Guild Ball New Zealand: Rookie’s Corner 1 – Choosing a Team

If you’re new to Guildball then you might find this blog post by JS Imbeau of the Facebook group Guildball Supporters Club (Gu.B.S) of some use when faced with that daunting decision of which team to play.  It gives a tactical analysis of each team citing pros and cons for each.

It’s a heartily recommended read for all new players to Guildball. Go take a look.


Judge Dredd

Some great info about Judge Dredd here. I have my beady gamer eyes on a set of Gangs on the cheap and might invest post X-Mas.

Go take a look for yourself and check out the playtests and battle reports I’ve previously posted.



Table Top Games UK

400 million people, and every one of them a potential criminal – welcome to the world of Mega-City One and Judge Dredd – he is the law!


Build a force and take to the streets, playing as the Justice Department or one of their many enemies – the Angel Gang, the Dark Judges, Street Punks, Fatties or even the insane Chief Judge Cal.

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Mancave Monday – TCW Reinforcement Blind Boosters

Tonight was a very exciting time in the Mancave as some lovely goodies I had ordered arrived and just in the nick of time.

Given it was the first glimpse of the Star Trek Beyond trailer and the worldwide premier on Star Wars:The Force Awakens it seemed fitting that my 3 sets of Star Trek Attack Wing Reinforcement Blind Boosters for Temporal Cold War and my final outstanding Star Wars X-Wing Ship, Tantive IV, both arrived.

Some time ago David Montgomery of The ShipYard YouTube channel previewed the STAW Reinforcement Boosters and I shared links each day to his videos (links to the videos can be found below).  Over winter Wizkids will be running The Temporal Cold War OP Series (based off the Enterprise episodes).  Each month players will participate in a scenario and build a 90pt fleet using all standard build rules and formats (check with your venue and TO for further advice).  Each player will then receive a randomly assigned Blind Booster to build an additional 40pt ship from which must be used.

For all of you who follow here and either don’t use Facebook or The Hairy Gamers (and why not!?) I’m going to provide links to each of my comments and the videos.

The Hairy Gamers can be found at you can find a brief write up of each Blind Booster by me on that page which links to the videos attached below.  I dont want to steal David’s thunder as he’s done some great work on behalf of the STAW Community so please, please, please go take a look at his YouTube Channel and Subscribe.

So far we have seen:

Romulans – IRW Belak –

Species 8472 – Bioship Gamma –

Dominion – Aldara –

Federation – USS Lakota –

Mirror Universe – IKS Toh’Kaht –

**Temporal Cold War OP 1 Prize** Xindi – Diaspora –

Klingon – IKS Buruk –

Bajoran – Interceptor 8 –

Kazon – Nistrim Cullah –

Vulcan – Seleya –

Ferengi – Nunk’s Marauder –

Now mine have arrived I can share some pictures of the ships and cards without stealing Davids thunder.

Testing The Devils Run:Route 666

Once again, last night, Mark Rapson, of Word Forge Games, and I threw down and tested some more scenarios from WFG’s forthcoming Kickstarter The Devils Run:Route 666.

Last week we tested the first of the Brit Attack Muggy scenarios where a fleet/swarm/bunch of Brit Attack Muggys attacked a convoy of Hauls Angels vehicles to cripple and steal an objective from one of them.  This week saw us complete the Muggy scenarios with the follow-up “Blew The Bloody Doors Off!”.  This scenario saw the remaining Brit Attack Muggys (we lost poor departed Ronald RIP to a long dive off a bridge into a river….may he rest in peace) of Michael, Charlie, Keith and Bill attempt to escape with their hard captured booty through a tunnel and off the end of the 5th tile.  As long as Charlie made it off I would win.  The plan was simple….keep those Hauls Angels off Charlie whilst he made a run for it.

Charlie could not be the target of ranged attacks if he was within 1-2 squares of any other Muggy, Michael added +2 to all other Muggy Evade rolls if within 1-2 of another Muggy, Keith was more difficult to hit as he adds +2 to all BS tests against him and Bill allows all Muggys ahead of him to re-roll a single failed Ballistic Skill (BS) dice per turn.  Knowing what my boys could do I set out my stall.  Bill would bring up the rear using his twin linked minigun turret to fire behind and keep anyone approaching off the Muggy’s sixes whilst improving everyone elses attacks.  I didn’t expect to attack much as the majority of my Muggys can only fire directly ahead although they can be all fitted with the turret.  Charlie would be central with Keith and Michael sat either side stopping the Hauls Angels from swiping him.  Seems simple innit?

