Star Trek Thursday – Q-Continuum:Deja-Q

Evening Mancavers!

Tonight I will be showing the cards and ships from the Q-Continuum Month 2 OP Event “Deja-Q”.  The Prize for this event is the I.K.S Korinar, a Klingon B’Rel class Bird-of-Prey.

It was featured in the Deep Space 9 episode “Sons of Mogh” where IKS Korinar warned the runabout USS Yukon away from investigating an apparent explosion of a cloaked object in 2372, claiming that the Klingons were conducting military exercises. The IKS Korinar was in fact participating in a Klingon effort to mine the Bajoran system.

Were I to try and build a ship in a Ship Pure environment using Wizkids Suggested Rules Format out of this expansion I’d probably go with:-

IKS Korinar (22)

Kurn (3)

Mauk-To’Vor (5 reduced to 3)

Klingon Stealth Team (5)

Ambush Attack (5)

Cloaked Mines (3)

Total (41)

Sadly there aren’t enough cards in this expansion to even fill all the upgrade slots on this vessel, which is annoying.  I;d have thought even a generic set of Photon Torpedos would enhance this ship especially given the Rear Arc.  Its a nice little ship with some clever tricks such as the Elite Talent Mauk-To’Vor which allows you to sacrifice your Captain to add a number of Attack Dice equal to half their Captain Skill rounded down (upto 3 max).  This isn’t very useful in this pack as Kurn isn’t the highest skill captain, also in general it suffers from some of the issues that Klingons have…Action heavy, expensive, discard upgrades with limitations.  Its a common problem with Klingon upgrades.

Klingons also get access to some Cloaked Mines which on the face of it seem like a poor variant of the Romulan ones.

All in all this ship will make a nice little “wingman” type vessel for harrassing flanks and attacking as part of a pack.  I don’t think it has the longevity to shift the better Klingon vessels out there…the K’Vort’s, K’Tinga’s and Vor’cha’s.

Let me know what you think.  Post a comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can.



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