Star Trek Sunday – Balance of Terror OP – USS Intrepid

Morning Mancavers,

Today I will be walking you through the Monthly OP Event Kit “Balance of Terror” which is the second episodic OP Event Kit, after “Year of Hell” and fills the short 2 month gap between the OP Events “Q-Continuum” and”Temporal Cold War” for Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing (STAW).

Balance of Terror comes from the Original Series (TOS) timeline and is inspired by the TOS episode of the same name:-

It is the first time in Star Trek where we witness and experience the nefarious Romulans.

The Star Trek: Attack Wing Balance of Terror OP Kit includes everything a store needs to run an event supporting 10 players Including:
  • 1 Tournament Instruction / Score Sheet here
  • 1 Tournament Overview Sheet here
  • 1 Fleet Build Sheet
  • 10 Sabotage Participation Prize Cards
  • 3 USS Intrepid / Constitution -class Starship Pre-Painted Plastic Ships
    • 1 Plastic base (with 2 Plastics Pegs)
    • 1 Maneuver Dial
    • 10 Cards (2 Ship, 1 Maneuver, 2 Captain, 1 Additional Rules, and 4 Upgrade Cards) 5 Token Sheets (4 Captain ID, 1 Ship, 5 Action, 1 Critical Hit, 1 Auxiliary Power, 1 Fleet Action, 1 admiral, 1 Disabled upgrade, and 3 Shield Tokens)


Interestingly, in addition to the OP Event mission, which can be downloaded legally and free of charge via the link above, there are as usual a participation resource “Sabotage”. Players will receive the participation price regardless of their actual placement in the tournament.

This OP resource costs 5 fleet points and can be used a total of five times. When the game starts you place five Mission markers ontop of the Sabotage Resource. Each round a player may spend one of these tokens, to obtain one of the following four effects: if you are Attacking the enemy you can (1) force the Defending ship to re-roll 2 dice of your choice or (2) force the Defending ship to roll 1 less Defense dice.  You can also when Defending force the Attacking ship to, either (3) to roll 1 less Attack dice or (4) to re-roll 2 Attack dice of your choice.  This can already be very handy albeit a bit situational. The card is also very flexible. And for just 5 points, I don’t think it will become common in my builds but its fun and may see the odd use in casual play.

For those participating in the event the kit also contains three prize ships, the USS Intrepid, a Federation Constitution Class Starship.  One usually goes one to the tournament winner.  The other two vessels are often shared by the tournament hosts (or its trusted third party, which organized the tournament, the TO) and another player from the field of competitors who has embraced the spirit of the game or played thematically….well call this the Fellowship Prize.  As the Tournament Organiser (TO) and already having three of these ships I will be returning my Prize ship back into the pool.  So First and Second and Fellowship (Most Sporting) will each receive a prize.

The Wizkids official Event Site describes the kit as follows:


While on a mission to investigate attacks against the outposts near the Romulan Neutral Zone, your fleet has discovered an enemy fleet heading back towards the neutral zone. You have your fleet follow the enemy into the Neutral Zone at a distance, mirroring Their every move. Even though any act of aggression would be Considered to act of war between your people, you decide to make your move and have your fleet attack. Will you outmaneuver and destroy your enemies?Or wants They outwit you and claim victory for Themselves?

The USS Intrepid was first seen in the TOS episode “The Immunity Syndrome” and is a Federation Starship. It is, as Captain Kirk’s USS Enterprise was, a Constitution class and has a unqiue identifying feature. The entirity of Admiral Decker’s crew is composed exclusively of Vulcans!  A fact which this kit unfortunately does not do justice. As only a single Vulcan Crew card is included in this prise ship set.

So lets start with the ship itself, this ship model is a recycled sculpt also used for the USS Enterprise or Tinyprise from the initial “Wave 0” of the game. This is ok, given that the two ships are the same class of ship in game although the many reported issues with the engine nacelles detaching in transport for the USS Enterprise so you may see broken off engines.  I personally have never had an issue with this sculpt at all and including the ISS Avenger which also uses this sculpt own 9 of this sculpt now without issue.   As you can see, the Intrepid follows the recent trend for Federation ships that began to established over the last few waves to paint ships in Liberace-esque silvers. Silver is the new Federation Baby Blue. Following the silver Akira class USS Thunderchild, Nebula class USS Pheonix and Intrepid class USS Bellerophon we now also get a silver Constitution class.  Im not sure how I feel about this….Im not a huge fan of the Baby Blue colour but I dont see that the Silver which Wizkids are currently using is any better.  Its almost as if those guys at Wizkids have never actually watched an episode of Star trek ever.  When you see the paint jobs, the blatantly incorrect cards in some packs and the wrong ships being used for particular episodic events you have to question whether WK actually know or care any different.

