Star Trek FIRST LOOK: Halik Raider for Attack Wing Wave 20

More exclusive reveals from  They have an exclusive First Look at the Kazon vessel, Halik Raider, available this month for Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 20.

The Halik Raider was first seen in the Voyager episode Dreadnought where treacherous members of Voyagers crew in league with Seska were transmitting details of a powerful Cardassian weapon stolen and used by the Maquis back in the Alpha Quadrant.  The crew surmise that upon investigating a debris field in the Delta Quadrant it would take a very powerful weapon to cause so much damage to the duritanium-hulled unmanned probe. Upon investigation, Commander Chakotay and Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres find that a powerful Cardassian weapon caused the destruction. Captain Kathryn Janeway asks if Seska could be involved but Torres reveals that she herself was responsible.

Source: Star Trek FIRST LOOK: Halik Raider for Attack Wing Wave 20

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