Netting the Fishermen – Shark

Docbungle adds his thoughts to Shark, the captain fantastic of the Fishermen team for Steamforged Games Guildball. Having played this game and this guy in particular I can see exactly where he is coming from on every point! Its a great summary of what Shark brings to your Team.

The Wargaming Bear

Welcome to the next team in my team talk series, I didn’t want to do them as they smell and this is no way in me trying to dodge the fact I may be picking them up…..

Anyway to Netting the Fishermen and as always the Captain first, the big (dog)fish Shark.


You will see a theme with the Fishies that Shark starts, he is fast very fast! It will not take long for him to get around the board. His TAC is reasonable for a captain, while is DEF is average but he does come with some ARM as well. His INF is also pretty standard for a captain, but his KICK wow now that is some impressive stats, this guy is a goal machine! With a goal threat range of 17” he is not to be messed with. While also not being big on combat a threat…

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