Star Trek Thursday

So tonight in the Mancave the better half goes out and I get to crack some plastic and punch some tokens.  Luckily a big box of Star Trek Attack Wing ships had arrived yesterday and I had at least five to debox and display.  The most recent additions to the Mancaves display cases were 3 x Assimilated Vessel 64758/Cardassian Galor Class Starship which were prizes from the Resistance is Futile OP3 event and 2 x Tactical Borg Cube 001 which were the Grand Prizes for the entire Resistance is Futile OP Series.

I believe this now takes my collection of ships to 221 ships.

I do love plastic crack, now I need an opportunity to fly some of these beasts against unsuspecting opponents.  Thankfully I think I will be playing STAW at NAGA on Wednesday next week.  Lets get scheming!


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