Star Trek Attack Wing: The Collective OP3 “The Battle for Sector 001”

Today I participated and volunteered at a local stores Star trek Attack Wing Tournament in Coventry.  Young’s Hobbies were running The Collective OP Month 3 event “The Battle for Sector 001”.  Scott Young runs the tourney and Im there as rules support/TO.

There was quite a good mix of abilities and experiences of the players, only Scott, Daniel Ryan, Ashton Batchelor and I had played in all the other events in this OP Series so far.  My biggest competition could not attend so the path was clear for me to win the series overall.  As a TO and volunteer I dont take prizes or payment in any way and I actually pay the same as they players so I run competitive fleets.

I had a number of options to run in todays tournament…..I had…Federation/Dominion with Officer Exchange Program (OEP) using Intrepids and a reliant, Klingon Pure with Vor’Cha and K’Vort, Klingon/Romulan OEP with Vor’Cha, Dominion/Indepednent, Klingon/Independent, Klingon Pure 2 with only Vor’Cha, Breen Pure, Romulan Pure using Interphase Generators, Federation Pure with Fighters, Independent Pure with Lores Meat Gringer, Mirror Universe/Independent OEP using Negh’Var and Assimilation Target Prime, Kling Pure 3 using Changs BoP and Torpedos, Dominion Pure with Triple Keldons & Fighters, Romulan/Federation OEP and Dom Pure with assimilated Galor.

Armed with enough ships to sink a battleship Hairy Gamer Tris and I set off for Youngs Hobbies.

Tris took the following:-

Chang’s Bird-of-Prey (22)
Chang (4)
Surrender as Ordered (4)
Kunivas (2)
Photon Torpedoes (5)
Ship SP: 37

Vor’cha Class (26)
Martok (5)
Klingon Flagship (10)
Defense Condition One (5)
Drex (4)
Ship SP: 40

Vor’cha Class (26)
Nu’Daq (3)
N’Garen (4)
Ship SP: 33

Total Build SP: 120

I went with:-

Resource: Hideki Class Attack Fighters (20)

Cardassian Keldon Class (24)
Gul Dukat (5)
Ship SP: 29

Cardassian Keldon Class (24)
Luaran (2)
Boheeka (0)
Ship SP: 26

Cardassian Keldon Class (24)
Sar (1)
Ship SP: 25

Dominion Attack Fighters (20)
Ship SP: 20

Both builds dropped a lot of attack dice but Tris’ relied on getting good defence from Cloak and moving free actions around from Martok to Nu’Daq and Chang.  Mine was relying on my fighters soaking up some damage and hitting hard and fast.

The other players fielded fleets as follows and I’ll post a comment for each fleet below:-

Scott Young – Mirror Universe

Ashton Batchelor & Daniel Ryan – Federation

Aaron James – Borg

A hard fought afternoon was undertaken and eventually I was declared the not only the winner of the event with 3 wins out of 3 with an almost perfect record but the winner of the series with 8 wins out of 9 and a total of 29 out of a possible 33 Battle Points overall.

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Star Trek Attack Wing The Collective - The Battle for Sector 001 Results

1 – Jason 29 (Admiral)

2 – Daniel Ryan 17 (Vice Admiral)

3 – Ashton Batchelor 16 (Rear Admiral)

4 – Daniel “Orky Dan” Thomas 15 (Commodore)

5 – Scott Young 12 (Fleet Captain)

6 – Andy McGarry 11 (Captain)

=7 – Tris Taylor 10 (Commander)

=7 – Anthony Marsden 10 (Commander)

=9 – Nigel Thomas 6 (Lieutenant)

=9 – Aaron James 6 (Lieutenant)

11 – Kevin Roberts 5 (Ensign)

=12 – Owen Cartwright 4 (Ensign JG)

=12 – Nic Harbut 4 (Ensign JG)

We had to have a roll off to see who won between Ashton and Tris as both fleets were wiped out by the Borg Cube Token and neither player scored enough damage to beat it.  This was missed during the tourney as we scored it as a Tie.  So I rolled for each on their behalf and and recorded the results.  In the end it was Tris who scored 1 Battlestation on 5 dice and Ashton who got 3.  That game went to Ashton.

Tris Taylor’s Roll Off Video

Ashton Batchelor’s Roll Off Video

Geek Exile is over! Im back!

Ok folks, my geek exile is over.  I took the month of April off to have a holiday with the family and look after my daughter over Easter break.  I’m now back!

