Mancave update – Birthday and stuff

Sorry Mancavers….its been a while since I last posted because its been crazy here recently.  Most of August has been crazy busy with work and child summer holidays etc but stuff has been happening so bear with me whilst I try to paraphrase everything and start anew.

Firstly August was my birthday and my girls know me really well!  I was given a copy of Twin Shadows, the Tattooine expansion from Fantasy Flight Games for Star Wars Imperial Assault.  I also managed to get a set of extra dice for running my STIA campaign.  Both the girls seem to love it too….Phoebe has a thing for rolling dice and taking them in and out of bags and Grace has a worrying knack of rolling Evades on Defence dice.  I knew there was a reason I didn’t play her often!

Star Wars Imperial Assault Twin Shadows

Star Wars Imperial Assault Twin Shadows

The birthday also brought other goodies to the Mancave.  I invested in an Airbrush and Compressor for painting miniatures.  I opted for a deal from eBay and even though the airbrush provided isn’t the greatest it should allow me to develop my skills and improve.

Ooooo....a big white box...what could it be?

Ooooo….a big white box…what could it be?

Well well well....its a Compressor for my airbrush.

Well well well….its a Compressor for my airbrush.

My new Airbrush Compressor...just waiting on my Iwata Neo now!

My new Airbrush Compressor…just waiting on my Iwata Neo now!

I also bought an Iwata Neo Airbrush for when my mad crazy lack of painting skills improve enough to warrant a better quality airbush, then I’ll use the cheap one provided with my compressor for things like priming and painting scenery.  The two brands and models highly recommended were the Iwata Neo and Badger Patriot 105.  I opted for the Iwata Neo.

Iwata Neo Airbrush

Iwata Neo Airbrush

So I’m definitely looking forward to getting involved and practising with my airbrush.  To prompt me to do more I’ve also entered a monthly painting competition with some of the PRODOS guys on the Warzone Facebook page.  Each month we’ll be taking a mini or unit from sprue to final painting.  Its more of a painters support group rather than a serious competition.  Damn you Evans!

Lastly as an impulse purchase the Mancave has received an upgrade……..we bought a Barcrest Aliens Fruit Machine!!!!  Yes we have a fruit machine in the Mancave.  Its crazy awesome!

The Mancave - before.....

The Mancave – before…..

The Mancave - after by dark.....

The Mancave – after by dark…..

The Mancave - after by light.....

The Mancave – after by light…..

The Aliens Fruit Machine

The Aliens Fruit Machine

I have actually managed to get some gaming in this month too.  Ive been getting involved with Star Wars Armada, building fleet lists and tweaking my builds but only managed 1 serious competitive game.  I grabbed a cheap Gladiator Class Destroyer off eBay to help me build something I’ve been planning.  I’m considering running a swarm of Gladiators rather than using the Victory Class Star destroyers as they’re more maneuverable.  One of the Admirals available to my Imperials, Admiral Motti, will grant extra hull points to each of them so they can be a little tougher when engaging those Rebel Assault Frigates.

Star Wars Armada Gladiator Class SD

Star Wars Armada Gladiator Class SD

I’ve had my first competitive game of Star Wars Armada against Dave Baxter at NAGA.  My Imperial Fleet comprising of two Victory Class Star Destroyers with upgrades, 6 squadrons of TIE Bombers and 2 Squadrons of TIE Interceptors as Escorts managed to eek out a technical victory against Dave’s Rebel List of an Assault Frigate, two Corvettes and 8 squadrons of X-Wings.  It was a tight game but after one of my VSD’s was destroyed by focus fire Dave’s Assault Frigate was forced off the board and unable to turn quickly enough he lost it.  178-165 to the Imperial Fleet!

20150805_193707 20150805_193713 20150805_205433

Last night saw a defence of my position in the NAGA X-Wing League against a very determined Scott Russell and his Psycho Tycho and Outrider Dash combo.  As soon as Scott sends me his fleet list I’ll post it as a comment on this post.  My Imperial Fleet consisted of the following:-

Darth Vader (32) TIE Advanced (29), TIE/x1 (0), Calculation (1), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1), Advanced Targeting Computer (5)

Colonel Jendon (43) Lambda-Class Shuttle (26), Fire-Control System (2), “Mangler” Cannon (4), Emperor Palpatine (8), ST-321 (3)

Lieutenant Colzet (25) TIE Advanced (23), TIE/x1 (0), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1), Advanced Targeting Computer (5)

Colzet's TIE Advanced (left) and Vader's TIE Advanced (right) flank Colonel Jendon's Lambda bearing Emperor Palpatine.

