romulan version of Self Destruct perhaps?  Maybe some generic Romulan Security Officers as many were used in this TNG epsiode (and later went on to become named STTNG CCG characters/cards.  Lets hope for a decent ship for the Empire this time around!

Star Wars X-Wing – Due to a recent expansion at NAGA I now find myself on the Star Wars X-Wing Club League table in a lowly 7th position.  I’ve made an official challenge for the 5th place position after the forthcoming game between Alan Mathieson and Mithell Dunton, so we’ll see how that goes.  It could be my usual list or I could mix it up and go with dual Phantoms.  This depends on whether my second Phantom arrives in time. *crosses fingers*

So Bases4War, Chaos Cards and Black Dragon Miniatures all get the thumbs up from me this week but sadly Wayland Games and Wargames.Miniatures both need to seriously up their game or risk further naming and shamings and loss of custom.

Star Wars X-Wing League @ NAGA 11-02-2015

NAGA runs a Star Wars X-Wing league and last week I challenged Owen Cartwright (who was in 5th position) for his position on the Ladder.  Before I could battle Owen he was knocked off the table by another player.  So with the battle still arranged we decided that the winner of our battle would win the right to challenge the new 5th position player.  100pts Imperial vs Imperial.  The terms decided we embarked upon our game (and only my third ever X-Wing game).  I had already decided to take the same fleet as I had used against Tris on Mancaves Superbowl Sunday Gaming Bonanza.  My fleet was as follows:-

“Whisper” (44) TIE Phantom (32), Gunner (5), Fire-Control System (2), Veteran Instincts (1), Advanced Cloaking Device (4)

Commander Kenkirk (56) VT-49 Decimator (44), Predator (3), Ysanne Isard (4), Mara Jade (3), Dauntless (2)

As some of you may remember on Superbowl Sunday I used Lone Wolf, Darth Vader and Hull Upgrade on Kenkirk and an Intelligence Agent on Whisper.  Based on what occurred that game I decided to rejig my list and try to free up enough points for Gunner on Whisper dropping the Intelligence Agent.  I also felt that Darth Vader and Hull Upgrade weren’t necessary and forced by the loss of my Lone Wolf card I rejigged Kenkirk too adding Dauntless and Predator.  Ready to fly we setup.

I had Initiative as Whisper was a 9 and Kenkirk a 6 (the same as Owens highest skilled pilot Dark Curse).  He deployed Oicunn centrally and Nightbeast to his left flank.  We deployed our 6’s together and Kenkirk was placed ready to charge down the right flank to take on Nightbeast.  Dark Curse sat on the right flank of Oicunn.  Lastly I deployed Whisper who would face off against Dark Curse hoefully seeing him off before coming to support Kenkirk.  That was the plan at least!

Owen advanced all of his ships and was out of range of both of my ships so his actions were largely focuses and evades.  My ships raced forward quickly with Kenkirk Target Locking Nightbeast and Whisper Cloaking.  Oicunn turned towards Whisper and entered the asteroid field.

Kenkirk and Nightbeast traded shots but Nightbeast managed to evade all of Kenkirks shots.  Nightbeast managed to strip a couple of the Decimators shields away.

As Owens TIE fighter and Decimator closed on Whsiper she used her superior maneuverability and roll and evade both ships and passed between them turning sharply in the rear of Oicunn.  Both Owens TIES performed koorigan turns and gave chase.

The combined firepower of Whisper and Kenkirk promptly dispatched Nightbeast but not before Nightbeast managed to strip all the remaining shields from Kenkirks Decimator.  The lack of shields on Nightbeasts TIE Fighter came back to haunt him.  Neither of Owens remaining ships had either of my ships in arc.

Kenkirks Decimator arced round the asteroid field ready to face Oicunns Decimator head to head.  Dark Curse turned into the asteroid field.  Whisper koorigan turned and returned to the fray, her decloaking ability allowing her to close the distance quickly.

Oicunn attempted to turn infront of my Decimator and drop some Proximity Mines which Kenkirk narrowly avoided.  In doing so I crashed into the side of Oicunn and neither Decimator was able to target the other.  truth be told I actually enjoy being that close and had won from a similar position previously.

Both Kenkirk and Whisper fired on Dark Curse before either of Owens ships had a chance to respond.  the resultant damage destroying the TIE Fighter.

Oicunn fired back at Whsiper but again thanks to her focus token from firing and free recloak from the Advanced Cloaking Device she managed to avoid all damage.

