Warzone Resurrection: Imperial Hurricane Walkers (2nd Entry, 5th AHPC)

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So as promised last week, I am finally going to keep up with new entries for the AHPC competition.

And continuing with my Imperial forces for Warzone Resurrection, here are two of their light walkers known as Hurricane Walkers. Now the Walkers themselves (minus the Gun Nests) were done the previous weekend, but the bases and Gun Nests (and the Minotaurus from yesterdays theme round) took another week. The main time drain was the water on the one base which took ages to cast, followed by the gun nests. The later essentially contain three full models, but cast as one, which makes the details somewhat hard and time-consuming to paint. But here are the models.

Now I bought myself two models of these. That is… I did so even though I knew that in all likelihood I would only ever get to play one at any time. Under the OOB my group…

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