Cartel Tactical Centre (Community Magazine for WZR)

Being a recent convert to WZR its really aided me to have supportive and helpful players out there willing to give you ideas, explain certain rules and create fluff and scenarios to support my wargaming.

Cartel Tactical Centre (CTC) is a fan-made magazine covering Prodos Games’ Warzone: Resurrection. We will have regular issues available for download via Dropbox and some FB interaction via a dedicated page.

These guys in particular go above and beyond to produce a monthly magazine called CTC available on Dropbox:-

you can also visit their FB page:-

you can also contact them directly via their email

Here are some examples of the great work CTC do!  Enjoy!

ctc3 10854238_864987540191322_626313223298121433_o 10947340_864987523524657_9129434574963511718_o 1932555_865534736803269_433514056672907665_o 10649046_865534763469933_2563684756583724273_o

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