I did manage to sneak an appearance at Salute 2015 into my month off but mainly to support PRODOS and pick up my Imperial troops for Warzone Resurrection.  Thankfully whilst some of the items I really wanted were out of stock I did manage to pickup two Imperial Wolfbane Starter Boxes, a Morten Oakenfist, a set of Grey Ghosts, some Imperial Special Forces and the Freedom Forever Salute exclusive diorama. Lots to be done here.

The Cybertronic Voltigeur was also released during April and rather than miss out I ordered a couple to add to my Cybertronic forces.  These really need “the Matrix” treatment as I really think Voltigeur Drones need some awesome mechadendrites as they skulk and crawl across the battlefield.  I created a Pinterest board showing my inspiration for my Cybertronic:-

A slow by steadily increasing pile of awesomeness has been developing in the Mancave and I’m working my way through it.

Whilst at Salute I managed to grab some images of the models for AvP.  Anthony Evans aka Anton from the Blog The Anarchy of Anton was demoing a fantastic looking jungle temp table using AvP minis and a “homebrew” set of rules based off WZR rules.  I stepped in to run a demo whilst he was away and the minis are generating quite the buzz.  The same question kept popping up over and over again “When will I get my KS minis?”.  Poor Hairy Gamer Tris wasn;lt even volunteering or demoing and he still had to face these questions.  With final approval in the pipeline and only a matter of a signature from FOX to get things moving its an exciting and stressful time for the guys at PRODOS and for all us AvP KS backers at the same time.  It was commented that they hoped to have retail copies available for UK Games Expo at the end of May.  I’m going to cross my fingers for that!

I added an Oversized Borg Cube to my Star Trek Attack Wing as it was a peach of a deal from Tritex Games at £50.  I also managed to grab hold of 10 x IRW Praetus for my Romulans which adds 10 sets of cloaked mines to my 4 sets I already had.  Im seriously considering a very Cloaked Mine heavy build for something in the future.  I think it has to be done….maybe in a pre-TOS era game?

Wave 13 Star trek Attack Wing also arrived in the Mancave.  I added 2 x ISS Enterprise, Constitution class starship from Mirror Universe, 2 x Reklar, Galor Class Warship from the Dominion and 2 x Goranus, Gorn Ship from Independants faction.  With Wave 14 not that far away and my Peak Performance & Q-Continuum OP kits on their way I really need to pick up some new display cases from Ikea to house the huge amount of ships I now have.  I think I’m in the 270 region now.

I also have a few Star Wars X-Wing goodies to open up.  My YT-2400 arrived along with 2 x Z-95 Headhunters and a B-Wing for my Rebels.  The Empire was reinforced too in the form of a pair of TIE-Bombers.  Lastly my Scum and Villainy picked up a third M3-A Scyk Interceptor and a Starviper.  Happy days indeed and a good way to celebrate Star Wars Day (#maythe4thbewithyou).

More Star Wars goodies arrived in the form of Star Wars Armada and luckily Hairy Gamer Tris and I managed to squeeze in a quick game at Salute 2015 when we attended.  A minor victory was mine as his Rebel Scum were taught a lesson by the might of the Galactic Empire.  I just need to debox and review my Armada.  Better late than never eh??

So, I guess you can look forward to more content from me as the weeks go by now I’m back.  More battle reports from NAGA, more STAW OP events run by yours truly and Scott Young at Youngs Hobbies.  If you want to see anything please do let me know.

The Collective OP2: The Battle for Wolf 359 @ Escape Games (29-03-2015)

Final Standings after 3 rounds of hard fought Star trek Attack Wing.

Final Standings after 3 rounds of hard fought Star trek Attack Wing.

Score on the board after Round 1.

Score on the board after Round 1.

Scores from Round 2.

Scores from Round 2.

Going into round 3 all players had everything to play for.  It was either Tris using my Keldons or Orky Dan with his Dominion for 1st place.  Orky Dan takes it.

Going into round 3 all players had everything to play for. It was either Tris using my Keldons or Orky Dan with his Dominion for 1st place. Orky Dan takes it.

