The Collective OP2: The Battle for Wolf 359 @ Escape Games (29-03-2015)

Final Standings after 3 rounds of hard fought Star trek Attack Wing.

Final Standings after 3 rounds of hard fought Star trek Attack Wing.

Score on the board after Round 1.

Score on the board after Round 1.

Scores from Round 2.

Scores from Round 2.

Going into round 3 all players had everything to play for.  It was either Tris using my Keldons or Orky Dan with his Dominion for 1st place.  Orky Dan takes it.

Going into round 3 all players had everything to play for. It was either Tris using my Keldons or Orky Dan with his Dominion for 1st place. Orky Dan takes it.

Today in conjunction with Young’s Hobbies we ran the Star Trek Attack Wing: The Collective OP2 event “The Battle for Wolf 359” at Escape Games. Both Hairy Gamers participated. We both placed top 3, Hairy Gamer Tris 2nd and me 3rd. Our builds were as follows:-

Tris’ borrowed Triple Keldons:-

Resource: Fleet Captain Independent (Klingon) (5)

Cardassian Keldon Class (24)
Gul Dukat (5)
FleetCaptain (0)
Unnecessary Bloodshed (0)
Boheeka (1)
Ship SP: 30

Cardassian Keldon Class (24)
Gul Danar (2)
Amat’Igan (2)
Ship SP: 28

Cardassian Keldon Class (24)
Luaran (2)
Seskal (1)
Ship SP: 27

Blind Booster: Gavroche (22)
Michael Eddington (4)
Lon Suder (2)
Sakonna (2)
Ship SP: 30

Total Fleet: 120pts

Jase’s Fed/Borg Officer Exchange:-

Resource: Officer Exchange Program (Federation) (0)

Borg Sphere (38)
Jean-Luc Picard (5)
Elizabeth Shelby (2)
Ship SP: 45

Queen Vessel Prime (42)
Mr. Spock (3)
Ship SP: 47

Blind Booster: Gavroche (22)
Michael Eddington (4)
Lon Suder (2)
Sakonna (2)
Ship SP: 30

Total Fleet: 120pts

All in all a good day was had and congratulations to Daniel Thomas who won and Ashton Batchelor (who picked up the Fellowship award). A good showing for my builds as they placed 2 and 3. Onwards and upwards onto The Collective OP3 “The Battle of Sector 001”.

We couldn’t get any pictures at all as we were both playing and we never got the chance.  The games were frantic and played at quite a pace when players weren’t intentionally slowing the pace and not getting their own way.

Some snarky comments were made about how “the only reason some players win is because they have all the cards and can therefore pick from better available ships and upgrades!”……erm no actually.  I volunteer at that store and despite paying exactly the same as every other player to play I never take a prize and in fact donated my prize from OP1 to another player.  Also every card I played today was commercially available and was owned by at least two other players at that event.

Resistance is Futile…except to Nigel Thomas’ Borg who narrowly defeated me.  LOL


Star Wars X-Wing League @ NAGA 25-03-2015

Sorry Brent......I couldn't resist!

Having beaten Mitchell Dunton a fortnight ago I advanced a step on the X-Wing League Ladder to 6th position which opened up Brent Jay as a potential opponent and would allow me, if I wont to leapfrog Alan Mathieson into 4th.  With that in mind I challenged Brent Jay to a game of X-Wing.  I had watched Brent play previously and despite his losses against the leading players he was a solid and knowledgeable opponent.  I was not optimistic about facing him but I had nothing to lose and everything to win.

I decided to take my Twin Falcon build that was my second choice versus Mitchell Dunton a fortnight ago.  The build was as follows:-

====================== “Fat Han & Skinny Lando” or “The Smuggle Struggle” ======================

99 points Pilots

Han Solo (49) YT-1300 (46), Veteran Instincts (1), Dash Rendar (2)

Lando Calrissian (50) YT-1300 (44), Veteran Instincts (1), Nien Nunb (1), Engine Upgrade (4)

It was the first time I had used a Falcon or in fact even flew Rebels so I didn’t know what to expect.  Brent un-beknowst to me had also gone with Rebels although having watched some of his previous battles I was aware he was a fairly tidy Rebel player.  Brent was primarily using B-Wings (I had seen him use Keyan before) this was his build:-

===================== Brent’s Rebel Squadron =====================

100 points Pilots

Ten Numb (31)

Keyan Farlander (40) B-Wing (29), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Opportunist (4)

Wes Janson (29)

With the forces determined it was time to setup.  I had both initiative being on 99pts and superior pilot skills as mine were 11 and 9 versus Brents 8, 8 and 7.  So setup last, moving last and firing first.  This firing first would probably be the main reason for my win.

Brent setup to follow the table edge facing the right.  I opted to setup with my YT-1300’s in formation flying at range 1 so they passed either side of an asteroid as they advanced.  Han was less worried about this than Lando as he could still fire if he bumped an asteroid.