Colzet’s TIE Advanced (left) and Vader’s TIE Advanced (right) flank Colonel Jendon’s Lambda bearing Emperor Palpatine.

My Fleet less the Twin Ion Engines (unshown)

My Fleet less the Twin Ion Engines (unshown)

The idea was to advance slowly using Jendon to Target Lock the biggest threat and pass his Targets Locks off to Vader and Colzet.  With the constant Target Locks and ability to K-turn and close quickly using soft 3 greens I could try to slide past the rebel ships and take down the biggest threats.  Scott’s fleet closed very quickly using 2-3 actions per ship and stressing itself to ridiculous levels allowing his two ships to strip shields from Jendons Lambda but my twin TIE Advanced’s both assaulted Tycho and closed quickly not allowing Dash’s Outrider to use its Heavy Laser Cannon at R2-3.  The setting of dice from Palpatine really saved the day as neither TIE Advanced even took damage.  My three ships destroyed Tycho in a couple of turns even with his ridiculous numbers of evade dice.  He parked on an asteroid and without a shot Colzet and Vader tore him to pieces as Jendon stopped dead and caused Dash to smash into the back of him.  Now with three ships versus Scotts 1 it was merely a matter of time before Colzet and Vader did the business and finished Dash off.  After 5 turns with Dash whittling a few hits off the Lambda every round it eventually fell and was destroyed onto to have Colzet sweep in and finish it off for the win.  Victory to my Imperial fleet.

So all in all its been a really busy time here.  I have made a vow to attempt to post more often following a super bust August including my daughters Summer Holidays.

I started painting my Xenos from my AvP core box set.  I’m not going with anything clever just a nice clean table quality paint job.  Grace, my eldest daughter, wanted to have a go at painting one herself so I helped her assemble and glue one of the Xenos before helping her prime it and drybrush it.  All her won work but once its based and finished (during her next visit) I’m sure that it will be very difficult to distinguish between hers and mine.  She’s better than I gave her credit for!

I’m hitting them up with a Black Prime basecoat, then drybrushing the highest points with Pure Silver from the P3 range, following that a wash of Nuln Oil from GW to add depth before spraying a Satin Varnish all over to protect the paint.  Only once this is dry will I start to paint the domes of the Xeno heads with GW’s ‘Ardcoat to add a wet look.  Heres some WiP shots of my work so far.

Next week I’ll be getting a demo for Guildball from Mark Southerd at NAGA so I’ll finally get a chance to play my fishermen team against his Alchemists.  he’s not only a very good player but also a professional demo guy for it so I should be on the wrong end of a beating!  Im still doing my “Gaming on a Budget” series of articles and will be posting one as soon as I decide what this months purchases will be.

Over and out for now Mancavers!

Watch this space for more Mancave updates.  There will be Star Trek Attack Wing updates as the new waves drop, Star Wars X-Wing updates including hopefully a glimpse of the new core set from Fantasy Flight Games for The Force Awakens, a review of the new Smash-Up:Munchkin and hopefully more updates on painting all my AvP stuff.  With so much going on its going to be a very busy time!

Mancave update

Apologies to everyone in Mancave-land as I haven’t posted in about a week a lot has happened.  Firstly its been the birthday of two important people in my life in the last week.  Last weekend it was my youngest daughter, Phoebe’s, birthday and this weekend just gone it was my better half, Lucy’s birthday.  Happy birthday ladies!

So what has been going on then?  Well firstly after nearly two years of waiting my copies of AvP:The Hunt Begins finally arrived in the Mancave following a haphazard and uncommunicative Kickstarter.  I’ve enjoyed limited success with Kickstarters and to be honest this entire experience has left a rather bitter aftertaste for me.  I’ve watched as “limited edition Kickstarter exclusive” copies of a game I and many other have funded and made possible made their way to retailers before we’d even been given a sniff of the game….so much for our Limited edition copies eh?   Everything that made our game exclusive is now anything but.  Regardless of that fact my two copies eventually arrived…only 9 days after I could have walked into a FLGS and bought it cheaper.  I’ll do a full review some other time as I’ve now punched all the card elements and started assembling models from one of my copies.  The other copy I gave to Hairy Gamer and long term geek-mance Tris who is still waiting to receive any semblance of notification for his AvP Kickstarter.