Today in conjunction with Young’s Hobbies we ran the Star Trek Attack Wing: The Collective OP2 event “The Battle for Wolf 359” at Escape Games. Both Hairy Gamers participated. We both placed top 3, Hairy Gamer Tris 2nd and me 3rd. Our builds were as follows:-

Tris’ borrowed Triple Keldons:-

Resource: Fleet Captain Independent (Klingon) (5)

Cardassian Keldon Class (24)
Gul Dukat (5)
FleetCaptain (0)
Unnecessary Bloodshed (0)
Boheeka (1)
Ship SP: 30

Cardassian Keldon Class (24)
Gul Danar (2)
Amat’Igan (2)
Ship SP: 28

Cardassian Keldon Class (24)
Luaran (2)
Seskal (1)
Ship SP: 27

Blind Booster: Gavroche (22)
Michael Eddington (4)
Lon Suder (2)
Sakonna (2)
Ship SP: 30

Total Fleet: 120pts

Jase’s Fed/Borg Officer Exchange:-

Resource: Officer Exchange Program (Federation) (0)

Borg Sphere (38)
Jean-Luc Picard (5)
Elizabeth Shelby (2)
Ship SP: 45

Queen Vessel Prime (42)
Mr. Spock (3)
Ship SP: 47

Blind Booster: Gavroche (22)
Michael Eddington (4)
Lon Suder (2)
Sakonna (2)
Ship SP: 30

Total Fleet: 120pts

All in all a good day was had and congratulations to Daniel Thomas who won and Ashton Batchelor (who picked up the Fellowship award). A good showing for my builds as they placed 2 and 3. Onwards and upwards onto The Collective OP3 “The Battle of Sector 001”.

We couldn’t get any pictures at all as we were both playing and we never got the chance.  The games were frantic and played at quite a pace when players weren’t intentionally slowing the pace and not getting their own way.

Some snarky comments were made about how “the only reason some players win is because they have all the cards and can therefore pick from better available ships and upgrades!”……erm no actually.  I volunteer at that store and despite paying exactly the same as every other player to play I never take a prize and in fact donated my prize from OP1 to another player.  Also every card I played today was commercially available and was owned by at least two other players at that event.

Resistance is Futile…except to Nigel Thomas’ Borg who narrowly defeated me.  LOL


Cybertronic Faction Inspiration

As part of building my Cybertronic troops for PRODOS’ Warzone Resurrection wargame I have started a Pinterest detailing all the images and ideas I’m using as inspiration.  It includes but is not limited to:-

Gort from The Day The Earth Stood Still

Cylons from Battlestar Galactica

ABC Warriors from Judge Dredd

Borg from the Star Trek Universe

Jaeger crews from Pacific Rim

IG-88 from the Star Wars Universe

Sentinels from The Matrix Trilogy

Necrons, the big bad robotic army in Games Workshops, a certain other gaming companies, flagship wargame set in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe

I’ve invited others to participate and they can add images as they see fit.  I’ve extended that invite out to other WZR players on the FB Page:-

Here is the link to the Pinterest:-

I hope you agree with my suggestions and ideas, if not feel free to suggest some of your own.

STAW 9: Rude Interruption (@ NAGA 04-03-2015)

So during my Warzone demo with Anthony Evans we had discussed some members of Phat Katz coming over for some demo or taster games of Star Trek Attack Wing.  We’d ummed and ooohhhhed and aaahhhhed about it and finally this week we managed to get something in the schedule that suited us both.  I asked Anthony if any of his Phat Katz buddies also wanted a taster session or game.  I offered to either run a game and go through each phase slowly as if they were novices to the game or play within it myself.  We agreed that I’d also play.  Anthony indicated that he wanted to play Borg or Klingon.  Given my feelings towards Borg (STAW Easy mode for somewhat bad pilots who can maneuver ships) and the fact that Anthony already had a Klingon ship I set about building him a reasonably competitive list I;d happily roll with using the build rules we agreed…..120pts Faction Pure.

Anthony spread the word amongst the other Phat Katz members and the challenge was taken up by Robert Howard, who had a Dominion fleet so would build a list accordingly.  At this point we get to how the scenario got named…..a forth player decided to invite himself into the game.  A 3 way game at 100 points on a 3ft by 3ft space mat is tight at best, a 4 way with 480 points is nigh on impossible without ships being ontop of eachother from the get go.  Also not helped that said player then decided to roll up with easy mode Borg.  Not the first time either.