Turn one was posturing, no turning towards my YT-1300’s from Brent and I advanced my Falcons towards Brents forces.

Turn two saw the YT-1300’s get into range 3 as they shot forward.  Lando Boosted to narrowly avoid an asteroid and Han entered the asteroid field.  None of Brent’s ships had arc on me so I was free to target whoever I liked.  I had already resolved to take down those pesky B-Wings first as Keyan and Ten Numb worried me.  Two shots later Ten Numb had no shields left.

Turn three saw proper engagement between the fleets, the two B-Wings Koorigan turned to bring thier arcs on Lando’s YT-1300.  Lando turned to face them as Han jinked his way through the asteroids clipping one and taking damage.  Han fired on Wes Janson ignoring the asteroid between them and stripping all his shields away.  Lando put more hurt onto the now unshielded Ten Numb and reduced him to two Hull points.  Wes fired at han and Han managed to hide his YT-1300 behind an asteroid and evade the entire attack.

Turn four saw the B-Wings split as Keyan continued to be elusive.  Ten Numb was in trouble as Lando koorigan turned behind him and Han smashed his YT-1300 into him.  The B-Wings took target locks on Lando.  Han couldnt fire at ten Numb so took his opportunity to attack the X-Wing of Wes Janson leaving him with a solitary single Hull point.  Lando finished off Ten Numb with a hit and a crit as I believed Keyan wasnt a target as he couldnt fire on me.  This wasn’t the case.  Keyan was a close call and at range 1 too.  it was potentially a game defining moment.  I argued that Brents should take the shot and he argued that Keyan was slightly out.  Taking a third opinion they agreed with me and Brent fired.  Four hits and a crit!!!!  Lando was rocked and was now in trouble, with low evade dice he could fall in a single turn of combat.

Turn five was all about close flying.  Keyan kooriganed again to bring his fwd arc to bear on the rear of Lando’s YT-1300, Wes Janson tried to run.  Han arced past Lando performing a hard 3 to chase Keyan as Lando pursued Wes.

Han shot first!  (sorry couldn’t resist!) A natural roll of 4 hits against Keyan stripped him of his three remaining shields and leaving him unshielded.  Keyan returned fire taking a couple of Hans shields away but leaving him with 1 remaining.  Wes was out of range to fire at Han.

Turn six saw an opportunity for my Rebel squadron to do significant damage to Brents by taking down Keyan Farlander.  Keyan slowly crept forward with a 1 forward hoping Han would shoot past.  Wes crept forward clearing his stress and moved into a position to get a shot off at Han’s YT-1300.  Han again would be firing first.  He had a Target Lock, a Focus and his ability to re-roll so I was quietly confident I could see off the remaining two hull points on Keyan.  I rolled and to my amazement got absolutely nothing, a complete squiff of a roll.  Using Hans ability I re-rolled all the dice.  Much better this time around, three natural hits.  Keyan only had one evade dice so no matter what roll he made he was toast.  Brent rolled and gained the one evade but the remaining two hits got through and finished Keyan off.  Wes in his X-Wing fired on Han and stripped the last shield and put one damage to Hans hull.

Turn seven saw the end of the encounter.  Wes Janson went balls out and roared up behind the YT-1300 to close to range 1.  He took a Focus to try and evade some of the damage that was inevitably coming his way.  Han pulled a hard 2 left to avoid an asteroid.  Taking a Focus Han prepared to fire at the X-Wing.  Han fired first with PS 11, rolling another great natural roll of 3 hits Wes needed to achieve 3 evades to avoid being destroyed.  Brent rolled and pulled two Focuses.  Spending Wes’ token to flip them both to evade the final shot managed to get through and destroy the badly damaged X-Wing of Wes.

Victory to Team Smuggler and their YT-1300.  I had lost Lando to some pretty devastating firing from Keyan but had scraped a hard fought out victory!  This propelled me up two spots in the NAGA X-Wing League from 6th to 4th pushing Brent down to 5th and Alan Mathieson down to 6th.  My overall Star Wars X-Wing record being 4-2 with both losses to NAGA members (Sean & Alan).

Cybertronic Faction Inspiration

As part of building my Cybertronic troops for PRODOS’ Warzone Resurrection wargame I have started a Pinterest detailing all the images and ideas I’m using as inspiration.  It includes but is not limited to:-

Gort from The Day The Earth Stood Still

Cylons from Battlestar Galactica

ABC Warriors from Judge Dredd

Borg from the Star Trek Universe

Jaeger crews from Pacific Rim

IG-88 from the Star Wars Universe

Sentinels from The Matrix Trilogy

Necrons, the big bad robotic army in Games Workshops, a certain other gaming companies, flagship wargame set in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe

I’ve invited others to participate and they can add images as they see fit.  I’ve extended that invite out to other WZR players on the FB Page:-

Here is the link to the Pinterest:-

I hope you agree with my suggestions and ideas, if not feel free to suggest some of your own.