20150709_172015-1 20150709_172105-1 20150709_172702-1

Monday saw the monthly Imperial Assault campaign swing into action again.  Dave returned to the fold to pick up his sniper and get his kill on.  Recently we had enjoyed moderate success in the campaign picking up a few close but hard fought wins.  This session our objective was to attack and deactivate a secret Imperial Research Facility and achieve this within 5 game turns.  The Facility was heavily fortified with armoured doors and Stormtroopers defending it.  With no idea what was within we had to clear any resistance to us from outside and get through it as fast as possible.  To be honest we were not expecting success and thought Alan, our GM, may have some nasty surprises in store for us inside.  By the end of turn one our organised teamwork had allowed us to kill five Stormtroopers and Stun and destroy the Probe Droid guarding the door.  Next turn we blasted through the door and my smuggler stressed herself to race through the structure and see what was lying in wait.  Everything was going to plan as everything Alan deployed got very quickly destroyed by our Soldier with his Havoc shots.  Everything happened so fast I didn’t even get a chance to take pictures and for that I apologise again.  We were outrageously successful this month and I’m sure that next month Alan’s Imperial’s will come back stronger and nastier.  With only 3 sessions left until the end of the campaign I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed participating in it and will hopefully run one of my own once this is finished.  Dave Baxter and I were also chatting about the skirmish variant of the game so with any luck you may see some reports of that on the Mancave as things progress.  Watch this space!

Other things have been going on though… seems like pretty much everything I do is sponsored by the letter T.  So much like Sesame Street todays update will be sponsored by the letter T.

T stands for TIE-Advanced.  This week saw me finally get my dirty Imperial hands on Darth Vader in his TIE-Advanced for my Star Wars X-Wing collection.  I’ve been after a TIE-Advanced for a while as it was one of the few ships I was missing plus with the Imperial Raider inbound in August it was going to improve the Imperial Navy.  I may even get to use it next week in the NAGA X-Wing League match I have scheduled with Brent Jay on Wednesday.

T also stands for Terminator:Genisys.  Recently I deboxed and reviewed this game by RiverHorse Games in a blog post but hadn’t up until last night had the chance to do much more to it.  During the May trip to Salute 2015 Hairy Gamer Tris and I watched in awe as Warlord Games ran a competition to see who could assemble the Terminator Endoskeleton miniature from this game in the fastest time.  I don’t know what the final timings were but people were able to assemble these snip and clip miniatures in about 40-50 seconds each.  Armed with my snips, some files and a camera I set about assembling the 10 Terminator Endoskeletons, 5 Crawlers, 16 Resistance soldiers and 1 Limited Edition white metal Kyle Reese (athough it should be resin) in their varied configurations.  Sadly only 2 variants of the Terminators are supplied but the Resistance have a reasonable amount of customization with 4 different poses and 6 different weapon options.  .  I wasn’t really trying hard to do it quickly but a little under an hour later I had a full set of assembled miniatures that I was happy with and could game with.  I must admit that they were very easy to assemble and get to grips with.  Once assembled they do have the look of little green Army men about them.  They aren’t without their issues (some of the faces look a little like Nuclear disaster victims) and its nothing that a spot of glue here and there and maybe some green stuff filler cant fix but for a first pass they will certainly do.  Next will be to get some paint onto them.  I imagine painting Terminators will be as easy as painting Xeno’s from AvP and Resistance fighters will be similar to USCM Marines from AvP.  I can use similar techniques and styles for both although I imagine the results will be very different.  I posted pictures of my progress on my Facebook page last night.