So I set about planning my fleet and decided I would try Officer Exchange Program as my resource.  This card costs nothing to equip and has the following actions:- prior to the fleet building choose two factions, one as primary and one as secondary.  All Captains, Admirals and crew upgrades from the second faction can be added to your primary faction like factional cards.  Not only do they not incur the +1 cross factional penalty but they also get a reduction in cost by 1pt (to a minimum of 0pts).  Also all captains in your fleet, even those of the primary faction get a -1 reduction.  So given the chronic lack of action economy of Romulans I thought I’d see if Jean-Luc Picard aka The Baldy Gimmer and Spock could alleviate some of these problems for me.  This lead me to the following build:-

Reman Warbird (36)
Jean-Luc Picard (6-1=5)
Tactical Officer (3)
Ship SP: 44

Scimitar (38)
Mr. Spock (4-1=3)
Tactical Officer (3)
Ship SP: 44

Valdore (28)
Donatra (4-1=3)
Ship SP: 31

Total Build SP: 119

Anthony would play the following fleet:-

Vor’cha Class (26)
Martok (5)
Ship SP: 31

Vor’cha Class (26)
Gowron (4)
Ship SP: 30

Chang’s Bird-of-Prey (22)
Nu’Daq (3)
Photon Torpedoes (4)
Ship SP: 29

I.K.S. Koraga (26)
Chang (4)
Ship SP: 30

Total Build SP: 120

I’d be showing him how the interaction between Martok and Gowron works to give the Klingons the awesome firepower they have at their disposal.  I also went for some nice named ships to show him the difference between abilities and some Photon Torpedoes to compliment Chang’s Bird-Of-Preys ability.

Rob would play a Dominion fleet consisting of two Jem Hadar Attack Ships and a Jem Hadar Battleship but the exact make up of his fleet and upgrades escapes me right now so I will update with a comment later.

STAW 8: “Worst” Contact aka Never Invite Borg to a Birthday Party (NAGA @ 28-01-2015)

Tonight at NAGA it was Owen Cartwrights birthday, so he chose the rules for tonight’s game.  It was going to be a Fleet Pure 150pt game with no Suggested Tournament Format.

My opponents would be Owen Cartwrights Twin Reman Warbirds captained by Toreth and Shinzon, stacked to the hilt and loaded with torpedoes.  My other opponent would be Daniel Ryans Federation Fleet consisting of the USS Enteprise-E captained by Picard, the USS Voyager captained by Janeway and a Galaxy Class Starship captained by William Riker.

I decided to run a dual Borg ship build using the following list:-

Queen Vessel Prime (42)
Korok (4)
Indy Klingon Flagship (10)
Magnetometric Guided Charge (5)
Access Terminal (2)
Borg Assimilation Tubules (8)
Regeneration Sequencers (5)
Ship SP: 76

Tactical Cube 138 (46)
Borg Queen (5)
Full Assault (6)
Subspace Beacon (5)
Borg Ablative Hull Armor (7)
Regeneration Sequencers (5)
Ship SP: 74

Total Build SP: 150

Stardate 28-01-20-15

We are the Borg. We will add your biological distinctiveness to us and serves us as the Borg.  Your birthday is irrelevant.  Your slab of birthday cake is irrelevant. Resistance is Futile.  You will be assimilated”

It is the birthday of Romulan Praetor Shinzon, clone of Jean-Luc Picard.  In an attempt to ease the tensions between the Federation and the Reman clone, Jean Luc Picard is bringing a bottle of Romulan Ale and some Photon Torpedoes to the party.

Through liberal use of Subspace Beacons and Transwarp Conduits the Borg have also decided to attend the party uninvited in an attempt to retrieve their former Federation counterpart Locutus and create a Romulan equivilent from Shinzon, Fake-utus, to deliver its message of conquest to the Romulan Empire.

The Borg fleet entered the rendezvous location first from behind the blue planet as the Federation fleet entered from the far side of the sector.  The Romulan fleet split its forces, sending the Reman Warbird captained by Toreth to intercept the Federation Fleet as Shinzons Scimitar tried to engage the Borg fleet with its Tholaron Weapon.

The Federation fleet swiftly engaged Toreths Warbird and stripped away its shields before it was given an opportunity to cloak.  Both Picard 8’s Enterprise-E and Janeway’s Voyager alpha striking the lone uncloaked warbird with focused phaser fire.  Picard 8 with his declared hatred of the Romulans, especially Shinzon, fired into the warbird dealing it critical damage as its shields crackled and failed.  Janeway followed this up with a devastating reply from close range as her weapons tore into the unshielded hull of the Reman Warbird.