Firefly Boardgame (@ NAGA 18-03-2015)

Following the de-boxing and review of my Firefly game at the back end of last year I had been itching to give it a go with other players.  I had already tried it on my own as it is a game where players play against the game rather than each other. 

Last night at NAGA Derek Maynard offered to run a game.  So armed with my basic knowledge of the rules I set off to play in the shiny shiny ‘verse of Joss Whedon’s Firefly.

The Firefly game board without the Blue Sun expansion extension.

We had a few players;- Scott Moore, Owen Cartwright, Derek and myself.  We each rolled off to see who would pick ship and captain first.  Derek won, then I got to choose, then Scott and finally Owen.  I picked the Bonanza, a Firefly class ship from the original game, with Jubal Early (a bounty hunter who boarded Serenity with the intention to kidnap River Tam in return for a bounty in the Firefly episode “Objects in Space”) from the Pirates and Bounty Hunters expansion.  Once my ships hold was loaded with parts and fuel I was ready to pick some missions.

Capt. Jubal Early

The Firefly Class Ship cards, including mine.....the Bonanza.

I placed my ship at Silverhold, in the Heinlein system, on the game board allowing me to immediately buy some crew or gear to get going.  From the missions I had received I picked one from Harken, one from Patience and one from Amnon Duul.

Amnon Duul Job card.

Patience Job Card

Harken Job Card

Looking at them I chose to set course for the Red Sun system to collect my Cargo and hopefully swing by Londinium in the White Sun system to pick up my third cargo before dropping it all off at the various planets of the Georgia system.

The original gaming board with the Blue Sun expansion adds about another 1/3 or the board again and introduces Reaver Space and Miranda (from the Serenity movie)

The game itself takes an inordinate amount of space to set-up and play but I do think its worth the effort.  The mechanics of navigating the ‘verse aren’t cripplingly difficult but take some getting used to as you move between Alliance Space, Border Space and Reaver Space.

The trading element of the game is quite simple and adds flavour as you build a crew, get jobs and keep flyin’.  You might think that the big names of the series such as Mal, Wash, Zoe, Simon Tam, etc are the best cards and whilst they are powerful they may not be the crew you need or want for your jobs.  Some jobs are legal, others less so.  All crew need paying for jobs they participate in.

There are a number of large trading ports (Silverhold, Meridien, Osiris, the Space Bazaar, Persephone and Regina) that ships can dock at and buy fuel, pick-up crew and install upgrades to their ships.  You can also pick up additional job from the ne’er do wells or locals that frequent these locations such as Niska, Patience, Lord Harrow, Harken, Badger, Amnon Duul.

All set-up ready to blast into the 'verse!

Now we’re all set-up we got underway.  Immediately I picked up some additional crew to help me start my jobs.  Saffron and a Lawman joined Jubal and we set off for Motherlode and Harvest in the Red Sun System to pick up jobs from Patience and Amnon Duul.  Having collected my cargo from each I set forth for the Georgia system perilously close to Reaver space to drop off my cargo and get paid.  It was my intention to visit Londinium to collect the cargo for Harkens job too but the other players movement of the Reaver and Alliance ships made crossing Alliance space difficult.  Also one of my jobs was putting a strain on my fuel supplies so I was “burning” only when necessary.

I stopped off at Persephone to collect more fuel and pickup more crew.  Helen, the companion was a handy addition adding to both my ability to fight and negotiate.  Some toy dinosaurs were also picked up as no Firefly class is complete without toy dinosaurs stuck to the dashboard.

I then had a run in with the Reavers.  My choice was option 1, try to evade and maybe lose a crew or two or option 2, fight them and possibly escape but the repurcussions for losing were far worse.  I had crew to spare having already started my jobs and didn’t need them any more.  I took option 1 and even with my re-roll from Wash’s Toy Dinosaurs I lost and had two crew killed.  Given that I would need to pay my crew if I finished the job this was a blessing in disguise.  Saffron and my Lawman got eaten by Reavers but I evaded and lived to fight another day.

I snuck past them as one of my opponents pulled a bounty card with my new companion on it.  She had only cost me $200 to hire but by turning her in I could get paid $2600.  Seemed like a good trade as I was close to finishing, plus it saved me paying her.  She got dropped off at Newhope in the Georgia system and my coffers were swelled with $2600.  I just had to finish my jobs, get paid and I had won.

I crept to Regina and unloaded my cargo.  I got paid and was now “solid” with Amnon Duul.  I drifted to Boros and dropped off Patience’s cargo, again picking up my pay and becoming “solid” with Patience too.  This achieved my first goal of being “solid” with two traders.  By holding over $6000 (I in fact had $7800) in my hand I was ready to pay off Niska for my ship and win.  I just had to get to him at Ezra one space over before Scott’s pirates came and stole all my booty.  They had been lingering around the edges of Reaver space running jobs between Burnham and Meridien.

