Rumors/Preview – Age of Sigmar Model Leaks (Sigmarite and Chaos)

Im not personally a huge Warhammer Fantasy Battles fan but I can see just how much potential the new Age of Sigmar release miniatures have. They would make awesome conversion fodder for all those Inquisimunda and Necromunda readers of this blog.

Straight out of the box these miniatures are amazingly detailed and easy to assemble and use. One could even be convinced to give some of the new series of miniatures a try.

Watch this space for more Age of Sigmar updates!

Clan Khorvaak

Holy shit.

I didn’t intend to ever post Fantasy stuff on here because of the focus being Clan Khorvaak, but I have to stop and give a major shoutout to this.

The first Age of Sigmar models have leaked and they are GLORIOUS!

Straight out of the box they’re amazingly detailed and a cool looking Sigmar faction (very akin to Fantasy Marines as many are saying.) However, their conversion and bits potential is NUTS! Especially for Inquisitors and Space Marines.

I cannot wait to get myself a box of these guys painted, this might just be what gets me into collecting fantasy.

Also, I finally have a freaking source of some sick shields for my Iron Guard! Those shields even have a hammer on them, which is the symbol I use for my guard! (A gauntlet grasping a hammer.)



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