Star Trek Attack Wing Ship Tracker

In a somewhat futile attempt to keep my Star Trek Attack Wing Collection manageable and under control I’ve been using a Ship Tracker to manage what I have.  I guess that others may also benefit from this work so with that in mind Im uploading a copy to my blog so people can take a look and use it if they so desire.  I’ll also be uploading it to the various STAW Forums and FB pages I frequent.

STAW Ship Tracker

If you have any updates or suggestions for it please drop me a line or reply to this post.


Star Wars: Armada deboxing and first thoughts

During my self imposed geek-exile in April the long awaited and eagerly anticipated Star Wars:Armada was released.  Sadly due to taking a month off it languished in the Mancave awaiting the TLC it so dearly craved from me.  I did manage to grab a quick demo game at the Wayland Games stand at Salute 2015 but now I’ve had a chance to tear away the plastic and take a look at the contents and give my first impressions.

I scribbled down some initial thoughts for anyone interested in it.  Please do let me know what you think and I’d like to hear your thoughts and feelings on Fantasy Flight Games latest game in their massive Star Wars collection.

Star Wars Armada First Thoughts