In my next turn I “moseyed” one sector along docking at Ezra and delivered my $6000 and won, with Scott and his pirates hot on my heels.

Tense game, fun game.  Its probably not the right sort of game for a quick evening at NAGA as anything other than the scenario we played would probably take far too long to finish.  As it was we just about managed to finish the game and with set-up and take -down it had taken close to three hours.

Definitely worth playing more, just need to fins some players to join me.  Any takers?

Pretty Pretty Smash-Up Deboxing and Review

As part of the Hairy Gamers on Facebook I review and debox games and products.  This wee we received the latest expansion for AEG’s Smash-Up shufflebuilding game, Pretty Pretty Smash-Up.

The expansion includes the Princess, Mythic Horses, Fairies and Kitty Cats factions.  I can be played stand alone but is even more awesome when combined with the other awesome expansions for Smash-Up, Smash-Up the Core Game, Awesome Level 9000, Obligatory Cthulhu Expansion, Science Fiction Double Header, Monster Smash and the Big Geeky Box Set.

Try it out!

Star Wars X-Wing League @ NAGA 11-03-2015

On Wednesday night I had my third game (and only my 5th overall) in the NAGA Star Wars X-Wing League.  I had somehow found myself in seventh place having defeated Owen Cartwright a fortnight ago and lost to the gatekeeper of the Top 5 Alan Mathieson when he tabled and humbled me quite badly last week.

In an attempt to not have to face Alan again I challenged Mitchell “Mitch” Dunton who occupied 6th place.  It was only a potential gain of 1 position but it means that if I win I can jump Alan and challenge Brent Jay or whoever occupies 4th place.

I had looked at a couple of different builds.  I’d previously used my Decimator and Phantom list against Owen, and a Twin Phantom List versus Alan.  Having published both lists on here already I needed to come up with something new.  I had just received my Scum & Villainy stuff so I thought I’d give them a try.  They play differently to the other two factions so might work for me.  Between that and my mysterious second build I’d never flown any of the ships I’d be using tonight.

The eventual build I settled on was as follows:-

===================== Scyk To My Kath Teeth =====================

100 points

Serissu (28) M3-A “Scyk” Interceptor (20), Swarm Tactics (2), “Heavy Scyk” Interceptor (2), “Mangler” Cannon (4)

Cartel Spacer (20) M3-A “Scyk” Interceptor (14), “Heavy Scyk” Interceptor (2), “Mangler” Cannon (4)

Kath Scarlet (52) Firespray-31 (38), Veteran Instincts (1), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Recon Specialist (3), Hull Upgrade (3)

Mitch arrived and it was at this point that I discovered he too would be playing a Scum list, a Twin Agressor Scum list which worried me greatly as I had heard Twin Agressors would become the new “meta” in SWXW.  Mitch’s list was as follows:-

====================== Mitch’s Twin Aggressor ======================

100 points

IG88-B (50) Aggressor (36), Veteran Instincts (1), Enhanced Scopes (1), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), “Hot Shot” Blaster (3), IG-2000 (0), Anti-Pursuit Lasers (2)

IG88-C (50) Aggressor (36), Veteran Instincts (1), Enhanced Scopes (1), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), “Hot Shot” Blaster (3), IG-2000 (0), Anti-Pursuit Lasers (2)

I had to admit to fearing the worst when I saw this list.  I figured they’d quickly eat up my Interceptors then focus fire Kath into oblivion.

We setup.  I deployed my Cartel Spacer first on the right flank ready to skirt down the side of the board once I knew what Mitch was doing.  Mitch deployed his Aggressors opposite my only deployed ship.  Serissu sat beside the Cartel Spacer just inside so he could benefit from Serissu’s ability.  Kath Scarlet’s Firespray finally deployed at an angle with a straight routed through the asteroids pointing towards the Aggressors.

With fleets set and deployed we got underway.  Due to his Enhanced Scopes Mitch’s Aggressors had a pilot skill of 0 during Planning and Activation so he moved first.  A tentative advance followed by a cheeky boost action and a free evade.  Nice combo!  I must remember that for the future!

I then advanced my two Scyk Interceptors, with no Boost action I couldn’t get in range.  I also couldn’t Target Lock so as I was also out of range I took an Evade simply just to perform an action.  Kath fired up the engines and charged quickly into the asteroids to meet the Aggressors.  Again no shots but to get in the habit of remembering I used my Recon Specialist and took two Focus tokens.