The USS Intrepid has the usual stats ​​of its sister ship, the Constitution class USS Enterprise and costs, using the usual formula of doubling the total of all primary stats – 22 points for the Named Variant (game values ​​3-1-4-3) and 20 points for the Generic Constitution class.  It uses the standard Federation Action Bar of Evade, Target Lock, Scan and Battlestations.

As per all other version of the Constitution class this ship has a 180 degree front arc and no rear arc.  Its a very useful maneuver dial and will certainly help in keeping those enemy ships within the front arc.  1 Bank & 1 and 2 Fwd Greens. 2 & 3 Bank, 2 Hard and 3 & 4 Fwd Whites with 2 Reverse and Hard 3’s as Red.  No Come About at all.

The ability of the named version is nice, not game breaking or meta changing but nice.  “When attacking a ship at Range 3, if there is a Scan Token beside your ship the Defending Ship rolls -2 Defense dice instead of -1”.  There have been certain scenarios when staying at Range 3 and “fed shuffling” could win your the event.  In those scenarios this ability would have been great.  Its a nice ability if you can use it.  Its a little situational but given that this ship is a little fragile you may want the additional defensive benefits of staying at Range 3 whilst making your attacks that little bit more potent.  The larger front arc will almost certainly help with this.  This will also work on Secondary Weapons!

So who do we have at the helm of the USS Intrepid….well none other than Commodore Matt Decker (the father of Captain Will Decker from the Enterprise Refit expansion!).  Sadly this is where things start to fall apart and Wizkids lack of caring or understanding of the Trek’verse begin to show.  The USS Intrepid (NCC-1631) was a 23rd century Federation Constitution-class starship operated by Starfleet. This ship was crewed entirely byVulcans and was seen in the TOS episode “The Immunity Syndrome“.  Expanded canon described the Captain of the Intrepid as Satak.  In this pack we see Commodore Matt Decker, the captain of the USS Constitution which went toe to toe with “The Doomsday Machine” in the TOS episode of the same name.  So far Wizkids have the wrong ship attributed to the episodic OP (should have been the Enterprise) and the wrong captain (should have been Satak).  100% failure rate so far.

As there is no mechanic for using Commodores in STAW Matt Decker is listed as an Admiral which means we can use him as either an Admiral or a Captain.  The Admiral version costs 1 point and actually reduces the effectiveness of your captain but reducing his CS by 1.  A thoroughly thematic implementation of this guy!  As Captain he is a low CS2 captain.  Both versions bring an Elite Talent slot to the table which for the cost is pretty good and he also comes with an ability.  “Target a ship within Range 1 of your ship (including your ship).  Target ship gains +1 Attack die this round and suffers 1 damage to its Hull.”.  Its thematic of Matt decker and the episode he appeared in but again that wasn’t Balance of Terror.  Its an ok ability.

This ability poses a number of questions: Is it possible with Deckers Action to allow an enemy to target ship to get it on the one hand briefly to strengthen the attack value, but then to also damage as a result of the interaction?  If you were in the rear arc of a ship with no shot at you you may want to use this ability to directly apply damage to the Hull of that enemy ship.  This is a rather sneaky usage for this ability.  You could also use it against a an enemy ship at range 1 with a shot on you when you have Feedback Pulse from the Borg Sphere expansion that allows you to cancel all the damage and apply half of it rounded up aback at the enemy.  Nifty huh!  Keevan + Feedback Pulse + Admiral Matt Decker??

When does this deal damage effect occur? After application of the additional die or immediately?  I would be inclined to say that the damage dealt is directly linked to the triggering of the Action occurring.  Therefore indirectly this action allows the ability to destroy his own ship itself!

On the first point, I feel the wording of the card is clear. I will go with the wording of card that you Matt Decker’s action may also employ against enemy ships! An interpretation supported by the wording of another card in this set card, the Elite Talent Flag Officer because there is a clear distinction between the terms is friendly and enemy implied.
In this form, this action is a very exciting prospect to play with, as long as you survive its use!