20150624_171043 20150624_171054 20150714_194429 20150714_194456 20150714_194605 20150714_194627 20150714_194634 20150714_194643 20150714_201710 20150714_201725 20150714_201858 20150714_212158 20150714_212217 20150714_212302 20150714_212319 20150714_212844 20150714_212853 20150714_212902 20150714_212954

Lastly, my final T stands for Trek.  Tonight I managed to debox my last few ships – two copies each of the Federation USS Prometheus, Klingon IKS Ning’Tao and Bajoran Ratosha from Wave 15 of Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing.  I had previously previewed these ships on Mancave so all that is left for me to do is post some pictures and total up the damage.  I would post the same pics in this blog post but for some reason WordPress is being a bit funny with me so I may use links instead:-

Bajoran Scout Ship, Ratosha.

Bajoran Scout Ship, Ratosha.

Klingon B'rel Bird Of Prey, IKS Ning'Tao.

Klingon B’rel Bird Of Prey, IKS Ning’Tao.

Federation Prometheus class, USS Prometheus.

Federation Prometheus class, USS Prometheus.

I find myself sitting on 287 ships now including at least 2 of every ship (some as many as 4 and one 15!!!) and 3 of every prize and Limited Edition release available.  I have 21 ships awaiting purchase of a new storage cabinet/display case so they can be put away properly.  So a little trip to Ikea may be required this weekend to buy another Detolf Display Case although I have been trying to source some spare shelves to mod my existing units.

Reviewing WZR: My first Warzone game (NAGA @ 14-01-2015)

prodos games white     warzone

Warzone Resurrection is a tabletop miniatures (28mm scale) skirmish game, set in the Mutant Chronicles dark SciFi Future made by PRODOS Games.

The Solar System is besieged by abominations from the dark beyond, infernal hybrids of undead alien flesh brought into existence by the Dark Symmetry. Mankind is divided into five rival MegaCorporations concerned only with profit and territory as they tear the inner worlds apart in bitter, internecine war. United in faith under the Brotherhood, Mankind may yet prevail – divided, they shall surely fall as the Dark Legion sweeps all before it.

Some time ago Tris, my Hairy Gamer bromance and erstwhile partner in gaming crime, & I invested in a game that looked really interesting, PRODOS’ AvP.  At this point I hadn’t heard of PRODOS or any of their games.

Subsequently we attended a PRODOS Games Day at Wayland Games in Southend where we met Matthew Edgeworth (Medge), a PRODOS Crusader for Warzone Resurrection, and Rob Alderman, Global Head of Sales for PRODOS.  We had a q&a with Rob, we played some games, we saw the product and met some other players.  All in all fun was had and our keen levels for AvP were on the rise.  As a consequence of this day I decided to apply to become a PRODOS Crusader for AvP, which means attending shows, representing the game and PRODOS at events and running demo games to bring new blood into the hobby.  I figured as I was joining the PRODOS fold I ought to learn to play their other big game, Warzone Resurrection.

After asking around Rob suggested a close friend of his Allan Powell could give me a demo, as he is a Crusader too, and I could learn the ropes.  Before we could get our first game in I bought the Cybertronic Starter Box and Rulebook and decided to take the plunge and just go for it.

Last night Allan Powell and Mattski Val ran a pair of games so two other players could get a feel for the game and maybe begin to play.  The two players were Brent Jay (he of the STAW 3:The Search for Brent fame) and me.  I had by this point managed to read some fluff and background stuff so knew some stuff but not enough to jump straight into a game (which will bring me to a point later).  Armed with a Rulebook, a tape measure and a handful of D20 I set about learning the WZR ropes.

We played on a large 4ft x 6ft table.  Brent and I played eachother on the left and Allan and Mattski on the right.  There was an imaginary divide down the table.  Brent would command a Starter Box worth of Dark Legion whilst I had a Starter Box worth of Mishima.  Dark Legion are the “bad guys” of WZR, demonic undead monsters released from behind a sealed asteroid in the deepest recesses of our Solar System.  They are led by a Nepharite, a demonic god using evil dark magic powers and his entire force uses a form of necromancy to potentially be able to resurrect dead troops.  Mishima on the other hand are one of the “big five” mega corporations originating on Earth but now spread to various interstellar objects in our Solar System.  They are Space Samurai based on Feudal Japan.  They are led by Captain Hiroko, a heroic samurai leader blessed with Ki powers to inspire and buff his troops.  There are other forces available but for the purposes of this I won’t digress.

