Netting the Fishermen – Angel

With only the Fishermen players, Jac and Angel, left to analyze Docbungle gives us his thoughts on the build of Angel and her tactical usage in Guildball.

The Wargaming Bear

Its time for another Netting the Fishermen and its Angels turn today…


She is pretty fast (not fastest though) but she does rock an excellent KICK (same as her captains), however her TAC is pretty poor, she shouldn’t be getting into combat especially as her DEF is average and with no ARM as well. Her INF is also average for a player. So at the front of it she is the picture of average barring KICK and TAC but she is easily boosted.

Character Traits

Light Footed – Angel ignores movement penalty for moving through rough ground. So the terrain is never gong to slow her down!

Tactical Advice (Shark) – If she is near Shark at the start of a turn her INF goes up by 1, which is pretty big (free INF) but is balanced by the fact you may not need them that close all the…

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