Turn two was the beginning of my downfall.  Mitch’s Agressors pulled hard turns and entered the asteroids parking pretty much where I had planned to have my Interceptors end up.  Luckily only my Cartel Spacer actually bumped.  This activated the Anti-pursuit Lasers which proceeded to strip the only shield my little ship had and left me with no actions and no arc as I couldnt fire at the ship I was touching.  Serissu just about avoided a bump so could fire.  Kath crunched into the front of the first Aggressor leaving her with no actions.  Again the APL were activated and Kath avoided getting damaged.

The Aggressor that had been bumped twice used its Hot Shot Blaster to try and pick off Serissu’s Interceptor.  The evasive little ship managed to shrug that off.  Mitch fearing Serissu for some reason targetted him again with the other Aggressor and this time successfully tore away a shield leaving him with his 2 bare hull points.

Serissu fired upon the forward Aggressor but caused no damage.  Kath couldnt target the lead Aggressor as she was in touching in base to base contact.  So targetted the rear one at range 2.  Using her Heavy Laser Cannon she stripped all four shields off it.

Turn three saw Mitch advancing slowly whilst bumping.  He needed my ships to move away.  Serissu koorigan turned and brought his weapons to bear on both Aggressors.  Kath pushed past the two robotic Bounty Hunters vessels and readied her primaries to fire using her auxiliary arc.  My Cartel Spacer was stuck between the two Aggressors and wouldnt survive the turn.

As the Attacking phase began both Serissu and Kath focus fired against the now unshielded Aggressor hoping to remove it.  Some poor rolling with lack of dice modifying actions later and some excellent dice on Mitch’s behalf it was still standing.

The Aggressors fired back and my Cartel Spacer was no more.  Serissu would last a little longer.

Next turn saw Serissu chasing down the two Aggressors as Kath needed to turn.  My choice was korrigan or arc around the asteroid and hope to keep some arc on the Aggressors.  I chose the latter.  Both of Mitch’s Agressors chose some curved Koorigan turn and fixed Serissu in their firings arcs.

With no shot from Kath the Aggressors destroyed Serissu and now I was very worried.  Both of my Interceptors had been destroyed and Kath was now facing two enemy ships alone.

As Kath rounded the asteroid she brought her weapons to bear on the lead Aggressor as the other gave chase.  In a flurry of pin point accurate shooting with focus tokens for modification she stripped all the hull off the unshielded ship.  With one Aggressor destroyed I may now see the abilities of his ships change as the IG-2000 Title allows all Agressors with that upgrade to share abilities.  I had my first ship down.  Kath was still strong and undamaged.  I might just be able to do this.

The second Aggressor gave chase.  With only a front arc weapon it had limited ability to fire upon me now it had exhausted its Hot Shot Blaster.  Kath slowed to a crawl to allow the faster Aggressor to catch up.  Dropping four dice from her Auxiliary Arc she took all the shields off the healthy Aggressor.  The next turn would be cruical.

I planned to have Kath take a gentle 1 in the hope the Agressor would either overshoot me or bump into the back of me and lose its actions and shot.  As luck would have it Mitch didnt bump but couldnt fire at me.  I had my rear arc open to fired upon the unshielded lone Aggressor.  Not a great attack but two damage, one of which was a crit.  Mitch’s Agility had been reduced by 1.

The next round proved to be the last as Mitch maneuvered his ship hoping I would Koorigan and face him head on.  I didn’t.  I took a hard right turn leaving me at range 2 with an asteroid between us.  Knowing that both my primary from my auxiliary arc and Heavy Laser Cannon would be enough, with Focuses, to destroy the smoking Aggressor I fired my Primary.  Two hits and a Crit, it might be enough.  With two Focuses left for defence and an intervening asteroid for extra evade dice I wasn’t worried.  Mitch rolled his defence reduced by one for the Crit but increased by one for the asteroid.  I’ve never been so happy to see three blank dice before.  Taking the damage the last of Mitch’s ships crashed and burnt leaving Kath to fly off into the black and enjoy a fruitful evenings work.

Victory for my Scum and Villainy.

Following this battle I challenged Brent Jay to a match on 25th March for his 4th position.  We shall see what future for me and my fleets.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Campaign aka Margheritas and High Fives (@ NAGA 09-03-2015)

The setup

The setup

The Imperial Forces deploy whilst we plan out starting positions inside the Imperial Bunker.

The Imperial Forces deploy whilst we plan out starting positions inside the Imperial Bunker.

My "moonwalking margherita drinking" smuggler - Jyn Odan.  A girl on a mission to collect as many crates of shoes and handbags as possible whilst dancing around Imperial blaster fire.

My “moonwalking margherita drinking” smuggler – Jyn Odan. A girl on a mission to collect as many crates of shoes and handbags as possible whilst dancing around Imperial blaster fire.

The First turn is underway, Daves super sniper emerges from the bunker to take on some Stormtroopers as Mitch's soldier sneals out to fire at the E-web.