Each of us had two basic squads, a vehicle or heavy support option and our Leader and I am lead to believe that pretty much each Starter Box has the same sort of setup allowing for a balanced “straight out of the box” game.

Warzone Resurrection uses a D20 based system wherein all stats are given out of 20 and all actions (rolling to hit, armour tests, break tests, pinning tests) are decided by rolling under the appropriate stat.

Every model has two AP (Action Points) per turn (unless stated otherwise on its card I.E. the Mishima Meka has 3 AP) which can be spent on a variety of basic (1 point) and advanced (2 point) actions. Models are activated individually and although bound by squad coherency can act relatively independently. Alternatively models in a squad can spend points to contribute to combined actions which produce a single more powerful attack for use against larger, more dangerous foes. It’s quite an intuitive system and seems quite flexible.

Within a unit, vehicles or heroes activation it has a number of options; it can move up to its full M (Movement) measured in inches, it can spend its two AP to “run” (moving up to twice its full M in inches), it can aim its weapon (to gain a +2 to its first RS (Ranged Skill) Test that turn), it can “engage” in melee by moving upto twice its M (movement) and finishing its action within CCWR (Close Combat Weapons Range) then performing a CC (Close Combat) test, it can perform an action whereby it holds back a shooting action for a later phase called Sentry or it can perform any action listed on its stat card.  This is the absolute basics.  There may be more available but these are what we used in our basic intro game.

There are some interesting rules which seem like an attempt to inject a bit more narrative and flavour into the game itself such as sniping rules, different types of abilities and traits that define and make each troop type a specialist unit with a style.  There are also different types of weapons such as Plasma, Gas or Piercing which means they are more or occasionally less effective against certain kinds of armour and troops such as undead troops being immune to gas weapons and robotic troops being immune to Dark Symmetry magic.  The rules also allow bonuses to template weapons used against targets in cover.

At this point it became clear that the mechanics were very very similar to those used by AvP so each turn in broken into phases, yours and your opponents.  Each turn you roll for initiative to see which of you will activate first.  This is one of the few rolls in WZR or AvP where rolling high is good.  You roll a D20 and compare, highest wins and therefore activates first.  Each player activates one of its units, vehicles, support options or heros first and then uses all of its AP (Action Points) for that round before play passes to the other player.  You continue with this until each force has activated and used the AP’s of each of its units, vehicles or heros, etc.

You also generate resource cards.  Resource cards are generated by your forces themselves, a Leader/Hero type unit generates 3 cards per turn, each unit/squad commander generates 1.  So both Brent and I were generating 5 cards per turn; one for each squad and three for our Leaders.  These cards can be used to allow models to perform an extra action (per model NOT unit), increase RoF (Rate of Fire) of a ranged weapon, increase RoA (Rate of Attack) of a close combat weapon or power an ability listed on their card.  This mechanic forces you to think wisely about spending these cards as you can create a very powerful individual stacking actions and increased RoF to decimate entire squads or increase your entire army.  The beauty of the system is that your opponent does not know where those cards will be spent until it comes time to “turn and burn” them.  At the end of the turn any unused resource cards are lost and the entire pile resets dependant on which models are left.  Once you begin to lose commanders and squad leaders you start to lose cards.

The resource mechanics seem to be one of the most innovative parts of this rule set.

Army/force selection is based on an organization chart similar to other gaming systems.   This chart grows with the size of game being played. There are also options to swap out some slots in your organisation – for example exchanging a heavy vehicle slot for two light vehicle/monster slots or vice versa. You can select a ready made Warlord/Hero/Leader or you can create a custom lord or warlord as an alternative to the existing special characters. These options allow you to alter their base stats, modify their weapons and equipment and give them any of a vast array of special rules, all for the appropriate points costs.  You select a type of package for your Warlord and that can fundamentally change how he/she works.

Combat is refreshingly easy to navigate through and exactly the same as the AvP sessions we had at Wayland Games.  When firing a ranged weapon you must roll a RS (Ranged Skill) test using a D20.  Roll under your value and you hit.  A roll of 1 is critical and auto wounds.  On a model with 1 W (Wound) that means death, on a multi wound model it removes a single wound.  Other criteria also need to be factored in such as any cover (light cover modifies by a -2 to test, heavy cover a -4 and it stacks), aiming (a +2 to the next RS Test) and any special abilities that have been applied.