The Elite Talent Flag Officer allows you to target a friendly ship within Range 1-2 and that ship can perform a free Action if you discard this Elite Talent.  Its a 4pt discard Elite Talent.  In my mind for a free Action the costs of this card are prohibitively high, 4pts and a discard??  The effect itself is quite nice, but there are simply better talents for the Federation out there or uses for those 4pts in a build.

Lets look at the Crew upgrades available in this pack.  As I mentioned earlier the Intrepid was crewed exclusively by Vulcans so you could reasonably expect a Vulcan Crew heavy expansion.  Again Wizkids have dropped the ball here as they have only provided one Vulcan Crew, the Vulcan Engineer.  The Vulcan Engineer is a 3pt Action.  He’s worded thusly “ACTION: If there are no enemt ships within Range 1-3 of your ship, repair one of your shield tokens.  You do not pay a faction penalty when assigning this upgrade to a Vulcan ship.”.  Its a nice ability, not sure I’ll use it as much as other repair cards of which the Federation has quite a few.  The penalty pure element is cool and another card to add to the lists for penalty pure events but as we play pure here I cant see him getting much use.

We also have another Crew upgrade in Astrogator.  It can be deployed as a Crew upgrade or a Secondary Weapon upgrade.  Its a 3pt Action discard which is never a nice to decision to make.  It says “ACTION: Discard this card to perform an additional non-red maneuver on your maneuver dial with a speed of 1 or 2.  This upgrade may only be purchased for a Constitution class ship and you may fill a Crew or Secondary Weapon Upgrade slot on your upgrade bar with this upgrade.  No ship may be equipped with more than 1 Astrogator upgrade”.  So you can perform a non-red speed 1 or 2 maneuver as an Action, it has its uses but sadly the timing of this card limits those interactions.  Had it been a discard after you move then it could have been used to remove a Auxiliary Token after a red manuever.  But as it is an Action you need an Action to use it.  Its nice for getting out of dodge or moving into a better firing position but would closing to R1 be better than using that Action for a Target Lock or Battlestations?  Im not sure.  Its a  nice thematic card as I recall its usage in another TOS episode.  There was a failed experiment with the M5 Multitronic Computers on all Constitution class starships in the TOS episode “The Ultimate Computer”.

Last card to look at is the Secondary Weapon upgrade Dual Phaser Banks.  Its a 3pt disable upgrade which adds +1 to your Primary Weapon Attack.  It may not sound much but when you cosnider this now makes a Constitution class as punchy as a Galaxy class starship or hit even harder than a Romulan D’deridex class Warbird.  Sadly the Dual Phaser banks upgrade may only be equipped on Federation ships are used and cost another 3 pts cost if they were a vessel type other than said Constitution wants to play class. As with other similar upgrades you may only ever equip one of these upgrades to your ship.

However, this card is absolutely worth its points and a real steal of an upgrade. As the Primary Weapon attack  is boosted, you can stack this upgrade with others than boost your Primary Attack or Attack dice.  You can also use your best maneuvers to – used at the right moment – get two additional attack dice (1 for Range 1 and 1 for this card). Since you get to keep the card after use also, the ability is often performable over and over again. I personally like that, especially since I do not like disposable cards. Its too bad that cards like this will become available only via tournament play to the players.

So let me know what you think.

The Delta Flyer – Star Trek Attack Wing First Look

As we approach Autumn and Wave 19 for Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing looms on the horizon the reveals and first looks begin to appear on

The first of the Wave 19 first looks is for the Federation Shuttlecraft, the Delta Flyer.

The Delta Flyer

The Delta Flyer

The Delta Flyer was a specially designed Federation shuttlecraft constructed by the crew of the USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant in 2375. The vessel was designed to handle environments that would be too hazardous for a standard shuttlecraft and to be slightly larger than the average shuttle, the crew having acknowledged that standard shuttles were of little use in the increasingly hostile and unexplored Delta Quadrant. The vessel was a blend of Starfleet and Borg technology, designed in collaboration between B’Elanna Torres, Tom Paris, Tuvok, Harry Kim, and Seven of Nine. It featured a warp-streamlined tetraburnium alloy hull, retractable warp nacelles, parametallic hull plating, unimatrix shielding, and a Borg-inspired weapon system, including photonic missiles, most of which were Paris’ conceptions. For aesthetic reasons, Paris designed some of the flight controls to resemble those from the holodeck simulation of Captain Proton; when Tuvok complained, Paris explained that he wanted to feel the ship and that he was tired of tapping panels. But to Paris’ disappointment, the addition of dynametric tailfins was denied by Tuvok. Instead of having the usual two pilot stations, it had several command stations. The ship was first featured in the Voyager episode “Extreme Risk“.

