STAW 6: The Undiscovered Hidden Klingon Fleet (NAGA @ 07-01-2015)

The first big Star Trek Attack Wing game of the year at NAGA was a very big game indeed with each fleet deploying 150 points Fleet Pure using the “Suggested Rules Format” introduced by Wizkids last year.  It saw Josh Pembertons Romulan Fleet ally itself with my pure Cardassian Dominion Fleet against Owen Cartwrights Klingons and Derek Maynards Mirror Universe.

Due to the size of the game we decided to use a 6×4 gaming mat lengthwise with each fleet deploying at either end.  My Cardassian fleet was as follows and was a tweak and improvement on the basic triple Keldon fleet I’ve been running for recent games.  Given the limitations of the Actions the Fighters can take I wanted to try and use a resource that I’ve seldom used before and with that in mind I went for Advanced Targeting Systems to give each of my ships as much opportunity to modify dice during attacks as possible.  I’ll get the guys to send me their builds to update this thread if I can.

150pt Cardassian Pure with Advanced Targeting Fighters

Cardassian Keldon Class “Legates Fury” (24)
Cardassian Captain (0)
Dorsal Weapons Array (3)
Ship SP: 27

Cardassian Keldon Class “Blood of Cardassia” (24)
Cardassian Captain (0)
Dorsal Weapons Array (3)
Ship SP: 27

Cardassian Keldon Class “Wrath of Terok Nor” (24)
Gul Dukat (5)
Boheeka (2)
Ship SP: 31

Dominion Attack Fighters (20)
Ship SP: 20

Dominion Attack Fighters (20)
Ship SP: 20

Dominion Attack Fighters (20)
Ship SP: 20

Advanced Targeting System (5)

The plan was simple, advance, target lock, attack with superior firing arcs and destroy.

Stardate 07-01-20-15

A joint Obsidian Order/Tal Shiar strike force has been dispatched to investigate strange fluctuating readings in the Nuneaton Prime sector.  Upon arrival in the sector some Klingon ships were seen to be firing tachyon bursts into the nearby star causing it to emit strange readings.  Before further investigation could occur a rift in space tore its way through the suns core and what looked like more Klingon ships emerged.  Monitoring the communications from the safety of their advanced cloak the Romulans determined that whilst the pattern seemed Klingon in origin the ship was in fact far larger than a standard Negh’Var class vessel and was accompanied by two Defiant Class ships and a Galor class vessel.  Having heard enough of this treacherous criminal Garak in his stolen Galor class warship and his allies Dukat dispatched his armada of ships to engage the enemy and bring the traitor Garak to justice by any means necessary.

The Cardassians advanced on the left flank opposing the Mirror Universe fleet whilst the Romulans covered the right flank to halt the advance or escape of the Klingon fleet.  As the Mirror Universe fleet advanced quickly Dukat changed strategy and drove his ships into the planetary system weaving between the three planets, with fighters in support the new plan was to destroy the Klingon fleet and then turn all weapons on the Mirror Universe ships before being home in time for a well earnt glass of Canar.

The Klingons advanced on the Rolumans before being funnelled towards the planets by the careful deployment of Cloaked Mines and as the ships were turned inwards two powerful Keldon class warships were waiting, the “Wrath of Terok Nor” captained by Gul Dukat and the “Legates Fury” lead by an unnamed captain.  With both ships able to maintain multiple Target Locks and Dukats also able to go to Battlestations they made very short work of the lead Klingon vessel, a Vor’cha.  They then quickly turned their weapons on the Somraw which had been lurking at the rear of the Klingon fleet.  Shots were exchanged before the combined Keldons firepower overwhelmed the Klingon ship.  Chang had been driven off course by the Romulan Cloaked Mines and the combined firepower of the Scimitar and Avatar of Tomed destroying it in a single round of combat.

