Gaming on a budget – The Challenge (Month 2 – Part 5)

Morning Mancavers,

Last month we started our “gaming on a budget” feature with the aim of spending no more than £30 per month on a new game we hadn’t invested in before.  I decided to get involved with a low fantasy Medieval football style game by Steamforged Games called Guildball.  Having taken a look at the teams available and gotten some advice from friends and forums I opted to purchase the Fishermens Guild.  With their combination of maneuverability and speed they would be the best option for me.

Last month I bought the Fishermens Guild Season 1 Starter Box which came with 3 miniatures (Angel, Siren and Shark), a ball and some data cards for each player the miniatures represent.  I really really wanted one of the other team players called Kraken so I bought him too.  At this point I had slightly gone over my planned budget of £30 and I think including postage it cost me a total of about £34.80 leaving me short this month.

Starting out I only had about £25-26 to play with.  I initially decided to add in two new players to give my team more flexibility in terms of tactics and options.  I went for Greyscales and Jac.

Jac - Fishermen's Guild

Jac – Fishermen’s Guild

Greyscales - Fishermen's Guild

Greyscales – Fishermen’s Guild

Also to get my team going I opted to purchase some MicroArt Studios bases.  The only option I feel really matches anything like the feel I’m looking for my Fishermen is:-


These are nice and look like a ruined jetty or pier.  I picked up a set of 40mm bases (for Kraken) and a set of 30mm bases for everyone else.

A selection of DS Round 30mm "Wood" by MicroArt Studios

A selection of DS Round 30mm “Wood” by MicroArt Studios

A selection of DS Round 30mm "Wood" by MicroArt Studios

A selection of DS Round 30mm “Wood” by MicroArt Studios

In total my spend came to:-

Greyscales – £8.05

Jac – £8.05

2 x MicroArt 40mm DS Round “Wood” Bases – £3.60

5 x MicroArt 30mm DS Round “Wood Bases – £3.60

All in all I spend £23.30 + P&P which rounds me off to roughly £26 this month.  I should now have enough miniatures to give me options when putting together a team.  I really need to get involved and start playing with the Guildballers locally (the Andy’s, Pam, Jason W & Mark S) and have a read of the rules and build a pitch.  One of the things that really draws me to the game is the fact that I dont have to spend a lot of money on a fancy rulebook.  Its free to download!!  If you have been following this little endeavour of mine and have been thinking you too would like to get involved then why dont you download a copy of the rules and take a look for yourself.

I can also go onto the Guildball Forums to pick up tactics and general Guildball advice.  Here is a link:-

Oh the hobbying never ends in the Mancave!  There will be more updates to share with you guys soon.

Ive been very busy making my Alien Versus predator minis and building an Aerial Hunter Killer from Pegasus Hobbies for my Terminator Genisys…..but more on these in a later update.

Gaming on a budget – The Challenge (Part 3)

In the third part of my “Gaming on a Budget” article Im going to look at Bases with a view to getting some further down the line to unify my team.

A good set of characterful bases can make or break a unit or team in any game and getting the right ones is a very difficult thing to achieve.  There are so many producers out there who make them; Outpost, MicroArt Studios, Fenris Games, Bases4War, Model Display Products, Wyrd Miniatures, and the list goes on……

Today I’m going to look at the options available for my Fisherman’s Guild Team.

Firstly there are a number of options, shapes, sizes and styles to consider.  You can buy square bases, round bases, hexagonal bases, oval bases and “cavalry” bases which are pill shaped.  Guildball uses round bases so that makes that decision easier.  Straight out of the box my Fisherman’s Guild team were supplied with the correct size of base for their miniature in a DS style.  What does this mean?  Well there are three styles of bases to choose from:-

DS Round Profile Base - image credit to Fenris games.

DS Round Profile Base – image credit to Fenris Games.

DS Round means a quarter round lipped base with a flat circular recess area on the top for the insertion of a “topper”.  Many companies such as PRODOS and SteamForged use bases of this type.

Chamfered Profile Base - image credit to Fenris games.

Chamfered Profile Base – image credit to Fenris Games.

Chamfered means a base with a slightly slanting edge which can help in identifying miniatures because you can use them for Team numbers and Names, especially useful in Necromunda and Blood Bowl etc.  These are the standard GW Warhammer 40K base.  They can come with a flat recess on the top to insert a topper some do not.

Straight Profile Base - image credit to Fenris games.

Straight Profile Base – image credit to Fenris Games.

The last option is a Straight Profile base.  These bases do not come with a recess or any kind of edge.  Base toppers look very much like this.

My first option is my go to guys for bases Fenris Games. They make resin bases in all the styles discussed above.  I have used them before (for the Sulaco & Sulaco Hive bases for my AvP) and can heartily recommend them.  The options here for my Fishermen are:-

Darkmere Swamp

Lost Shores

Oddly neither of these are really grabbing my attention as a set of bases.

My second option are Bases4War.  I’ve also used these guys to produce my Battlefield Debris DS Round resin bases for my Cybertronic forces in PRODOS Games Warzone Resurrection.  They shipped quickly, were cheap and did free UK shipping so again they come well recommended.  The option I could go with here is:-

The Deck

My fear in using these bases is that my Fisherman team would look a little piratey but they’re not a bad option.  I prefer them to the Fenris Bases so far.

My third option is MicroArt Studio who are based in Poland.  I’ve never used these guys before but they came well recommended by many people.  An issue here is timing.  The company website says they only get two visits from the postie a week so I could order on a Monday and not get my stuff dispatched until the Friday (not allowing for manufacturing time).  Also the extra time taken in delivery is a factor as they will take significantly longer and probably accrue additional; postage costs.  The only option I feel really matches anything like the feel I’m looking for my Fishermen is:-


These are nice and look like a ruined jetty or pier.  They could suffer the same piratey issues as The Deck from Bases4War.

My next option for bases are Model Display Products.  I’d not heard of these guys before I posted on the Guildball Forum but having a taken a look at their website I was quietly impressed and could see why they were being discussed.  They had some nice bases I might be interested in for other projects but in terms of options for my team one stood out at a first glance:-


I quite liked the wooden effect, like the deck of a ship or pier/jetty (which seems to be a theme for sea/marine flavoured bases) but wasn’t too keen on the cobblestone bases as part of the set.  If I wanted cobblestones there were other ranges I’d choose.

Outpost were one of the options I picked up from using the Guildball forums.  Some people had recommended them but I think they are resellers of others bases rather than producers in their own right.  I had heard good things about Outpost from Hairy Gamer Tris and Gareth Mosely so figured I’d give them a crack.  Aside from previously discussed bases and styles the only one that jumped out at me as being a viable option was:-

Hit the deck!

They sound interesting but unfortunately I cannot see any images for them as they’re out of stock.  I think I may like them but its whether they’d suffer the “too piratey” problem of The Deck from Bases4War.

Its certainly a tough one for me and of course I could always do my own bases?  I could make some flocky grassed bases with lines painted on them as I would have done for Blood Bowl or could make some nautical/marine themed bases.  I don’t really have many ideas for doing this myself at present and Im struggling for base inspiration.  If any readers of this blog have done some home-made Fisherman’s Guild bases then please let me know and post a comment with a picture.

For now I’m going to sign off and cogitate my options.  Hopefully Outpost will get a restock and allow me to view the finished Hit the Deck bases.

Happy fishing my little Guildballing friends!