Battleground Hobbies: Battlefield Jungle Terrain

A great and simple tutorial for producing Jungle effect terrain on a mass and cheap scale.  I’ll definitely be stealing this idea to build up my scatter terrain for my AvP Predator temple jungle board.

‘Model-making Basics’ – modelling and shaping

Some excellent ideas and goes for modeling 25mm scale items and armatures for sculpting your own minis from a recently followed blog by David Neat.

I’ve even spotted something in here to make my life easier and I’m not sure David intended it as such. Hopefully he’ll have more ideas I can borrow for my modelling projects!

Cheers David.



This is the third of five outline accounts dealing with what I consider to be the five defining areas of model-making work; main construction, fine construction, modelling/shaping, creating surfaces and painting. I’ve written these overviews in preparation for teaching sessions at RADA ( Royal Academy of Dramatic Art ) in London. So they’re tuned towards the specialities of theatre design model work, but most of the points will be relevant in general terms to model work in other disciplines. I’ve started with the general ‘themes’ or requirements of the subject .. in other words the ‘ways of thinking’ behind the practical work .. and this is followed by a selection of ‘ways of doing’ giving more specific and practical guidance on the materials and methods used.

As I see it, ‘modelling and shaping’ encompasses the making of any element in the model that cannot be achieved by methods of construction. That…

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