Firstly, what a tough little vessel!  This Shuttlecraft packs the punch of some TOS era ships and exceeds the capabilities of later era ships such as the Saber Class, Nova Class and Oberth Class ships already available to the Federation.  In fact its not far off being as powerful as the Defiant Class ships.  It has a great PWV of 3, a decent Evade of 2, a Hull value of 2 and Shields of 3.  It follows the special rules associated to Shuttlecraft which were introduced with the Type 7 Shuttlecraft, the Sakharov.  This means that the ship can only attack at Range 1-2, must only be included if a “capital ship” vessel of Hull 4 or more is included in your fleet, it can dock with larger vessels and cannot have weapon upgrades of 3 SP or more assigned to it.

Shuttlecraft Additional Rules Reference Cards

Shuttlecraft Additional Rules Reference Cards

The Delta Flyer has some notable exceptions to these rules as befitting its unique status.  Firstly as per its named ability you can deploy weapon upgrades of 4SP or less which gives you more options when using secondary weapons.  It can also fire its primary weapon from its rear arc at -1 Attack Dice.  Not a huge ability but it does offer some flexibility.  With Evade, Target Lock and Scan actions on the Actions Bar this little ship can certainly make its limited attacks worthwhile.

To make those attacks count you will want to keep out of range then close quickly and unload at R1-2, the first of the Delta Flyer’s captains, Tom Paris, offers you that ability.  With a CS of 4 and costing 2pts Tom allows you to convert a 3 Fwd manuever into a 4 Fwd maneuver at the cost of an Auxiliary Power Token and losing the ability to “dock”.  If speed isnt your thing and you want some tactical flexibility then consider Tuvok, the second of the Delta Flyer’s captains.  He’s a little more experienced with a CS of 5 but costs more at 3pts.  Tuvok allows you to add another Tech Upgrade slot to your vessel AND reduces the cost of all your Tech Upgrades by -1pt.  This will work great with upgrades like Specialized Shields or Enhanced Hull Plating to add greater evasiveness to this ship.  Neither brings an Elite Talent slot to this pack.

Given Tuvoks ability to reduce the price of Tech upgrades you’d think this pack comes loaded with Tech and you’d be right!  First up we have Parametallic Hull Plating which is a 2pt discard allowing you to cancel a Hit or Crit during the Compare Results Step.  The second Tech option Immersion Shielding costs 3pts and adds another shield to your ship while providing protection against unexpected obstacles by granting a reroll of the attack dice if you overlap an obstacle. Lastly, Unimatrix Shielding adds another 2 shields to your ship while giving you the possibility of even greater protection against Borg attacks by disabling upto 2 active shields to cancel an equal number of Hits and Crits.   You may only equip one of each of any of these upgrades to any Federation vessel and they cost +3pts for any non-Federation vessel, except Unimatrix Shielding which costs +5pts.  There’s some seriously useful Tech available in this pack which will make a tough little ship even tougher.  Looking good!

So what about Crew?  Who do we have here?  Well as collaborators in the process of building the Delta Flyer B’Elanna TorresHarry Kim and Seven of Nine are all included and have new versions.  How can they help?

Firstly B’Elanna Torres provides defensive options by allowing this ship to disable herself and an active shield to cancel one Hit or Crit during the Compare Results step.  This is nice and thematic in this pack but when you combine her with some of the doctors available for the Federation on a big hitting ship with lots of shields then you really are cooking on gas.  I can see B’Elanna getting lots of table time in combo’s like that!  She’s 4pts but its a price im willing to pay for a great ability like that.

Harry Kim is another great defensive boost for the Federation.  Sadly he is a 4pt Action disable but he allows you to place 2 Evade tokens beside your ship.  You wont be able to perform an Evade action at all, even as a free Action but you still get to roll defense dice so 2 guaranteed evades instead of taking an Action to get 1.  Nice.  I’m sure there are some really rather dirty ways of abusing this card including other crew or captains that allow you to perform upgrades actions as Free Actions (and thus not disabling him) or by using upgrades that allow you to take double tokens etc.  I’ll have a more detailed look once I’ve finished writing this.  Both are greatly improved versions of their previous cards and I can see both being used in preference to their originals.

