Mancave Monday – Star Trek Goodies

Yeah yeah I know…..I said I wouldn’t post again this week, well that was until I got home and found some awesome Star Trek Attack Wing goodies waiting for me.  What is it they say about the best laid plans of mice and men and all that?

Well when I got home this evening it was my intention to put together some Star Wars Armada stuff but waiting for me was an awesome package….my Sakharov, a Type 7 Shuttlecraft from the episodic OP event “Peak Performance” and my USS Hood, Excelsior class Federation Starship from the Q-Continuum Month 1 OP event “Encounter at Farpoint“.

These ships have been available at OP Events in the states for a while now and we’re just beginning to see them appear over here in the UK.  My FLGS, Youngs Hobbies, will be hosting an event in the future to enable players to win these ships.  I’ll probably end up volunteering as TO for those events and possibly playing if we need an extra player.  Already owning 3 of each I wont be taking prizes if I do.

I’m a very happy geek this evening.  Just finished watching WWE – Payback and now preparing to watch Game of Thrones whilst I was preparing these pictures and writing this blog entry.

Both ships have already been reviewed elsewhere so Im not going to reinvent the wheel by doing it again.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Guess I ought to go to Ikea and buy another Display Case as I have too many ships for the current ones.  What a nice problem to have eh? #firstworldgeekproblems

Enjoy and let me know what you think by adding a comment.

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