The First turn is underway, Daves super sniper emerges from the bunker to take on some Stormtroopers as Mitch’s soldier sneals out to fire at the E-web.

Turn two.  The Imperials receive Royal Guard reinforcements and the E-Web finally succumbs to Rebel fire.  The Empire try to blast their way inside.

Turn two. The Imperials receive Royal Guard reinforcements and the E-Web finally succumbs to Rebel fire. The Empire try to blast their way inside.

Ed's Jedi takes on the Royal Guard before he takes the hiding of a lifetime and gets saved by a stacked and packed Smuggler about town with two medpacks.

Ed’s Jedi takes on the Royal Guard before he takes the hiding of a lifetime and gets saved by a stacked and packed Smuggler about town with two medpacks.

Having lost the token in the first room we beat a fighting retreat to protect the remaining ones as more Imperial reinforcements arrive......and yet another bloody E-Web.

Having lost the token in the first room we beat a fighting retreat to protect the remaining ones as more Imperial reinforcements arrive……and yet another bloody E-Web.

Shopping complete, medpacks used its time to stress up and get me some Imperial kills.

Shopping complete, medpacks used its time to stress up and get me some Imperial kills.

Tonight’s Star Wars Imperial Assault Campaign started as an exercise is damage limitation.  Having failed in our first mission and gotten Han Solo killed last time out our morale was at an all time low.  At least tonight we started inside a sealed bunker that the Imperials had to break into.  So once the scenario was explained we set about planning.  We, the Rebels, had 8 game turns to stop the Imperial player and GM(Alan Mathieson) from killing us all and occupying the bunker.

Our goal was simple slow the inevitable advance of the Empire and do as much damage as possible whilst hoovering up as many crates of loot as possible.  If one of the Imperial models was occupying a room during the end phase and no healthy Rebel was present he could claim the token.  Once the Imperial player had four tokens he won.  We had eight turns to stop him.

My smuggler would act as runner and grab all the crates inside, being the weakest in combat and fastest.  Ed’s Jedi, Mitch’s Soldier and Dave’s Sniper would run interference and try to do as much damage as possible to the initial waves of Imperial troops before I joined them to harass and heal.  I would hopefully grab some med packs and stims to help keep the guys from flipping so the Empire couldn’t claim rooms easily.

First turn came and we easily grabbed the first crate, no med pack but a Sonic Grenade which may become useful later.  Mitch took pot shots and attempted to stop the E-Web from getting a good shot down the corridor and taking us out one by one.  Daves sniper left the safety of the reinforced bunker to battle the Stormtroopers outside.

As the turns progressed the massed firepower of the Imperial troops broke the resolve of the door and soon they flooded inside.  The Royal Guards seriously messed up our Jedi so a hasty retreat was made for the safety of Smuggler healing, who had now found two med-packs.  The Rebel Soldier and Sniper hid and took cover and took down more Imperials as they pushed forward.  By the end of turn 3 they were inside and by the end of turn 4 Mitch’s Soldier was in a bad way and the Imperials had claimed their first room.

Turn five saw the second of the rooms claimed by Imperials as Mitch’s presence wasnt enough to stop them due to him being flipped.  We planned to beat a fighting retreat and hold at least the last two tokens to stop the Imperial advance.

Now it was time for the Smuggler to shine, stepping forward to use her abilities and her grenade she threw it forward killing a Royal Guard, whose fellow Royal Guard also took damage before some vintage Blaster fire took him down too.  Breathing space achieved I used my abilities to moonwalk my marghertia drinking smuggler ass back into the safety of the room we were protecting.

Vader and his beefed up Stormtroopers arrived to help the Empire and another E-Web used the lift to appear in the previously lost corridor.

Being the lead healthy Rebel a lot of fire was thrown my way during turn 6.  Each attack I made that damaged allowing me to move and each attack directed at me also allowing me to move a space.  I was a dancing and a drinking….screw you you Imperial Scum.  Can’t hit this!  This girl has her booze and blaster, has shopped time she didn’t drop and ain’t going down without a fight!

Our GM informed us that at this point we had a technical win and wouldn’t get any negatives if we lost now.  Unbelieveably we had actually worked together and saw out our plan and were very happy with our “technical” win.  it was high fives time all round!

The E-Web and one of the remaining Stormtroopers began to fire on another door to break into it.  By the end of the turn sheer weight of numbers saw the resistance of the door broken and it seemed like the writing was on the wall for us.

Vader and his Stormtroopers snuck around the back and attempted to ambush Mitch who has evaded the worst of the fire by sneaking out the back door.  Now trapped between Vader and a hard place it looked grim for him.  Vaders damage output is ridonkulous and he’s mentally tough to put down.  Even if Mitch had two perfect actions of firing with maximum damage Vader would still have health left.  Vader threw everything he had at Mitch and following a jedi powered re-roll he managed to laugh at Vader befor slumping to Stormtrooper blaster fire against the door.