If the shot hits then the defending model rolls its AV (Armour Value) if it has one.  Some weapons have a very detrimental affect on armour and apply modifiers such as minuses and some shots can completely ignore armour.  Roll below your AV on a D20 and you’ve saved the shot.  Fail and take a wound.  Some weapons are have better RoF (Rate of Fire) and others have a single shot.  Each shot is tested seperately.  On a roll of 20 on a shot and your model loses any further actions.  This is true of CC (Close Combat) tests too.  An unmodified 1 always hits and an unmodified roll of 20 always fails.

When “engaging” in melee or Close Combat the same mechanics are true.  The attacking model rolls its CC (Close Combat) stat.  Roll a D20 and attempt to roll below your CC.  “Engaging” or charging an enemy model grants a +2 modifier as can other special abilities etc.  Again you can “turn and burn” a resource card to increase the RoA (Rate of Attack) of your close combat weapons.  You need not be in base to base contact to attack in melee.  Some melee weapons have a CCWR (Close Combat Weapons Range), a short range that allows the model to attack from 2″ or 3″ away dependant on the stats of the weapon.  If the attack hits then again the model attempts to roll below its AV stat applying any modifiers from the attacking weapon or special abilities.  If the attack hits and isnt saved it wounds.

Thats it for now, thats about all my sleep deprivation addled brain can recall at this second in time.

I will preface my summary with the statement I like PRODOS games, Im a PRODOS Crusader but I will be honest.

The game is very quick and easy to learn.  It is also cheap to get involved with as each Starter box represents a balanced force that can be played once assembled and roughly £35 gets you 12-16 models and a stack of cards.  The miniatures are superbly defined and gloriously detailed but this can also be a problem too.  Some models have joints and limbs so fine and small that they can easily break.  I myself had a broken model straight out of the box BUT a quick email to PRODOS resolved this very quickly and a FULL new model was dispatched immediately.  You simply cannot fault customer service like that.

The mechanics are simple and easy and within a turn or two both my opponent and I were able to play confidently.  There is also sufficient depth and difference in the abilities and forces that the game doesnt feel  “samey”.  The resource system allows you do do all manner of different things and that keeps the game constantly changing and unpredictable.  Its an advanced system and you can play the basic wargame without it but i feel its an intuitive and innovative system that add depth and interest.

The rulebook is beautiful if a little large.  Its nearly 290 pages of charts, fluff, tables and information.  It took me reading 25 pages of fluff and background to find the first rules.  Then the rules were clear and concise although I do feel the rulebook could do with a quick start guide to enable easy starter games.  The diagrammatical examples are clear and the artwork is nice and in keeping with the themes and style of the game.  There are a lot of scenarios and support for playing the game and each force in the game.  Each corporation/force/army has its own section within the book giving the feel and flavour the game designers are trying to evoke.  Their specific troop/unit types and the rules for each are shown clearly with all the upgrade options and weapon stats.

All in all it is a really strong game, with a nice feel and better than most other games miniatures.  It seriously competes with the other similar games on the market and I would heartily recommend it to anyone looking at getting into a well supported and up and coming 28mm skirmish game.  A lot of work and thought has gone into the rulebook, miniatures and mechanics which makes the game a success.

Overall I would give Warzone Resurrection a huge 9 out of 10.

Mancave Update 12-12-2014

Its been a few days since the last update and not a great deal has happened.  With the rush of going to Germany this weekend and Christmas approaching I’ve not had much chance to do a great deal.

I submitted my article for the gaming magazine and am waiting to hear when it will be published.

I received all my Wave 9 (2 x Changs Bird-of-Prey, 2 x Scimitar and 2 x ISS Defiant) and Wave 10 (2 x Hideki Fighters, 2 x Regents Warship and 2 x Vidiian Warship) ships for STAW and will be deboxing them over the next few nights.

I popped into my FLGS Escape Games to pick up some card sleeves and spoke to the guys there Tim B and Scott Y.  The place is looking great and they have huge plans for the future.  Lots of things on the horizon there including demo-ing Warzone Resurrection and AvP for PRODOS and running their Star Trek Attack Wing Tournaments in the new year.  Very exciting times ahead and plenty of stock so get down there and support Escape Games if you’re local.