In reply Toreth brought her weapons to bear and attacked Voyager but with its maneuverable deft pilot Tom Paris at the helm it was about to shrug off some of the phaser fire and some of its shields were damaged in a tense close range phaser fight.

On the opposite side of the sector the Borg advanced slowly and with menace as they rounded the blue planetoid.  Moving up towards and behind the planet Shinzon cloaked his Scimitar and prepared his Tholaron Weapon to engage the Borg Cube.

Picard and Janeway moved past the now heavily damaged Reman Warbird of Toreth and Picard dropped his party gift of Anti-Matter Mines right onto the rear of the ship.  As the mines had been dropped onto the ship they immediately struck the Romulan vessel.  The combined damage from the previous turns firing and the Anti-Matter Minefield almost finished off the crippled ship as Rikers Galaxy turned and brought the ship into arc.

Firing into the stricken hulk of the Reman Warbird the Galaxy tore the the vessel to pieces as it was unable to return fire due to critical damage to its weaponary.

The Borg fleet engaged as the Queens Tactical Cube and Scimitar came face to face.  Shinzon fired first and attacked with the devastating Tholaron Weapon.  The powerful life stripping weapon killed the Queen and completely destroyed the Borg ships Ablative Armour without further damage to the structure of the Tactical Cube or its shields. Now without its Queen would the Borg fleet waver and fall to pieces?

The Borg Cube returned fire tearing into the hull of the cloaked, unshielded vessel as the Kuroks Octahedron assimilated the Photon Torpedoes out of the Scimitar.

The Scimitar hadn’t planned for this as it swept in front of the Borg Cube and attempted to fire its torpedoes from its rear arc.  Its plan had been foiled as it was now at frighteningly close range of the Cube and Octahedron with no weapons to fire.

In a last ditch attempt at destroying the Tactical Cube Shinzon turned his ship to fire but found the Borg waiting exactly where he had been planning to maneuver to.  Crashing into the Borg behemoth both ships traded phaser fire.  Shinzons vessel destroying layers of Borg shields before the close range primary weapons of the Cube finished off the Praetors Reman Warbird.  The Federation fleet swept out from behind the second planet in the sector, the yellow Nuneaton Prime, and began their advance on the Kurok’s Octahedron.  Before they could close the distance the combined firepower of the Borg destroyed the Romulan Clone Shinzons Scimitar….an ominous warning to the Federation fleet.

The Borg cube reversed back into patrolling the centre of the sector as Janeways Voyager engaged the Borg Octahedron.  With Kurok able to make even mundane phaser fire devastating he was able to destroy the last of its shields and wreak havoc upon the unprotected hull.  Janeways only option was to run and regroup and she fled the fight leaving Picards Enterprise-E and Rikers Galaxy to defend against the Borg.

Strong combined fire from both Borg vessels into the rear of Voyager finally destroyed the Federation vessel.  Only Picard returned fire as he was the only Federation ship in range and arc.  His ferocious firing at the Octahedron stripping away its shields even with the evasive actions of the Borg crew.

Rikers Galaxy turned and drove directly at the heart of the Borg fleet hoping to draw their fire at close range even if he was destroyed in the process allowing Picard to bring his rear mounted Photon Torpedos to attack the Octahedron.  Before he could do so Kurok assimilated them and added them to his Alpha Quadrant Photon Torpedo collection gathering dust in the Octahedrons cargo hold.  The surprised Picard was left without ability to fire and was forced to take a wide maneuver to come around and return to the fight.  The Enteprise-E was targeted at long range by both Borg ships who had chosen to ignore Riker sensing a trap was being laid.  Dealing some devastating damage to the big-E it was left unshielded and badly damaged.

Now Rikers trap had been avoided both Borg ships closed on it leaving it nowhere to maneuver and it crashed into the side of the Borg Cube leaving its crew dazed and unable to act.  Without the ability to modify its primary attacks and without Picards support the two Borg vessels easily crippled then destroyed the Galaxy class starship.

Picard slowly maneuvered to face his aggressors but before he could bring weapons to bear and attack the badly damaged broken hull of the Federation starship was torn asunder with focussed critically damaging fire from both Borg vessels.  If only he had now had those Photon Torpedoes stolen!  Kuroks voiced boomed over the hail as the remaining lifepods of the Enterprise-E disappeared into the low orbit of the blue planet, Nuneaton Secundus…..”Humans are irrelevant.  Romulans are irrelevant.  Your celebration is irrelevant.  Your biological distinctiveness, albeit one year older, will be added to us and will serve the Borg.  Your torpedoes have been assimilated.  Resistance was futile.