The game started and it seemed to be going to plan.  Again the Brit Attack Minis were every bit as good as I (a huge Mini fanboy) had hoped and they do not disappoint.  Charlie was untouchable as he kept another mini close at all times.  This meant that Marks Hauls Angels would target the other minis first.  Bill was the first to fall but the aim of this scenario was not for me to escape with all my cars…..just Charlie.  He was my priority so the other guys could be sacrificed if necessary.  Bill went down first.

Keith was targetted next but despite Mark doing everything he could to side swipe him off the road Keith rolled an amazing Armour roll of 2 or less on a d10 no less that 3 times in a row to reduce the damage from one of Marks cars to a single Chassis Point (CP)!!!  Keither even had the lowest Armour (A) of any of the Muggys and couldnt rely on Ronalds Armour (A) re-roll as he was brown bread guv!

I was using the intervening terrain to weave and evade the slower Hauls Angels vehicles.  I wasnt affected by rough ground nor did I pay a penalty for moving diagonally which meant I kept my speed up and simple blasted off down the board hiding behind rough ground to slow Marks relentless assault.

Keith evaded and escaped the clutches of Hauls Angels with superior speed and maneuverability eventually catching up with Charlie and acting as his wingman as they escaped through the tunnel to freedom!

Victory to Brit Attack again!

With plenty of time left we setup another new scenario involving Justice chasing down some of the Laws Haulage gang.  Justice are a primarily female led gang inspired by the teachings of St Michael and Justice.  Over time their methods have become more brutal and they really do have some nasty and neat tricks to tackle the enemy.  I had thier Leader, Cadence on a bike armed with a Harpoon called “The Gatherer” which not only removes Chassis Points (CP) but also Armour (A) when it hits thus making the defensive capabilities of the target even worse.  A very nasty weapon indeed and this would become important as she had a mission to track and catch the lead Laws Haulage vehicle.  No other member of Justice could attack it.  To help he in this she had a special rule meaning any Laws haulage vehicle had to take a target priority test before they could used a ranged attack against her.  If they failed they could not target her.

I also had two junior members of the Justice gang and an Executioner.  This badass Valkyrie nutcase wields a huge sword and can really put the hurt on if she gets close doing 4 Damage per hit!!!

Collectively all my Judges could completely remove a vehicle from the game if they took off more than 50% of the remaining Chassis Points (CP) in a single turn so high damage weapons start that ball rolling and supporting Judges can then remove 2 or 3 hits and completely take out the vehicle.  This is a great mechanic for the weaker bikers of Justice.

First round saw the Executioner strip 4 hits off a Laws haulage biker before a lower judge  finished them off.  Cadence tore some armour off her target and reduced his overall Chassis Points.  My remaining two bikes ganged up on Marks second bike and took it down reducing it to a smouldering wreck on the road.  Next turn the Executioner did her thing again lopping the head off the passenger on the Laws Haulage Trike armed with a Flamer.  This was good as I hugely fear that trike mounted flamer.  You get no defence against it.

With one vehicle completely removed and two smouldering wreck blocking the road Mark decided to make a run for it and race away hoping to lose Cadence.

A lucky recovery/repair roll (roll 3 d6 and if 2 are gained your downed vehicle is back and can move its Minimum Move (MM), if 3 are gained I.E. a 666, then the vehicle is back and can take actions normally) brought Marks trike back into the game.  He slammed on the brakes hoping to smash into the Executioner but she evaded leaving him to be left for dust behind.

Rather than give the trike a free shot at the Executioner I too slammed on my brakes and moved behind him to attempt an attack using that devastating sword.  This would leave me vulnerable to being left behind as the game progressed.*

*As vehicles move forwards the last tile is moved from the back and adds to the “rolling road” effect so essentially the road is always changing.  This means any vehicle left on the rearmost tile when it moves is lost permanently and left behind.

When Marks target car moved off the third tile both the Laws haulage trike and my Executioner were left behind and lost.  It wasn’t an issue as she had accounted for 3 casualties and couldn’t actually target Marks car….only Cadence could.  She was only a few squares back sitting in his blindspot and stopping him from slamming on his brakes and taking her out.  My remaining two bikers sat just behind as wingmen now that the Executioner was gone and Mark had no other vehicles remaining.

Slowly but surely each hit from Cadences Harpoon stripped more Chassis Points (CP) and Armour (A) from the Laws Haulage car until with one final killing (Critical no less!) blow she took him out.

Victory for my Justice as Cadence and the Executioner proved what psychopathic badass Valkyries on bikes they were and wrecked everything in sight.