I ordered some Chaos Cultists to build into a Necromunda gang so that needs to be added to my huge, overflowing list of geekery tasks that need to be completed.

So much to do and so little time to do it.

The futures bright…..the futures AvP!


So this is just a little update for you all.  Things at the Mancave have been hectic recently but in true “biting off more than I can chew” fashion I have a plethora of projects all on the go at the same time.  So here goes, in no particular order:-

Blood Bowl v2 pitch construction and painting

Complete building and paint my Blood Bowl teams (v3 Skaven, Human. High Elves, v2 Elves and Dwarves)

Reading my AvP:The Hunt Begins beta rules in preparation for the KS Drop

Reading my Necromunda LRB rules ready for any campaign with the guys

Building Necromunda gangs

Building some more of my Battlesystems Sci-Fi terrain

Make some jungle terrain for a Predator themed gaming table…think aztec temple surrounded by jungle

Building and Painting my Colonial Marines APC ready for the AvP minis

Finish building my folding gaming table for STAW

More battle reports from the recent STAW series of taster games at NAGA

I must find more time to do things.  Bad geek no biscuit!

Visit to Wayland Games for PRODOS Open Day

As many readers and followers will be aware yesterday Tris Taylor & I (The Hairy Gamers) went on a little roadtrip to Essex to visit the Wayland Games Centre in Hockley, Essex for a PRODOS Games Open Day.

It was a very early start…….6am as we set-off to do battle with the M1 and M25 on a Saturday morning.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Rob Alderman and Matthew Edgeworth promoing both the AvP:The Hunt Begins and Mutant Chronicles:Warzone Resurrection.  We had a look through the game contents although it was only a promo/prototype copy the quality was undeniably good.  The resin models had such sharp details even down to the bootlaces on the Colonial Marines and the images used for the board tiles were excellently rendered.  After many photos were taken a game was started.  Tris took control of the Xenomorphs (Aliens) against the Colonial Marines and Predators.

Following the game itself we wandered around the retail venue and gaming tables at Wayland Games.  I can heartily recommend anyone visit Wayland as the facilities are great and the range of products every bit as good as any FLGS you may be using.

Our VIP tickets got us a lunch and access to the Q&A session in the afternoon so we had a spot of lunch which was ok.  Then we headed upstairs to participate in the Q&A with Rob Alderman.  We took recordings of the videos linked below:-

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

After the Q&A we all ventured back downstairs for a second game of AvP.  This time I had command of the three Predator Warriors against the Xeno menace and Colonial Marines whilst Tris took pictures.

Once we’d finished we had a chat about all sorts with Matthew Edgeworth.  Some Star Wars:X-Wing chat, some Star Trek Attack Wing, other similar games in style to AvP which we can use scenery and ideas from for homebrew scenarios.

All in all it was a fantastic day, great guys at PRODOS, great guys and facilities at Wayland and it looks like a great supporterbase/community for AvP.  Im massively keen for the game now and cannot wait for my Kickstarter to drop.DSC00756 DSC00757 DSC00758 DSC00759 DSC00760 DSC00761 DSC00762 DSC00763 DSC00764 DSC00765 DSC00766 DSC00767 DSC00768 DSC00769 DSC00770 DSC00771 DSC00772 DSC00773 DSC00774 SDC10654 SDC10655 SDC10656 SDC10657 SDC10658 SDC10659 SDC10660 SDC10661 SDC10662 SDC10663 SDC10664 SDC10665 SDC10666 SDC10667 SDC10668 SDC10669 SDC10670 SDC10671 SDC10672 SDC10673 SDC10675 SDC10676 SDC10677 SDC10678 SDC10679 SDC10681 SDC10682 SDC10683 SDC10684 SDC10686 SDC10687 SDC10688 SDC10689 SDC10690 SDC10691 SDC10692 SDC10693 SDC10695 SDC10697 SDC10703 SDC10704 SDC10705 SDC10706 SDC10708 SDC10709 SDC10710 SDC10711 SDC10714 SDC10716 SDC10717 SDC10718 SDC10719 SDC10720 SDC10721 SDC10722