New Cybertronic troop releases from PRODOS for WZR

New Armoured Chasseurs for Cybertronic.

New Armoured Chasseurs for Cybertronic.

Pieter Diamond,  Cybertronic Mirrorman posterboy and Hero.

Pieter Diamond, Cybertronic Mirrorman posterboy and Hero.

Seems like I got involved with Warzone Resurrection and especially Cybertronic at just the right time.  Some conversations with various people about some of the older models had prompted me to go out on a limb and say they simply didnt have the “look or feel” of Cybertronic as I understood it.  Then lo and behold the guys at PRODOS reveal that the new models shown in the pictures above will be released at the end of January.

We Cybertronic guys can look forward to seeing a Pieter “The Shield” Diamond model and a new set of models for Armoured Chasseurs which are awesomely sculpted and in super fine detail.  I for one cannot wait to add these guys to my forces.

The former Bauhausian Cybertronic Mirrorman Pieter Diamond has an interesting backstory bringing him to the Cybertronic fold.   He is a Squad Commander upgrade for a single squad of Mirrormen in your Cybertronic army, or a great figure to use as a Create your own warlord.

‘The unbelievably handsome Pieter Werhowen was once a highly esteemed Jaeger Korps officer, but his station and masculine beauty had a price, he was regarded with an insatiable envy by friends and enemies alike. Little did he know that one day this jealousy would bring him his final Bauhausian breath. On the ice plains of northern Venus, Werhowen led a shock assault on a Cybertronic Research Facility. The three sins of covetousness: jealousy, cowardice and envy, converged under the watchful gaze of Semai; Werhowen’s
friend and protégé, Paulo Kilermann, blasted the unsuspecting officer in the back. As Werhowen breathed his last, a solitary tear ran down his cheek and he mouthed ‘You will pay!’ to the turncoat. The death of their leader routed the Korps instantly, each and every one to be cut in twain by Cybertronic lasers. Only one man, the damned man, survived.
Pieter ‘The Shield’ Werhowen was Diamondised and enhanced shortly after by his foes, bringing the fallen Bauhaus hero back from the dead. He is now regarded as ‘the’ poster boy of the fifth megacorp. His media-darling status is continually furthered by his acts of heroism on the battlefield; where he fights with an utter finesse, wielding his CSA404 Heat Sword and Mirrorshard Shield in a perfect unison. He is a media-savvy man that knows what he is doing, using stealth and his camouflaged suit to appear out of the shadows as a visage of Cybertronic excellence exactly where the media cameras are pointing. Once he has their attention he turns on the chrome, dazzling and delighting his fans to a heady euphoria. Little do they know that behind his perfect public façade, one thing and one thing alone drives him; a passion from his past too powerful to forget, his unrelenting and unending thirst for revenge, ‘Paulo Kilermann will pay!’

Thanks to Rob Alderman of PRODOS and Gamewire for the fluff above.

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