Star Wars X-Wing League @ NAGA 11-02-2015

NAGA runs a Star Wars X-Wing league and last week I challenged Owen Cartwright (who was in 5th position) for his position on the Ladder.  Before I could battle Owen he was knocked off the table by another player.  So with the battle still arranged we decided that the winner of our battle would win the right to challenge the new 5th position player.  100pts Imperial vs Imperial.  The terms decided we embarked upon our game (and only my third ever X-Wing game).  I had already decided to take the same fleet as I had used against Tris on Mancaves Superbowl Sunday Gaming Bonanza.  My fleet was as follows:-

“Whisper” (44) TIE Phantom (32), Gunner (5), Fire-Control System (2), Veteran Instincts (1), Advanced Cloaking Device (4)

Commander Kenkirk (56) VT-49 Decimator (44), Predator (3), Ysanne Isard (4), Mara Jade (3), Dauntless (2)

As some of you may remember on Superbowl Sunday I used Lone Wolf, Darth Vader and Hull Upgrade on Kenkirk and an Intelligence Agent on Whisper.  Based on what occurred that game I decided to rejig my list and try to free up enough points for Gunner on Whisper dropping the Intelligence Agent.  I also felt that Darth Vader and Hull Upgrade weren’t necessary and forced by the loss of my Lone Wolf card I rejigged Kenkirk too adding Dauntless and Predator.  Ready to fly we setup.

I had Initiative as Whisper was a 9 and Kenkirk a 6 (the same as Owens highest skilled pilot Dark Curse).  He deployed Oicunn centrally and Nightbeast to his left flank.  We deployed our 6’s together and Kenkirk was placed ready to charge down the right flank to take on Nightbeast.  Dark Curse sat on the right flank of Oicunn.  Lastly I deployed Whisper who would face off against Dark Curse hoefully seeing him off before coming to support Kenkirk.  That was the plan at least!

Owen advanced all of his ships and was out of range of both of my ships so his actions were largely focuses and evades.  My ships raced forward quickly with Kenkirk Target Locking Nightbeast and Whisper Cloaking.  Oicunn turned towards Whisper and entered the asteroid field.

Kenkirk and Nightbeast traded shots but Nightbeast managed to evade all of Kenkirks shots.  Nightbeast managed to strip a couple of the Decimators shields away.

As Owens TIE fighter and Decimator closed on Whsiper she used her superior maneuverability and roll and evade both ships and passed between them turning sharply in the rear of Oicunn.  Both Owens TIES performed koorigan turns and gave chase.

The combined firepower of Whisper and Kenkirk promptly dispatched Nightbeast but not before Nightbeast managed to strip all the remaining shields from Kenkirks Decimator.  The lack of shields on Nightbeasts TIE Fighter came back to haunt him.  Neither of Owens remaining ships had either of my ships in arc.

Kenkirks Decimator arced round the asteroid field ready to face Oicunns Decimator head to head.  Dark Curse turned into the asteroid field.  Whisper koorigan turned and returned to the fray, her decloaking ability allowing her to close the distance quickly.

Oicunn attempted to turn infront of my Decimator and drop some Proximity Mines which Kenkirk narrowly avoided.  In doing so I crashed into the side of Oicunn and neither Decimator was able to target the other.  truth be told I actually enjoy being that close and had won from a similar position previously.

Both Kenkirk and Whisper fired on Dark Curse before either of Owens ships had a chance to respond.  the resultant damage destroying the TIE Fighter.

Oicunn fired back at Whsiper but again thanks to her focus token from firing and free recloak from the Advanced Cloaking Device she managed to avoid all damage.

Oicunn was now on the run as Kenkirk guessed almost every move perfectly and matched Owens Decimator move for move allowing Whsiper to get a better firing position.  Kenkirk shepherded Oicunn around the asteroids remaining in touching distance until Oicunn was forced into an error.  Whilst attempting to flee Owen had inadvertently flown towards his own Proximity Mines.  Faced with a choice of hitting an asteroid, which would have potentially destroyed the remaining hull point of the Decimator or flying through mines which would have almost certainly done the same or turning towards the table edge Owen chose to flee with his next to crippled Decimator.  Before he could flee the battle Whisper fired into the rear of Oicunn and destroyed him.

A rousing victory for my Imperials who only lost five shields and one hull point in total during the entire battle.  Third game, second win.  2-1 is my new record and I’ve won the right to challenge 5th position in the NAGA Star Wars X-Wing League.  Who will I eventually face?