Lots of defensive options but what if you want to engage in combat.  Seven of Nine allows you to disable herself during the Activation Phase to perform a free Battlestations action.  Its important here to differentiate between taking tokens and performing actions.  Seven performs a free Action which means this ship cannot perform that same action again in any way….it can however place Battlestations tokens.  The rules state you cannot perform the same Action twice, even if it was a free Action.

Lastly we have those Secondary Weapon upgrades that will boost the offensive options of this ship.  We have the 3pt Photonic Missiles which are Range 1-2 missiles, which, in addition to dealing damage, can also give any hit target an Auxiliary Power Token.  This is always an awesome ability as forcing a ship to take an APT can really throw an opponents plans off.  Finally, the power of Photon Torpedoes is made available for a shuttlecraft. Normally you wouldnt be able to equip such an upgrade to a Shuttlecraft due to the rules however the Delta Flyer can equip Secondary Weapons upgrades of 4pts or less.  Additionally these torpedoes can be fired at Range 2-3 with 5 attack dice which means the Delta Flyer can fire a 5 dice attack at Range 3 from its Fwd or Rear arcs.  Allowing such a powerful attack from such a tiny ship requires you to discard this upgrade rather than disable it, but this seems like a fair trade off for a shuttle. Both weapon upgrades can be fired from either the front or rear firing arc, giving you the flexibility to go head-to-head with an enemy or fire while on the run.

Wow!  What a great little pack!  I’m seriously excited by this vessel even with the limitations of Shuttlecraft.  Its a small nippy craft with a great dial, nice stats and reasonable actions.  The upgrades perform well and will see lots of use in other formats.

Were I to try and build this ship in the current Suggested Tournament Format of 50pts in a pure environment, out of cards just in this pack I’d probably do it as follows:-

Delta Flyer (20)

Tuvok (4)

B’Elanna Torres (4)

Harry Kim (3)

Photon Torpedoes (4)

Immersion Shielding (3)

Unimatrix Shielding (5)

Total (43)

So what do you think about the Delta Flyer?  How would you run it using just the cards in this pack?  Let me know and comment below.

Thanks for reading.


Star Trek Attack Wing Updates

Recently David Montgomery, of The Shipyard YouTube channel, has been revealing the latest Blind Booster ships for the forthcoming OP events in Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing.  I’ve been sharing these YouTube videos and providing comments via The Hairy Gamers Facebook page.  For all of you who follow here and either don’t use Facebook or The Hairy Gamers (and why not!?) I’m going to provide links to each of my comments and the videos.

The Hairy Gamers can be found at you can find a brief write up of each Blind Booster by me on that page which links to the videos attached below.  I dont want to steal David’s thunder as he’s done some great work on behalf of the STAW Community so please, please, please go take a look at his YouTube Channel and Subscribe.

So far we have seen:

Romulans – IRW Belak –

Species 8472 – Bioship Gamma –

Dominion – Aldara –

Federation – USS Lakota –

Mirror Universe – IKS Toh’Kaht –

**Temporal Cold War OP 1 Prize** Xindi – Diaspora –

Klingon – IKS Buruk –

Bajoran – Interceptor 8 –

Kazon – Nistrim Cullah –

Vulcan – Seleya –

Ferengi – Nunk’s Marauder –

**Edit** So thats its folks…all ten Blind Boosters have been revealed and should start to become available from the end of October onwards and will last about a year, starting with the Temporal Cold War OP Series.

Guild Ball Team Talks

For those of you who, like me, are just getting into Guildball it helps to have more experienced players sharing their thoughts and reviews of the teams and their player and playstyle.  Recently I’ve been re-blogging a series of tactical reviews posted by Docbungle called “Netting The Fishermen”.  If you play one of the other teams you may find some solid tactical advice for your players on his blog.

Go check it out!

Source: Guild Ball Team Talks

Netting the Fishermen – Angel

With only the Fishermen players, Jac and Angel, left to analyze Docbungle gives us his thoughts on the build of Angel and her tactical usage in Guildball.

