Guild Ball Season 2

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We are here with Matt and Rich to talk all things Guild Ball as the guys get themselves ready for season 2.

We have the latest on the errata as well as some nice titbits about what is coming up, we even pester for more spoilers just for you and even ask some of your questions….

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Netting the Fishermen – Greyscales

The “salty old sea dog” of the Fishermen, Greyscales, gets a detailed tactical analysis for Guildball thanks to Docbungle.

The Wargaming Bear

Its time for tall tales on Netting the Fishermen with the old man of Guild Ball Greyscales.


He has average MOV and can reasonably keep up with the fast players on the team. His INF and DEF are all average but he has no ARM (shouldn’t matter as he is a bugger to pin down as we shall see). His TAC is also in the average range so nothing to get excited about but he does have a very good KICK as good as some teams strikers in fact although he does suffer a little on distance but for a passing game he is going to be very good at it.

Character Traits

Unpredictable Movement – Once a turn when an enemy enters his melee range, he can dodge away. This is pretty strong anyway but with his large melee zone means he is incredibly hard to pin down…

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Netting the Fishermen – Salt

Salt, the Otter mascot of the Fishermen, gets the Docbungle tactical treatment in this “Netting the Fishermen” article.

The Wargaming Bear

Next up on Netting the Fishermen is the cuddly Mascot Salt.


As fast as the rest of the team so he can keep up with little fuss. However then his stats are as expected for an Otter on a sports field. Low TAC and KICK but he is pretty slippery with high DEF and no ARM. He does bring some INF with him but like all mascots it isn’t much.

Character Traits

Love Creature – We have seen this on other Mascots, basically you hurt the Otter you hurt the team and they get just a little bit angry about that!!


Only a small one but one that is pretty handy if you are short of momentum as both hit columns will generate MPs. He also has access to a Tackle and he can do some damage although not worth mentioning really..


Where’d they go – Costs…

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Netting the Fishermen – Shark

Docbungle adds his thoughts to Shark, the captain fantastic of the Fishermen team for Steamforged Games Guildball. Having played this game and this guy in particular I can see exactly where he is coming from on every point! Its a great summary of what Shark brings to your Team.

The Wargaming Bear

Welcome to the next team in my team talk series, I didn’t want to do them as they smell and this is no way in me trying to dodge the fact I may be picking them up…..

Anyway to Netting the Fishermen and as always the Captain first, the big (dog)fish Shark.


You will see a theme with the Fishies that Shark starts, he is fast very fast! It will not take long for him to get around the board. His TAC is reasonable for a captain, while is DEF is average but he does come with some ARM as well. His INF is also pretty standard for a captain, but his KICK wow now that is some impressive stats, this guy is a goal machine! With a goal threat range of 17” he is not to be messed with. While also not being big on combat a threat…

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Netting the Fishermen – Kraken

The second in a series of articles discussing the tactical usage of Fishermen players for my Guildball team. If you, like me, play Fishermen then reading this is a must for you!

The Wargaming Bear

Next on Netting the Fishermen its time to unleash the big guy Kraken.


Slowest member of the team but then he is the biggest as well. I say he is slow in some other teams it is still pretty standard movement. His TAC is average as well, his DEF is very low but does get ARM to balance that out. His KICK is also very low (he is as good as Salt; he kicks as well as an Otter!). While his INF is also pretty low but he does not take much out of the pool either if maxed out.

Character Traits

Tough Hide – Any damage from plays/playbook is reduced by 1. This makes him reliable to take a hit on top of his ARM.


His playbook allows for some damage output as well as a tackle. However where the fun is, is the knockdown and Guild…

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Netting the Fishermen – Siren

Great tactical advice regarding one of the Fishermen team for Guildball – Siren. I saw these abilities first hand when I used her last week against Mark and I agree with everything stated here!

The Wargaming Bear

Can you hear the call of the sea? No?! Well tough it’s another Netting the Fishermen and this time its Siren.


She is fast very fast, which is always good and something we see through all Fishermen. Her KICK is also very good on par with Greyscales which means she is just another goal threat. Her DEF is average but like Angel she has ways it can be boosted. She has no ARM and average INF. What is odd is how low her TAC is, we are talking mascot low here, she is not going to be in combat if you can help it.

Character Traits

Beautiful – Whenever she is targeted by a character play the range is reduced by 5”. This is huge as it means the majority of such plays wont reach her as they wont be close enough.

Charmed (male) – If she is being…

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