Netting the Fishermen – Greyscales

The “salty old sea dog” of the Fishermen, Greyscales, gets a detailed tactical analysis for Guildball thanks to Docbungle.

The Wargaming Bear

Its time for tall tales on Netting the Fishermen with the old man of Guild Ball Greyscales.


He has average MOV and can reasonably keep up with the fast players on the team. His INF and DEF are all average but he has no ARM (shouldn’t matter as he is a bugger to pin down as we shall see). His TAC is also in the average range so nothing to get excited about but he does have a very good KICK as good as some teams strikers in fact although he does suffer a little on distance but for a passing game he is going to be very good at it.

Character Traits

Unpredictable Movement – Once a turn when an enemy enters his melee range, he can dodge away. This is pretty strong anyway but with his large melee zone means he is incredibly hard to pin down…

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