STAW Feds vs Cardassians @ NAGA (06-05-15)

It was good to get back into the geek saddle tonight and catch up with the guys at NAGA again.  It was also good to see new members coming along and getting involved.

I wasn’t sure what I’d be doing as I had nothing explicitly planned.  When I arrived everyone seemed to be busy and there were a couple of offers, to join a boardgame involving zombies or play Josh at Attack Wing.  I took Josh’s offer and threw together something quick and dirty to take him on.  I went with a 100pt Triple Enterprise build:-

USS Enterprise-E (32)
Mr. Spock (4)
Ship SP: 36

U.S.S Enterprise-D (28)
Jean-Luc Picard (6)
Ship SP: 34

U.S.S Enterprise (22)
Kathryn Janeway (5)
Pavel Chekov (3)
Ship SP: 30

I’d never played this and wasn’t really sure how it would fare against what I thought might be a tried and tested Dominion build run by Josh:

Reklar (26)
Sar (1)
Amat’Igan (3)
Ship SP: 30

Assimilated Vessel 64758 (30)
Gul Dukat (6)
Ship SP: 36

Cardassian Galor Class (28)
Gul Macet (3)
Aft Weapons Array (4)
Ship SP: 35

Sadly we never grabbed any pictures but early rounds both sides traded strikes against one another and I attempted to alpha-strike the Reklar with a barrage of attacks from my Enterprises.  Due to the ridiculous amount of defense dice it had all I managed to do was strip it of its shields.  Josh was planning on doing the same as his trio of Cardassian ships focus fired Spock’s Enterprise-E into tiny shards of debris.  First blood to the Cardassians!

With the two fleets having now passed one another it was time to come about.  Josh had an Aft Weapons Array so carried the ability to fire 360 from Gul Macets Assimilated Galor.  Rather than miss an opportunity I reversed my Enterprise D and Picard used the ships ability to fire first hoping to damage the Cardassian vessel.  It would seem both the dice gods and superior planning build wise were with Josh as the Enterprises attack was largely ineffective and left it vulnerable to a return attack.  This opportunity was duly taken and more shields were stripped from Picards ship.

As both fleets slowly turned only the 180 degree front arc ships had any sort of shot on one another and Janeway with her double Battlestation tokens became the hero of my day as despite low attack dice she managed to reduce both of Josh’s other two ships to zero shields.  Dukats Assimiliated Vessel applied more hurt to Picard who couldn;t return fire as more shields were taken from the Enterprise D and some hull damage.

With only two of Josh’s ships able to fire I needed to dispatch one of his vessels this round or it could see the end of the Enterprise.  Focus firing on Dukats lead vessel the combined firepower of both Enterprises was sufficient enough to remove the Cardassian ship but at a great cost.  Josh had Target Locks on Picards Enterprise and Battlestations so this next round of firing would determine if I stood a chance or not to recover.  Given I only had a single evade dice the odds were not favourable.  Everything was dependant on Josh fluffing multiple rolls.  Josh rolled excellently, as he had been all night and hit the big ship five times.   I couldn’t achieve any roll that would save my ship so Picard crashed and burnt leaving Janeway to take the fight to the spoonheaded Cardassians.

Even with initiative it was a daunting task.  I couldn’t follow his ship as it had a Aft Weapons Array and with their 180 degree arcs they had double coverage on Janeways Tinyprise.  I figured it was a guts or glory move to try and get close and destroy Gul Macets rearward firing Galor.  If I could remove that I may stand a slim chance.  I maneuvered in to position, took a double Battlestations action, one for offence and one for defence.  It was all or nothing.  I had four dice and needed three hits.  The roll was ok, two hits and two BS.  I converted the Battlestations into hits.  I’d done everything I could.  Now yet again I was relying on Josh to roll badly.  One evade dice and a BS token on his ship.  Anything but an Evade would see the ship destroyed.  Josh rolled……..a Battlestations!!!!!  AAaaarrgghhhh……his vessel was saved and left Janeways ship facing two attacks with no shields left.  As was expected both lower skill Cardassian captains brought weapons to bear and fired.  Gul Macet rolled a huge 6 dice from close but couldnt finish the job scoring 3 hits after I’d negated one with a converted BS roll of my Defence die.  Sar was left and took the shot destroying the sole remaining Hull point.

A good game was had despite the loss.  I learnt lessons and had a good time.  Well played Josh!  I really like that build!

We chatted and chewed the fat about running a campaign which may see the light later in the year.  Who knows.  It was good to play again and now I need to concentrate on building a fleet for Young’s Hobbies The Collective OP3 event on Sunday.

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