The Wargaming Bear

Its time for another Netting the Fishermen and its Angels turn today…


She is pretty fast (not fastest though) but she does rock an excellent KICK (same as her captains), however her TAC is pretty poor, she shouldn’t be getting into combat especially as her DEF is average and with no ARM as well. Her INF is also average for a player. So at the front of it she is the picture of average barring KICK and TAC but she is easily boosted.

Character Traits

Light Footed – Angel ignores movement penalty for moving through rough ground. So the terrain is never gong to slow her down!

Tactical Advice (Shark) – If she is near Shark at the start of a turn her INF goes up by 1, which is pretty big (free INF) but is balanced by the fact you may not need them that close all the…

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Guild Ball Season 2

Flock & Awe Podcast

We are here with Matt and Rich to talk all things Guild Ball as the guys get themselves ready for season 2.

We have the latest on the errata as well as some nice titbits about what is coming up, we even pester for more spoilers just for you and even ask some of your questions….

Episode DIRECT download

How can you contact us


Any reviews/comments are welcome as we strive to be the best wargaming podcast for you the listeners. Any episode suggestions are also very welcome.

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Netting the Fishermen – Greyscales

The “salty old sea dog” of the Fishermen, Greyscales, gets a detailed tactical analysis for Guildball thanks to Docbungle.

The Wargaming Bear

Its time for tall tales on Netting the Fishermen with the old man of Guild Ball Greyscales.


He has average MOV and can reasonably keep up with the fast players on the team. His INF and DEF are all average but he has no ARM (shouldn’t matter as he is a bugger to pin down as we shall see). His TAC is also in the average range so nothing to get excited about but he does have a very good KICK as good as some teams strikers in fact although he does suffer a little on distance but for a passing game he is going to be very good at it.

Character Traits

Unpredictable Movement – Once a turn when an enemy enters his melee range, he can dodge away. This is pretty strong anyway but with his large melee zone means he is incredibly hard to pin down…

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Netting the Fishermen – Salt

Salt, the Otter mascot of the Fishermen, gets the Docbungle tactical treatment in this “Netting the Fishermen” article.

The Wargaming Bear

Next up on Netting the Fishermen is the cuddly Mascot Salt.


As fast as the rest of the team so he can keep up with little fuss. However then his stats are as expected for an Otter on a sports field. Low TAC and KICK but he is pretty slippery with high DEF and no ARM. He does bring some INF with him but like all mascots it isn’t much.

Character Traits

Love Creature – We have seen this on other Mascots, basically you hurt the Otter you hurt the team and they get just a little bit angry about that!!


Only a small one but one that is pretty handy if you are short of momentum as both hit columns will generate MPs. He also has access to a Tackle and he can do some damage although not worth mentioning really..


Where’d they go – Costs…

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Netting the Fishermen – Shark

Docbungle adds his thoughts to Shark, the captain fantastic of the Fishermen team for Steamforged Games Guildball. Having played this game and this guy in particular I can see exactly where he is coming from on every point! Its a great summary of what Shark brings to your Team.

The Wargaming Bear

Welcome to the next team in my team talk series, I didn’t want to do them as they smell and this is no way in me trying to dodge the fact I may be picking them up…..

Anyway to Netting the Fishermen and as always the Captain first, the big (dog)fish Shark.


You will see a theme with the Fishies that Shark starts, he is fast very fast! It will not take long for him to get around the board. His TAC is reasonable for a captain, while is DEF is average but he does come with some ARM as well. His INF is also pretty standard for a captain, but his KICK wow now that is some impressive stats, this guy is a goal machine! With a goal threat range of 17” he is not to be messed with. While also not being big on combat a threat…

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Netting the Fishermen – Kraken

The second in a series of articles discussing the tactical usage of Fishermen players for my Guildball team. If you, like me, play Fishermen then reading this is a must for you!

The Wargaming Bear

Next on Netting the Fishermen its time to unleash the big guy Kraken.


Slowest member of the team but then he is the biggest as well. I say he is slow in some other teams it is still pretty standard movement. His TAC is average as well, his DEF is very low but does get ARM to balance that out. His KICK is also very low (he is as good as Salt; he kicks as well as an Otter!). While his INF is also pretty low but he does not take much out of the pool either if maxed out.

Character Traits

Tough Hide – Any damage from plays/playbook is reduced by 1. This makes him reliable to take a hit on top of his ARM.


His playbook allows for some damage output as well as a tackle. However where the fun is, is the knockdown and Guild…

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