Star Trek Thursday

So tonight in the Mancave the better half goes out and I get to crack some plastic and punch some tokens.  Luckily a big box of Star Trek Attack Wing ships had arrived yesterday and I had at least five to debox and display.  The most recent additions to the Mancaves display cases were 3 x Assimilated Vessel 64758/Cardassian Galor Class Starship which were prizes from the Resistance is Futile OP3 event and 2 x Tactical Borg Cube 001 which were the Grand Prizes for the entire Resistance is Futile OP Series.

I believe this now takes my collection of ships to 221 ships.

I do love plastic crack, now I need an opportunity to fly some of these beasts against unsuspecting opponents.  Thankfully I think I will be playing STAW at NAGA on Wednesday next week.  Lets get scheming!

STAW: The Dominion Picture (NAGA Star Trek Attack Wing Battle Report – Dominion vs Borg)

**Battle Report**

Stardate 05 11 20 14

Following reports of a strange vessel from a listening post in the Randomis Sector elements of the 6th Wave were assigned to investigate.  Personally taking charge of the mission himself, Gul Dukat captained a Jem Hadar Battlecruiser accompanied by Boheeka whilst Gul Danar, his second in command, aboard a Jem Hadar Attack Ship followed.  The new Dominion allies, the Breen, escorted this fleet in their warship the Gor Portas at the request of the Founders, bearing their devastating weapon, the Energy Dissipator.

Dropping out of warp in the Randomis Sector the enemy were spotted scanning the two primary planets.  Despite attempts to hail and commanding the unknown ship to surrender and leave no responses were received.  Going to Battlestations the three Dominion vessels closed on the enemy.  The ship was scanned and revealed to be bearing Borg technology.  It was a strange shape, neither cube nor sphere but more pointed in design, almost octahedron in shape.

One the Dominon advanced between the two planets to intercept the vessel stopped scanning, spun and advanced on thier position to meet them head on.

At distance the ship seemed able to evade some fire from the Dominion ships but once the ships closed the true firepower of the vessel became clear as it proceeded to attack Gul Danars ship and the Gor Portas.

The Gor Portas closed quickly and deployed its Energy Dissipator which seemed to stun the Borg ship.  Adrift without shields the combined firepower of all three Dominion ships overwhelmed the vessel and it was destroyed.

At this point the true plan of the Borg became apparent as a second Borg Vessel appeared from behind the second planet and was now within the rear arcs of all three ships.

Splitting its firepower the Borg Sphere captained by the Borg Queen and One now destroyed the Jem Hadar Attack Ship and stripped the Battlecruiser of its shields.  As the Dominion fleet came about and all went to Auxiliary power to bring their limited weapon arcs onto the Sphere it mercilessly attacked the Gor Portas destroying it in a barrage of primary weapon fire as the crew attempted to re-enable its Dissipator.

With only Gul Dukats ship still active and an undamaged Borg Sphere in the system the Battlecruiser attempted to evade the Borg vessel by swinging around one of the planets and using it to stop the relentless attacking of the Borg.  The Borg however, who had already used this maneuver to sneak upto the Dominion fleet, advanced quickly spinning between the planets and flew past the weapon arc of the Battlecruiser causing castastrophic damage to its hull.  Without the ability to evade and with the Borg at close range Gul Dukat ordered all hands to escape pods.  This was the last transmission intercepted on the listening post from the Dominion Fleet.

All hands have been ordered to evacuate before the Borg assimilate the planets and strip all resources.

Star-Treks-Day at the Mancave

20141025_160142 20141025_160150

So today in the Mancave we have new additions to the Star Trek Attack Wing collection. …a set of Cloaked Ships and DS9 Crewcards from Spiel at Essen and a third set from Gencon in the States.  Lastly an IRW Avatar of Tomed from the Resistance is Futile OP1 Event. Given the recent suggested rule changes from Wizkids and the way the Borg builds have been hit the only viable option for using the Borg Tractor Beam and Cutting Beam combo is this ship or the Assimilation Target Prime Grand Prize from the Collective OP Series.  An Advanced Cloaking Warbird with Borg tech could be a viable thing.