We decided that perhaps the bikes were too fragile because had Mark successfully achieved a swipe or ram on my bikes they would almost certainly have been destroyed or in a very bad way.  We also determined that the Executioners sword whilst fun was ridiculous and simply did too much damage if it hit.  We tweaked some numbers and ran some math and Mark took away some new stats to test another day.  i think the Justice will appeal to anyone who likes “the Eldar” way of doing business.  Hit hard, hit fast but dont be built for attrition.  You know you’ve taken a hit off them but if you get into good positions and can target them you will kill them.  I await further Justice expansions to see what effects they have.  they work well as a team and there are some truly tasty buffs between them.  I think Mark is 100% right that the Executioner is unaffected by some of the rules that buff Judges otherwise she’d be a little OP.  As it was she needed a tweak or it was simply too powerful.

Onwards and upwards for Mark, Word Forge Games and my other project The Hairy Gamers as we all head to Dragonmeet in London at the weekend to either exhibit our games or loiter and make nuisances of ourselves.  Hairy Gamer Tris and I will be at the WFG stand at some point to take in some demo time.  Come say “Hi” to us and the WFG Guys.

Purgatory Miniatures by Underestimated Games

I recently stumbled upon a game I’ve been mulling over creating myself for some time.  I’ve always loved Christian Dogma and mythos especially the sort of stuff that has made it into movies and films such as Supernatural, Legion, Dogma and the Prophecy Trilogy.   I love the idea and thought of Angels and demons fighting for the will of man and Fallen Angels battling with the Heavenly Host.

10015091_806625929391102_1243099927502709490_o.pngThis weekend I discovered Purgatory by Underestimated Games.  Once I had seen some of the minis for this game (especially St Peter) and read the story behind Death I knew this game was the thing I had been trying to create.  Thankfully someone had already started this process for me.

I’d love to explain exactly why I love the f**k out of this idea so much but I’d not do it justice so I’ll let Underestimated Games do it themselves:-

Purgatory is going to be a world/game where everything is set in modern times.

It’s a world where time has stopped.

After the war for Heaven, where Satan led the renegade angels against the throne, Satan was cast down, along with those that followed the dark path. The schism was great. Heaven itself was built on the foundations of Duty, a duty to guide mankind, to watch over us, protect us and prevent us from regression and devolution. At the point where Chinese and Egyptian civilisations were expanding and growing into the cultural and distinct societies that history has taught us, the war for heaven was reaching a crescendo.

The usurper; Satan had been cast down. His followers crushed, broken and scattered across the many realms. During the closing stages, the greatest of God’s champions, Michael smote Satan outside of the great keep and in doing so expelled Satan and his followers from Heaven.

The renegades, led by the Bale Star (Satan) were banished and cast down upon the Earth in righteous fury.

Herein lay Michaels mistake. For now, humans knew that they were truly not alone and as the greatest civilisations in history watched on in wonder and awe as destruction, evil and rancour descended from the skies in tidy of fury and humiliation.

These ancestors scoured the lands, attempting to track down these fallen comets to understand their meaning. Some of the greatest migrations of human settlements and some of the greatest conquests by human civilisations have been driven by this momentous event with warlords, kings, generals and rulers determined to be the first to truly communicate with the gods.

But the renegades had vanished.

Whilst evidence existed of their arrival, nothing other than the impact site could be found. Tracks leading in all directions confused the greatest hunters and diviners of their time, confounding kings and great leaders to a lifetime of nothingness.

The renegades had dissipated like smoke, as if into the very air we breathe itself for none could find any trace of their existence.

The renegades fled into the canyons, mountains, gorges and forests and there they dwell. Broken, cast aside and defeated they remained hidden from humanity, watching, learning and licking their wounds, waiting for their moment to take the ultimate revenge on God – The mass slaughter of his greatest creation, Mankind.

Time marched on and men forgot. Details, texts and writings of the coming of ‘God’ was consigned to history as a story, fairy tale or myth. Historians have studied and argued over these relics and ‘holy texts’ until the present day, so lost in their study they did not see the obvious signs and portents that would truly confirm the renegade angels existence and more importantly, the extent to which mankind was being manipulated.

Every war, every act of desecration, of slaughter, debauchery and dictatorship has been the machinations of the renegades.

God saw mankind ripping itself apart in greed, lust, murder and war and could watch no more.

At this moment, God declared war on the renegades, war on earth and war on mankind. The clock would be reset, mankind would be saved and the renegades destroyed or brought to justice.

God loosed the angels of heaven but in doing so time slowed. Earth was not designed for angels and the arrival of so mightier a being tipped the balance of time out of place, what was undone and those that had died, perished and been consigned to history awoke and roused themselves from their eternal slumber. The doors to Valhalla were cast aside, the Petersrauld Gates smashed asunder as the legions of damned and worthy vomited forth, back into the material world for the long war to come.

Angels were truly revealed to mankind as they hunted the renegades and battle lines were drawn as humanity flocked to banners and made ready to stand by a side or stand alone.