Oicunn was now on the run as Kenkirk guessed almost every move perfectly and matched Owens Decimator move for move allowing Whsiper to get a better firing position.  Kenkirk shepherded Oicunn around the asteroids remaining in touching distance until Oicunn was forced into an error.  Whilst attempting to flee Owen had inadvertently flown towards his own Proximity Mines.  Faced with a choice of hitting an asteroid, which would have potentially destroyed the remaining hull point of the Decimator or flying through mines which would have almost certainly done the same or turning towards the table edge Owen chose to flee with his next to crippled Decimator.  Before he could flee the battle Whisper fired into the rear of Oicunn and destroyed him.

A rousing victory for my Imperials who only lost five shields and one hull point in total during the entire battle.  Third game, second win.  2-1 is my new record and I’ve won the right to challenge 5th position in the NAGA Star Wars X-Wing League.  Who will I eventually face?

Mancave Superbowl Sunday (01-02-2015) – Part 2

In the second part of the Mancaves Superbowl and Gaming extravaganza Tris and I were joined by Derek.  We decided to play a three way basic Star Trek Attack Wing game.  Previously I’d created 99pt fleets for use for beginners so we decided to use them.  Derek would be fielding my “go-to” Dominion build:-

Cardassian Keldon Class (24)
Gul Dukat (5)
Boheeka (2)
Dorsal Weapons Array (3)
Ship SP: 34

Cardassian Keldon Class (24)
Gul Danar (2)
Glinn Telle (3)
Dorsal Weapons Array (3)
Shroud (1)
Ship SP: 33

Cardassian Keldon Class (24)
Sar (1)
Seskal (4)
Dorsal Weapons Array (3)
Ship SP: 32

Total Build SP: 99

Tris would be playing Federation:-

U.S.S Enterprise-D (28)
Jean-Luc Picard (6)
Ship SP: 34

USS Voyager (30)
Kathryn Janeway (5)
Ship SP: 35

U.S.S. Defiant (24)
Benjamin Sisko (4)
Positron Beam (2)
Ship SP: 30

Total Build SP: 99

I would be a Mirror Universe fleet:-

ISS Defiant (26)
Miles O’Brien (3)
Rebellion (5)
Jadzia Dax (2)
Tasha Yar (2)
Quantum Torpedoes (5)
Quantum Torpedoes (5)
Cloaking Device (4)
Ship SP: 52

USS Enterprise-D (28)
Benjamin Sisko (2)
Indy Rom Fleet Captain (5)
Strafing Run (0)
Julian Bashir (2)
Jennifer Sisko (3)
Tactical Officer (3)
Aft Phaser Emitter (0)
Aft Phaser Emitter (0)
Aft Phaser Emitter (0)
Aft Phaser Emitter (0)
Aft Phaser Emitter (0)
Aft Phaser Emitter (0)
Cloaking Device (4)
Ship SP: 42

Total Build SP: 99

The game would be played on the same GaleForce9 gaming mat by girls got me for X-mas.  Instead of the asteroids of Star Wars X-Wing we fielded three planetary tokens and deployed our fleets in “opposite” corners.

Early rounds both Mirror Universe ships cloaked and headed for the centre of the map.  The Federation split their ships with Janeways Voyager and Siskos Defiant arcing round one planet to hit the MU fleet in the flank and the Enterprise of Picard going the other way to meet them head on.  The Dominion also split its forces with Gul Dukat heading to face Picard and the Mirror Universe fleet in the centre as Sar and Gul Danars Keldons took a wide route to engage the other Federation ships and the rear arcs of the Mirror Universe ships.

Some early firing from the mid skill captains stripped the shields from both Dukats and Sars ships.  Sars crewman Seskal would now be effective as Sars Keldon unleashed an 8 dice primary attack into the rear of the MU Enteprise leaving it limping towards Picard and Dukat.  It wouldnt survive another round.

Firing from both Picard and Dukat finished off the Mirror Universe Enterprise before both ships turned their attentions to one another.

Picard chose to fire upon Dukat damaging the hull of his ship before Dukat returned fire and stripped the shields from the Federation vessel.  Janeway and Sisko jousted with Sar and Damar and both sides trading shields and hull points in a tense and tight battle.  Having previously Target Locked Dukat’s Cardassian vessel Smiley O’Briens ISS Defiant fired its payload of Quantum Torpedos into the side of Dukats vessel destroying it.

Once the smoke and debris had cleared O’Brien had escaped and began to repair shields and hull ready to return into the fray.  The Keldons of Sar and Danar had passed the Voyager and Siskos Defiant.  Janeway had norrowly avoided crashing into a planet and began the slow arc round to meet the Cardassians as she passed through the planets.  Sisko took a detour to engage elsewhere in the map.

Janeway eventually faced off against the twin Keldons on Sar and Danar.  Firing first she took the shields down for one of the vessels before the combined firepower of both Keldons tore her ships to pieces.  Picard rejoined the battle hitting the Keldons in their left flank as he engaged from between the two planets.  With initiative and superior poistioning Picards firing destroyed Sars vessel.  In response Danar fired upon the Enterprise and destroyed it.

