Star Trek Attack Wing Review: USS Pegasus

Always good to see more blogs out there advertising the hobby especially one of my favourite games; Star Trek Attack Wing.

Notes From The Bunker

Hi - I'm the clay pigeon of your Attack Wing game.  Hi – I’m the clay pigeon of your Attack Wing game.

When I saw Wizkids was releasing the Pegasus I was excited because it offered a potentially tactic-altering piece of technology – the Phasing Cloaking device.  Remember watching it in Star Trek TNG?  You could install this thing on  ship and it could fly through enemy ships, through space bodies, etc..  Yeah, it was a tiny Oberth class ship, but was saw in the episode, it could be installed on any ship.  I pictured flying a ship right through a planet or asteroid or through the enemy ships.  I didn’t see it as a game-changer, but it sure would offer something new and different.  Being able to pass through planets and other ships could upset the enemy just enough in battle. Sure it was evil, but I’m not one of those tournament gamers – I play just for grins.


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