Netting the Fishermen – Kraken

The second in a series of articles discussing the tactical usage of Fishermen players for my Guildball team. If you, like me, play Fishermen then reading this is a must for you!

The Wargaming Bear

Next on Netting the Fishermen its time to unleash the big guy Kraken.


Slowest member of the team but then he is the biggest as well. I say he is slow in some other teams it is still pretty standard movement. His TAC is average as well, his DEF is very low but does get ARM to balance that out. His KICK is also very low (he is as good as Salt; he kicks as well as an Otter!). While his INF is also pretty low but he does not take much out of the pool either if maxed out.

Character Traits

Tough Hide – Any damage from plays/playbook is reduced by 1. This makes him reliable to take a hit on top of his ARM.


His playbook allows for some damage output as well as a tackle. However where the fun is, is the knockdown and Guild…

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