The above is a very draft version of what were are looking to achieve. It sets the tone and in simplistic terms:

Earth is now a battlefield where angels and mighty beings do battle in the very streets, districts, towns and cities that surround us as we take a side. Who will you choose?

We wanted to bring a range of models to you, that not only had the age of cliché of demons vs. angels, but angels that could represent either side. Most importantly though we wanted to bring an element of us, of what we are as people to the game in an attempt to mix fantasy with modern.

We are aware of previous texts or ideas that place angels or god hidden in humanity, guiding us and making our decisions. It is important to point out that this is not that. Whilst yes, we refer to angels manipulating humanity, it is a precursor for God to rain down angels upon us to destroy earth as we know it and very much like he did with Noah, to cover the lands to start again.

For example, we are in the closing stages of bringing to you ‘factions’ that see groups of humans that can be fielded together or mixed with other factions to play a progressive skirmish game where humans are pretty much the goblins of the world, weak, useless and insignificant.

For those that read this BLOG not only will you understand about what it is we are looking to bring but more importantly a heads up as to the first factions that will be coming to you. The Soul Train and NWA. (Nuns with Attitude) But enough of that.

The game will be accompanied by a card system, the cards will be used to purchase upgrades for weapons or to grant models and character ‘gifts from the gods’ that can be used in game. We want people to progress with their ‘crew’ as they play more games and get better (or worse) as time goes along. There are some fantastic mechanics that we will be bringing to you that add that unique and often random element to the game that will tip the balance in a number of directions making each experience a different one.

More of this will follow in the coming months and weeks but instead, we have taken the time to go through some of the art we have released to explain, what, where or who they are.

In the coming days we will be doing a piece on each of the pieces of art that we have released to date, to give you an understanding of the thought process behind the who, where and what is going on in the picture.

This time around, we will start with where it all began. Heaven Fall.

Heaven Fall is the image of the ‘comets’ falling over the great pyramids of Egypt.

Why Egypt?

Well Purgatory, or the notion of it was first mentioned or referred to in the bible in the book of Ezekiel. More specifically chapter 26, verse 20 (some of you may have noticed this appears as our facebook page). When researching this, it became apparent most scholars point to this being around the 600 to 550 years BC. When understanding which civilisations were around then, two immediately stood out. The Egyptians and the Chinese Dynasties.

Egypt is a powerful reference point. Whilst to devaluate the Chinese civilisation, we decided that the Pyramids of Giza represented a much more well-known ‘icon’ to start our journey. That is why we chose it

What is going on exactly?

This is the moment that mankind was aware of other beings. The ‘comets’ are fallings angels streaking down through the clouds, cast down from Heaven. You will not that we made reference to the ‘bale star’ earlier, this is represented by the black ‘comet’ which is designed to be Satan. The black trail associates the comet with being impure.

The pyramids are a vision by us of what we though they may have looked like at the time. Rather than make the mistake of getting the timelines wrong and showing them as they are now, we asked our artist to picture them as they might have been.

You will see in the image that people are ‘watching on’ in the bottom left of the image and that in front of the pyramids themselves there are references to markets and a town very close by.

The sky was designed to be quite ominous, to reflect the circumstances and to draw attention to what was going on at the time.

What is going on with the pyramids?

It’s a question we have been asked and the answer is quite straight forward. The story above talks about realms, we don’t want to limit our thoughts to just Earth and the cosmic, celestial style of the main pyramid it designed to allude to a greater power being wielded here. It’s quite an important aspect of the drawing.

Why start there?

It’s not what is going on now, we admit. However it was always our intention to provide people with a gaming experience that was rich with background and references. We are great admirers of Games Workshop in this regard as this storyline that they have created is often a greater pull than the models themselves. It can lead people to reposition, re paint or even design their own ideas based on a smallest fragment of text from just one piece of background.

We wanted to start with where it all kind of kicked off, so that if anything people knew why Angels were running around being the crap out of soul singers and nuns…..

That was taken directly from the website for Purgatory Miniatures available on:-

There is also a Facebook group to build some buzz about this game and hopefully generate interest in a future Kickstarter in 2017.

The guys have long terms plans and a huge range of characters to develop and build a game around.  If you wanna play blaxploitation soul musicians from the 70’s or religious zealots and refugees, you can.  If you want to play the forces of Fallen Angels and the dark side, you can.  Me personally I like the idea of suited and booted bad-ass angels with huge sets of wings resplendent in all their heavenly glory.

The miniatures are superbly detailed and beautifully made.  They are certainly on par with any other resin miniatures out there on the market currently and I really am looking forward to slapping some paint on them.

The Underestimated guys should be at Salute 2016 and I for one will be making a bee-line for their stall to take in some table time and see whats coming next.