Star Wars X-Wing League @ NAGA 11-03-2015

On Wednesday night I had my third game (and only my 5th overall) in the NAGA Star Wars X-Wing League.  I had somehow found myself in seventh place having defeated Owen Cartwright a fortnight ago and lost to the gatekeeper of the Top 5 Alan Mathieson when he tabled and humbled me quite badly last week.

In an attempt to not have to face Alan again I challenged Mitchell “Mitch” Dunton who occupied 6th place.  It was only a potential gain of 1 position but it means that if I win I can jump Alan and challenge Brent Jay or whoever occupies 4th place.

I had looked at a couple of different builds.  I’d previously used my Decimator and Phantom list against Owen, and a Twin Phantom List versus Alan.  Having published both lists on here already I needed to come up with something new.  I had just received my Scum & Villainy stuff so I thought I’d give them a try.  They play differently to the other two factions so might work for me.  Between that and my mysterious second build I’d never flown any of the ships I’d be using tonight.

The eventual build I settled on was as follows:-

===================== Scyk To My Kath Teeth =====================

100 points

Serissu (28) M3-A “Scyk” Interceptor (20), Swarm Tactics (2), “Heavy Scyk” Interceptor (2), “Mangler” Cannon (4)

Cartel Spacer (20) M3-A “Scyk” Interceptor (14), “Heavy Scyk” Interceptor (2), “Mangler” Cannon (4)

Kath Scarlet (52) Firespray-31 (38), Veteran Instincts (1), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Recon Specialist (3), Hull Upgrade (3)

Mitch arrived and it was at this point that I discovered he too would be playing a Scum list, a Twin Agressor Scum list which worried me greatly as I had heard Twin Agressors would become the new “meta” in SWXW.  Mitch’s list was as follows:-

====================== Mitch’s Twin Aggressor ======================

100 points

IG88-B (50) Aggressor (36), Veteran Instincts (1), Enhanced Scopes (1), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), “Hot Shot” Blaster (3), IG-2000 (0), Anti-Pursuit Lasers (2)

IG88-C (50) Aggressor (36), Veteran Instincts (1), Enhanced Scopes (1), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), “Hot Shot” Blaster (3), IG-2000 (0), Anti-Pursuit Lasers (2)

I had to admit to fearing the worst when I saw this list.  I figured they’d quickly eat up my Interceptors then focus fire Kath into oblivion.

We setup.  I deployed my Cartel Spacer first on the right flank ready to skirt down the side of the board once I knew what Mitch was doing.  Mitch deployed his Aggressors opposite my only deployed ship.  Serissu sat beside the Cartel Spacer just inside so he could benefit from Serissu’s ability.  Kath Scarlet’s Firespray finally deployed at an angle with a straight routed through the asteroids pointing towards the Aggressors.

With fleets set and deployed we got underway.  Due to his Enhanced Scopes Mitch’s Aggressors had a pilot skill of 0 during Planning and Activation so he moved first.  A tentative advance followed by a cheeky boost action and a free evade.  Nice combo!  I must remember that for the future!

I then advanced my two Scyk Interceptors, with no Boost action I couldn’t get in range.  I also couldn’t Target Lock so as I was also out of range I took an Evade simply just to perform an action.  Kath fired up the engines and charged quickly into the asteroids to meet the Aggressors.  Again no shots but to get in the habit of remembering I used my Recon Specialist and took two Focus tokens.

Turn two was the beginning of my downfall.  Mitch’s Agressors pulled hard turns and entered the asteroids parking pretty much where I had planned to have my Interceptors end up.  Luckily only my Cartel Spacer actually bumped.  This activated the Anti-pursuit Lasers which proceeded to strip the only shield my little ship had and left me with no actions and no arc as I couldnt fire at the ship I was touching.  Serissu just about avoided a bump so could fire.  Kath crunched into the front of the first Aggressor leaving her with no actions.  Again the APL were activated and Kath avoided getting damaged.

The Aggressor that had been bumped twice used its Hot Shot Blaster to try and pick off Serissu’s Interceptor.  The evasive little ship managed to shrug that off.  Mitch fearing Serissu for some reason targetted him again with the other Aggressor and this time successfully tore away a shield leaving him with his 2 bare hull points.

Serissu fired upon the forward Aggressor but caused no damage.  Kath couldnt target the lead Aggressor as she was in touching in base to base contact.  So targetted the rear one at range 2.  Using her Heavy Laser Cannon she stripped all four shields off it.

Turn three saw Mitch advancing slowly whilst bumping.  He needed my ships to move away.  Serissu koorigan turned and brought his weapons to bear on both Aggressors.  Kath pushed past the two robotic Bounty Hunters vessels and readied her primaries to fire using her auxiliary arc.  My Cartel Spacer was stuck between the two Aggressors and wouldnt survive the turn.

As the Attacking phase began both Serissu and Kath focus fired against the now unshielded Aggressor hoping to remove it.  Some poor rolling with lack of dice modifying actions later and some excellent dice on Mitch’s behalf it was still standing.

The Aggressors fired back and my Cartel Spacer was no more.  Serissu would last a little longer.

Next turn saw Serissu chasing down the two Aggressors as Kath needed to turn.  My choice was korrigan or arc around the asteroid and hope to keep some arc on the Aggressors.  I chose the latter.  Both of Mitch’s Agressors chose some curved Koorigan turn and fixed Serissu in their firings arcs.

With no shot from Kath the Aggressors destroyed Serissu and now I was very worried.  Both of my Interceptors had been destroyed and Kath was now facing two enemy ships alone.

As Kath rounded the asteroid she brought her weapons to bear on the lead Aggressor as the other gave chase.  In a flurry of pin point accurate shooting with focus tokens for modification she stripped all the hull off the unshielded ship.  With one Aggressor destroyed I may now see the abilities of his ships change as the IG-2000 Title allows all Agressors with that upgrade to share abilities.  I had my first ship down.  Kath was still strong and undamaged.  I might just be able to do this.

The second Aggressor gave chase.  With only a front arc weapon it had limited ability to fire upon me now it had exhausted its Hot Shot Blaster.  Kath slowed to a crawl to allow the faster Aggressor to catch up.  Dropping four dice from her Auxiliary Arc she took all the shields off the healthy Aggressor.  The next turn would be cruical.

I planned to have Kath take a gentle 1 in the hope the Agressor would either overshoot me or bump into the back of me and lose its actions and shot.  As luck would have it Mitch didnt bump but couldnt fire at me.  I had my rear arc open to fired upon the unshielded lone Aggressor.  Not a great attack but two damage, one of which was a crit.  Mitch’s Agility had been reduced by 1.

The next round proved to be the last as Mitch maneuvered his ship hoping I would Koorigan and face him head on.  I didn’t.  I took a hard right turn leaving me at range 2 with an asteroid between us.  Knowing that both my primary from my auxiliary arc and Heavy Laser Cannon would be enough, with Focuses, to destroy the smoking Aggressor I fired my Primary.  Two hits and a Crit, it might be enough.  With two Focuses left for defence and an intervening asteroid for extra evade dice I wasn’t worried.  Mitch rolled his defence reduced by one for the Crit but increased by one for the asteroid.  I’ve never been so happy to see three blank dice before.  Taking the damage the last of Mitch’s ships crashed and burnt leaving Kath to fly off into the black and enjoy a fruitful evenings work.

Victory for my Scum and Villainy.

Following this battle I challenged Brent Jay to a match on 25th March for his 4th position.  We shall see what future for me and my fleets.