On the right flank of the combined Mirror Universe/Klingon fleet the Mirror Universe ships had left their Klingon allies to face the wrath of the Cardassians and Romulans alone and were slowly maneuvering to flank the fighter support at the rear of the Cardassian Fleet.  The faster Mirror Universe ships raced the fighters and closed the gap first leaving the fighters with a dash between planets to avoid being targetted.  One wing of Fighters did not fare so well with the combined firepower of the Regents Warship and Worfs Defiant able to take shots at long range into the unprotected rear of the fighters.  Excellent piloting and small losses meant the fighters were taking casualties but this only improived their ability to deftly weave amongst the bigger ships and avoid phaser fire.  As thier numbers thinned the superior Captain Skills of the Mirror Universe fleet enabled them to fire first on the Fighters causing even more damage.

Having now dispatched the entire Klingon fleet the remaining Cardassian vessels and disengaged Romulans swept around the planets to engage the rear ships of the Mirror Universe vessels.  The two lead Keldons applying their Advanced Targetting Systems to the two rear most ships, O’Briens Prakesh and Worfs Defiant.

As the Romulan fleet regrouped and prepared to join the assault on the Mirror Universe fleet a wave of reinforcements emerged from where the Klingons had originally deployed.  It seems that a fleet made up of exactly the same classes of ships and very similar looking and trained captains with exactly the same upgrades had been lying in wait for them.  They advanced under cloak and proceeded to attack the rearmost ships in the combined Romulan/Cardassian fleet.  The Somraw and the two Birds of Prey taking on the Romulans and a Keldon whilst the Vor’cha flanked the Avatar of Tomed and the “Blood of Cardassia”.

In a supreme display of advanced piloting the Flagship Valdore deftly maneuvered in between the four Mirror Universe ships and appeared out of nowhere to disrupt the Mirror Universe fleets plans as their ships weaved apart to avoid collisions.  Smiley O’Brien seemed unable to avoid any other ships and crashed into the ISS Defiant and the Valdore in two consecutive turns.  This bought the big Romulan bird some time to push forward and drive a wedge between the forward elements of the MU fleet, Rikers Regents Warship and Siskos ISS Defiant and the rear members, O’Briens Prakesh and Worfs Defiant.

This gave Gul Dukat the opportunity he had needed to engage the MU fleet.  Using his Target Lock and superior trained crew at Battlestations he managed to isolate and destroy the evasive Defiant of Worf before it could engage the Valdore.

As the Vor’cha emerged from behind the third planet it trained its weapons on the advancing fleet and took out all the shields on the Cardassian “Blood of Cardassia” Keldon.  In returning fire from both the Avatar of Tomed and the Cardassian ship the close range firepower of the borgified D’Deridex class Avatar of Tomed struck an almost fatal blow to the Klingon ship before the Cardassian ship fired and destroyed the remaining structure of the ship.

As time drew to a close the final results were:-

Mirror Universe losses were Worfs Defiant, two Vor’cha class, two Birds of Prey and a Somraw.

Cardassian/Romulan losses……there were none.

A resounding victory for the Dukat/Donatra Obsidian Order/Tal Shiar joint fleet.


One thought on “STAW 6: The Undiscovered Hidden Klingon Fleet (NAGA @ 07-01-2015)

  1. Derek Maynards Mirror Universe List:-

    Regent’s Flagship (32)
    William T. Riker (4)
    Tasha Yar (2)
    Photon Torpedoes (4)
    Ship SP: 42

    Prakesh (26)
    Miles O’Brien (3)
    Elim Garak (3)
    Forward Weapons Grid (3)
    Dorsal Weapons Array (1)
    Ship SP: 36

    ISS Defiant (24)
    Benjamin Sisko (2)
    Indy/Rom FleetCaptain (5)
    I Will Deal With Them Myself (0)
    Brunt (1)
    Jennifer Sisko (3)
    Aft Phaser Emitter (0)
    Ship SP: 35

    USS Enterprise-D (28)
    Worf (2)
    Fire All Weapons (6)
    Aft Phaser Emitter (0)
    Ship SP: 36

    Total Build SP: 149


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