Now the only ships left were Danars Keldon, Siskos Defiant and O’Briens Mirror Defiant.

The faster Keldon was able to traverse the map quicker and re-engage as O’Briens Defiant got caught in the arc of the ship.  Some deft maneuvering by O’Brien jinked his ship into the rear arc of the Dominion ship with its Dorsal Weapons disabled.  Before O’Brien could fire Sisko moved into arc behind the Mirror Universe Defiant and fired from close.  With no evasive response to Siskos firing the ISS Defiant went down in an explosion of anti-matter.  Before it was done in one last act of rebellion Tactical Officer Tasha Yar fired upon Danars vessel cripping the Keldon and leaving it easy prey for Sisko to finish it off.

The Keldon of Danar engaged its warp and attempted to outrun the Federations vessel but an excellent display of long range shooting saw the Cardassian ship destroyed.

Victory for Tris’ Federation fleet.

Another great game at the Mancave.

Mancave Superbowl Sunday (01-02-2015) – Part 1

So on Sunday the Mancave opened its doors to friends and fellow gamers alike.  Despite a large open invite and some late concellations only two managed to attend.  Food was prepped, drinks were flowing and we began to play some games waiting for the Superbowl at 10-30pm.

First up was a game of Star Wars X-Wing between Tris’ Rebel fleet of Leebo in a YT-2400 with Outrider and Heavy LAser Cannon and Etahn A’baht’s E-Wing with R2-D2, Determination and Advanced Sensors.  Both ships had more stuff because by my reckoning this only added upto 86pts.  I played an Imperial fleet of my own devising so was fully expecting to get my Imperial behind handed to me by superior tactics and experience of my Rebel opponent.  My fleet was:-

=============================== Kenny Careless With His Whisper (99) =============================== 

Commander Kenkirk (59) VT-49 Decimator (44), Lone Wolf (2), Darth Vader (3), Ysanne Isard (4), Mara Jade (3) Hull Upgrade (3)

“Whisper” (40) TIE Phantom (32), Intelligence Agent (1), Fire-Control System (2), Veteran Instincts (1), Advanced Cloaking Device (4)

I fully expected the more experienced X-Wing player Tris to absolutely hammer me in this game although was surprised to see he had left 12 points free in a bid for initiative and to stop me grabbing an easy 12 points by destroying a basic Bandit Squadron Z-95.

The game started with his Rebel fleet deploying close together in the far corner of the gaming mat.  Whisper deployed directly opposite them and Kenkirk lined his Decimator up to ease through the asteroid field straight at the Rebel Fleet.

All ships advanced forwards at one another, my faster advance left both of my ships at risk of attack which the Rebels happily took advantage of stripping shields from both ships.

Whisper “koorigan turned” behind Leebo’s YT-2400 leaving her too close for him to attack.  Etahn peeled off to take on Kenkirks Decimator but ended up crashing into the Imperial ship.  Unable to attack Etahn, Kenkirk and Co attacked the YT-2400.  The YT-2400 responded by attacking back with its Heavy Laser Cannon.

The next round of maneuvering proved to be pivotal for the battle as Kenkirk called its spot on and pulled in closely behind Leebo.  Leebo was unable to fire due to the range of his Heavy Laser Cannon and my build at Range 1 made it very difficult for a ship to shake a Stress token.  Whisper and Etahn circled each other around an asteroid attempting to bring weapons to bear but neither could get the other clearly in arc.

Eventually Etahn fled to support Leebo who was still failing to shake the Decimator.  In doing so he allowed Whisper to get the jump on him and pull in behind and out of the E-wings arc.  Whisper then began to take pot shots at the E-Wing and every hit granted a Focus, a Target Lock and a free Cloak.

Almost every maneuver was perfectly called by Kenkirk who was shadowing the TY-2400 of Leebo and Darth Vader, Mara Jade and Ysanne Isard were all doing their best to make Leebo’s day a very bad one.

Even when the maneuvering of Kenkirk was off and he crashed into the YT-2400 Etahn was close enough for the Imperials to not waste any shots or opportunities and again the crew of the Decimator were stressing and critting the Rebel ships.

As Leebo made a run for it Whisper pulled into range and with a superior firing position and initiative she destroyed the YT-2400 as Kenkirk made just as short work of firing rearwards at the stressed E-Wing.

With Leebo gone and his ship stressed Etahn was faced with Whisper bearing down on him and the 360 arc of the Decimator at long range.  Both Kenkirk and Whisper fired before Etahn had an opportunity to reply and the Imperial forces made short work of the Rebels.

My first victory at X-Wing and my first victory with my own fleet.  Very happy indeed!