Gaming on a budget – The Challenge (Part 4)

So as part of my “Gaming on a Budget” series of articles Im going to be attempting to buy, within my budget, and paint some miniatures every month allowing me to get involved in a new game.  The new game I chose was SteamForged Games Guildball.  I decided to invest in the Fishermen’s Guild team.

In Part 2 I assembled and primed my minis and over the last two days have decided to attempt to paint my first miniature in over 18 years.  I started with Kraken.

Kraken, Fishermens Guild Centre Back.

Kraken, Fishermens Guild Centre Back.

Kraken, Fishermens Guild Centre Back.

Kraken, Fishermens Guild Centre Back.

The parts of the Kraken miniature from SteamForged Games.

The parts of the Kraken miniature from SteamForged Games.

Kraken, assembled and primed

Kraken, assembled and primed

The gangs all here.

The gangs all here.

After priming him Matt White I started to look online for some inspiration for colours and to a relative painting novice like myself it was a bit daunting to see so many excellently painted examples of my miniature.  I wanted a dark gritty look unlike some of the brighter examples I had seen.

I would be using Army Painter Paints and had settled on a plan to block out some areas before applying a Quickshade wash over everything before hitting the highlights with some basic drybrushing.

I wanted to prime the miniature with Barbarian Flesh over everything to get good coverage on the skin but couldn’t find any at Black Dragon Miniatures in Hinckley so settled on Matt White instead.

Flesh – Base Barbarian Flesh > Soft Tone Quickshade > Barbarian Flesh/Skeleton Bone 50/50 > Drybrush Skeleton Bone > Highlight raised areas with Skeleton Bone/Matt White 50/50

Trousers and Right arm gauntlet – Base Ultramarine Blue > Blue Tone Quickshade > Drybrush Crystal Blue

Rope – Base Desert Yellow > Dark Tone Quickshade > Drybrush Skeleton Bone

Metallics – Base Shining Silver > Dark Tone Quickshade > Drybrush Shining Silver

Fur – Base Uniform Grey > Dark Tone Quickshade > Drybrush Matt White

Leatherwork – Base Leather Brown > Dark Tone Quickshade > Drybrush Leather Brown/Skeleton Bone 50/50

He’s still not entirely finished as he requires fixing to a base, to have his coil of rope painted for his Harpoon and a spot of varnish just to protect his paint but I’m happy enough that he’s a tabletop level for gaming.

What do you think?

20150706_205611 20150706_205626 20150706_205707 20150706_205722 20150706_205739

Let me know what you think.  C&C invited and appreciated.  Not too shabby for 18 years away from painting minis.  I like the limited palette which should give my team a dark unified look on the field.

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