Turn 7 saw the Imperial Officer run through the now smouldering wreck of a door and claim the Imperials third token.  Two more Royal Guards advanced into the room we were holding.  Ed’s Jedi using his limited but awesome force powers to throw one down the corridor and Dave and I finished off the second.  The Smuggler was proving one evasive mo-fo dancing backwards down the corridor as the Royal Guard attempted to fight her.  By the end of turn seven the Imperial forces had claimed 3 tokens and the only way they could win now was to cause Dave’s Sniper, Ed’s Jedi and my Smuggler to all flip and get someone into the room I was holding.

Turn 8 began with another rush of Imperial troops.  Ed was busying throwing Imperials away from our rooms and Dave was sniping and taking down targets as the Imeprial officer snuck around the back to attack my Smuggler who had taken a beating from the Royal Guard in the last round.  i couldn’t attack as he activated due to being stressed so was left to face the inevitable attack and hope that my rolling was good.  The Officer fired, I took damage but managed to move backwards as a consequence.  He shot again trying to finish me off.  A bad roll left us ruing our hard work but thanks to a re-roll from Ed’s Jedi I man aged to stay in the game and hold the room.

Alan’s Imperials conceded defeat as our heroic Rebel effort yeilded dividends and we claimed our first victory in the Campaign.

Time for cocktails!

STAW 9: Rude Interruption (@ NAGA 04-03-2015)

So during my Warzone demo with Anthony Evans we had discussed some members of Phat Katz coming over for some demo or taster games of Star Trek Attack Wing.  We’d ummed and ooohhhhed and aaahhhhed about it and finally this week we managed to get something in the schedule that suited us both.  I asked Anthony if any of his Phat Katz buddies also wanted a taster session or game.  I offered to either run a game and go through each phase slowly as if they were novices to the game or play within it myself.  We agreed that I’d also play.  Anthony indicated that he wanted to play Borg or Klingon.  Given my feelings towards Borg (STAW Easy mode for somewhat bad pilots who can maneuver ships) and the fact that Anthony already had a Klingon ship I set about building him a reasonably competitive list I;d happily roll with using the build rules we agreed…..120pts Faction Pure.

Anthony spread the word amongst the other Phat Katz members and the challenge was taken up by Robert Howard, who had a Dominion fleet so would build a list accordingly.  At this point we get to how the scenario got named…..a forth player decided to invite himself into the game.  A 3 way game at 100 points on a 3ft by 3ft space mat is tight at best, a 4 way with 480 points is nigh on impossible without ships being ontop of eachother from the get go.  Also not helped that said player then decided to roll up with easy mode Borg.  Not the first time either.

So I set about planning my fleet and decided I would try Officer Exchange Program as my resource.  This card costs nothing to equip and has the following actions:- prior to the fleet building choose two factions, one as primary and one as secondary.  All Captains, Admirals and crew upgrades from the second faction can be added to your primary faction like factional cards.  Not only do they not incur the +1 cross factional penalty but they also get a reduction in cost by 1pt (to a minimum of 0pts).  Also all captains in your fleet, even those of the primary faction get a -1 reduction.  So given the chronic lack of action economy of Romulans I thought I’d see if Jean-Luc Picard aka The Baldy Gimmer and Spock could alleviate some of these problems for me.  This lead me to the following build:-

Reman Warbird (36)
Jean-Luc Picard (6-1=5)
Tactical Officer (3)
Ship SP: 44

Scimitar (38)
Mr. Spock (4-1=3)
Tactical Officer (3)
Ship SP: 44

Valdore (28)
Donatra (4-1=3)
Ship SP: 31

Total Build SP: 119

Anthony would play the following fleet:-

Vor’cha Class (26)
Martok (5)
Ship SP: 31

Vor’cha Class (26)
Gowron (4)
Ship SP: 30

Chang’s Bird-of-Prey (22)
Nu’Daq (3)
Photon Torpedoes (4)
Ship SP: 29

I.K.S. Koraga (26)
Chang (4)
Ship SP: 30

Total Build SP: 120

I’d be showing him how the interaction between Martok and Gowron works to give the Klingons the awesome firepower they have at their disposal.  I also went for some nice named ships to show him the difference between abilities and some Photon Torpedoes to compliment Chang’s Bird-Of-Preys ability.

Rob would play a Dominion fleet consisting of two Jem Hadar Attack Ships and a Jem Hadar Battleship but the exact make up of his fleet and upgrades escapes me right now so I will update with a comment later.

Star Wars X-Wing League @ NAGA 02-03-2015

Again I must apologise for not getting many pictures tonight.  Im sure Brent captured the final inevitable moments of the demise of my Imperials so check out the NAGA Facebook Page and look at the event for Monday Night Gaming (02-03-2015).

