Broken, Beaten and Scarred – Spring Equinox (E2 2015)

Well I’d normally do a “Hots & Nots” on Facebook but as I have this ‘ere blog and I did mention about going I thought i’d mention it here.

Firstly it was my second time crewing in GOD for Empire and first full event (I had to leave early last event).  Even though we were about five regulars down we still knocked it out of the park.  Many thanks to Charlie & Waz, Choo, Super Mike, Jane and everyone who helped out in GOD.  In true Matt P style I won’t name names but seem to list some anyways.  My brain in frazzled and my body aching from a hard weekend so forgive me if I haven;t named you, its not personal.

Working in GOD doesn’t always give you the most time to spend with your buddies doing cool stuff in a field but I wanna thank Phil & Peter (Adamah and Matteyaus) for always keeping me involved and up-to-date when I could get out the GOD tent.  Its always a pleasure with the guys from Silent Tide.

Also the guys from the Winter Bear, Timmy and co, you guys always around waiting for a single Benefactor to drop some money behind a bar for you always makes me feel welcome.  I know I’m paying for your company but its pretend money and you take the banter!  Seriously you guys are great and make me feel like I’m part of stuff.

There are various other people who are always around to spread the plotty love and keep a GOD Crew member with little time in the field involved……Matt Deaville & the Shattered Tower, Shaun Sullivan, Matt Heath (Escon), Tom, Scott, Esther & the Cenotaph lot, Joe Wood and Cantiarchs Hold.  It makes you feel like people care whether you take the field or not and is hugely appreciated.

Mad props to Matt Heath for some awesomely emo plot.  Thanks to the Navarri who sought me out to return the note and Censer they found.  I’d have taken the battlefield Sunday morning anyways but the Censer and letter from the last of my Grey Watchers really made me go hell for leather and do as much as I can to really get my teeth into Reikos stuff.  I took to the field thinking today was indeed a good day to die and I came very very close.  Got some interesting scars to take home and I’ll only do something about them when Beacons Rock is retaken, all Chapters (including the Grey Watchers of Peytaht) are home in Reikos and show that all the death and sacrifice wasn’t in vain.  If I die trying then so be it but it wont be for the want of trying.  For any other barbarian Druj scum reading this….you’re next!  I’m coming for you!

I had a really really great weekend, some tense emo moments regarding my lost Chapter and returning personal effects to people from dead soldiers etc.  Some great trading with people out there in Dawn and League andwhilst the group didnt make as much profit as we can do we were people down and we had to invest to improve peoples Congregations and Military Units.  Its a slow process but we’ll get there.

I left the event feeling like I’d made a difference both in GOD and in the field.  I’ve had a real eye-opening experience in terms of what goes on behind the scenes and it was nice to have players thank me for our efforts.  Its very rewarding.