So having navigated my way past Owen for the right to challenge for 5th place in the League Mitchell Dunton and Alan Mathieson fought over 5th.  Once Mitch had been dispatched by Alan I was free to make my official challenge.  Alan accepted and last night we fought our league match.

I decided that as we weren’t timed I would spend the remaining points in my build on a third ship, so here’s the list:-

100 points Pilots

“Whisper” (44) TIE Phantom (32), Gunner (5), Fire-Control System (2), Veteran Instincts (1), Advanced Cloaking Device (4)

“Echo” (42) TIE Phantom (30), Recon Specialist (3), Sensor Jammer (4), Veteran Instincts (1), Advanced Cloaking Device (4)

Black Squadron Pilot (14)

Whisper, Echo & the Black Squadron Pilot

Whisper, Echo & the Black Squadron Pilot

Tonight's list;- Twin Phantoms and a TIE Fighter

Tonight’s list;- Twin Phantoms and a TIE Fighter

Alan in a bid for initiative went for the following, or something very similar:-

97 points Pilots

Rexler Brath (45) TIE Defender (37), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Veteran Instincts (1)

Kath Scarlet (52) Firespray-31 (38), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Veteran Instincts (1), Recon Specialist (3), Hull Upgrade (3)

We set up and got ready to go.  My twin Phantoms were positioned with a nice straight path through the asteroid field and my TIE was set-up to sweep in behind Alan’s ships and try to cause as much mayhem as possible.  Alan set-up Kath Scarlet in the farthest corner away and Rexler Brath just inside closer to my ships.

At the end of turn one his ships were skirting the edge of the asteroid field whilst my Phantons jinked between them trying to setup shots.  My TIE was advancing quickly down the opposite flank ready to sweep inside.

Alan wasn’t too familiar with some of the interactions of the cards used on my Phantoms so he got really rather scared when I took a Focus, a Target Lock and a free cloak after attacking Rexler Brath but as he had initiative and Higher pilot skill the superior firepower of his Heavy Laser Cannons began to take their toll.  Despite Cloak some really shocking rolling lost me Echo in turn 2 to focus firing.

Turn three wasn’t much better as both Alan’s Firespray and Rexler Brath were too close to Whisper to use their Cannons so used them against the TIE Fighter which crumpled in a heap and exploded leaving Whisper to go it alone.

The next turn of firing went just as badly for me.  I hit Rexler but the whole attack was evaded, so I took my Target Lock and Focus and enabled my Gunner who allowed me a second shot.  I spent the Target Lock and Focus and still couldnt manage to hit a barn door at five paces.  When i did manage to hit it was evaded.  It was not an evening for dice rolling as the gods of dice were against me.

By the end of Turn five both the Firespray and the TIE Defender had Whisper in their sights and duly finished her off for a slightly humbling and embarassing defeat for me.  I had fallen to one of the weaknesses of the Phantom, higher skilled pilots.  Lesson learnt!

Kudos to Alan for his build though, he was ready for some high skill Phantom shenanigans and whilst I own one of each of the ships he played with I’d never looked at either as a go to ship but I was very impressed with both.  He in turn admitted to being somewhat wary when two ACD Phantoms lined up against him and even more surprised when a third ship was possible for only 100pts.  I like the Phantoms I do, they suit my play style and are very “Romulan”.  I need to expand and try new stuff out especially some of the lesser known or underused ships.

Well done Alan!  I will be back.

How Many People Can Sleep in a Bell Tent?

Not strictly speaking a Wargaming or Gaming post but pretty useful for the forthcoming LARP season. No mention of Emperor Bells though. They should show the plan of a Emperor Bell mated to a 5m Bell…..cos, you know, thats how we roll! Enjoy!


This is a question we get asked all the time.

Hopefully, these pictures will help:

4m Bell Tent Absolute maximum with airbeds: Four people on one double & two singles. 4m Bell Tent
Absolute maximum with airbeds:
Four people on one double & two singles.

4m Bell Tent Very comfortable with airbeds: Three people on three single beds. 4m Bell Tent
Very comfortable with airbeds:
Three people on three single beds.

5m Bell Tent Absolute maximum with airbeds: Six people all on double beds. 5m Bell Tent
Absolute maximum with airbeds:
Six people all on double beds.

5m Bell Tent Comfortable for a family airbeds: Five people on one double & three singles. 5m Bell Tent
Comfortable for a family with airbeds:
Five people on one double & three singles.

5m Bell Tent Very comfortable with airbeds: Four people on one double & two singles. 5m Bell Tent
Very comfortable with airbeds:
Four people on one double & two singles.

If you use airbeds, this is the maximum you will fit in a 4m or 5m Bell Tent.

If you use sleeping mats or roll mats with sleeping bags you will fit more, as these take up less space.

We would think 6 people in a 4m tent and 9 people in a 5m tent would fit comfortably, possibly more!

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