STAW 5: The Final Pointy-ear aka The Clone Wars (NAGA @ 17-12-2014)

Tonight’s game at NAGA was a three way battle between Dan Ryans Federation, Owen Cartwright’s Federation and myself.  We had decided that we’d play 150pts Faction Pure.  I figured this was a great chance to bring out my Reman Warbirds (from Wave 9) and test them.  Only having two I had to proxy a third so used a Valdore.  My list was as follows:-

150pt Triple Scimitar List v2

Resource: Fleet Captain Independent (Dominion) (5)

Scimitar (38)
Salatrel (3)
FleetCaptain (0)
Invasion Plans (0)
Tactical Officer (3)
Interphase Generator (2)
Polarized Hull Plating (1)
Ship SP: 47

Reman Warbird (36) *Proxy Valdore*
Donatra (4)
Counter Attack (3)
Tactical Officer (3)
Interphase Generator (2)
Ship SP: 48

Reman Warbird (36)
Toreth (4)
Massacre (3)
Bochra (1)
Photon Torpedoes (5)
Ultritium Explosives (1)
Ship SP: 50

Total Build SP: 150

Dan had a pimped out USS Enterprise-E captained by Picard 8, a Galaxy Class captained by a Generic Fed Captain, a USS Reliant captained by Clark Terrell and a USS Defiant captained by Sisko.  Most were loaded with Torpedos.  Owen also had a USS Enterprise-E captained by Picard 8, a USS Voyager captained by Janeway, a Galaxy Class captained by William Riker.  All stacked with Torpedos and crew.

The stage was set, now to find a narrative.

Stardate 17-12-20-14

A civil war has erupted within the Federation, following the discovery of the Reman Picard Clone Shinzon the Federation embarked upon an ambitious plan to clone even more Picards to captain the entire fleet.  Picard clone attacking Picard clone to establish which Clone should lead.  A taskforce that shall be called Team Baldy consisting of Picard Clone #8 on the Sovereign Class USS Enterprise E, Ben Sisko captaining the Defiant class USS Defiant, Clark Terrell aboard the Miranda class USS Reliant and another captain leading a Galaxy class entered the tri-planet system at just after 19-00 hours.  Not long afterwards a second fleet appeared in the same sector.  This was called Team Annoying consisting of Picard Clone #8 on the Sovereign Class USS Enterprise E, Janeway on a Intrepid Class USS Voyager and William Riker aboard a Galaxy Class.

Upon hearing of the many new fake Picard Clones Praetor Shinzon dispatched a fleet of 3 Reman Warbirds led by Salatrel in the Scimitar itself to destroy all evidence of them.  Toreth and Donatra captained the flanking Reman Warbirds.

The two Federation fleets engaged each other around the third planet and in the centre of the sector.  The Romulans in typical Romulan style cloaked and advanced biding their time and waiting for an opportunity to attack. The three Reman Warbirds flanked Team Baldys fleet and quickly closed into the rear arcs of the ships.

Team Baldys Picard Clone #8 in his USS Enterprise E and Ben Sisko in the Defiant arced around the third planetoid to meet the flanking Galaxy Class of Team Annoying captained by William Riker.  In a flurry of fire Rikers ship was torn to pieces by the Photon Torpedos of Team Baldy before the pursuing Remans destroyed Picard Clone #8’s Enterprise E.  Ben Sisko ran and hide behind the planet evading the fire of the huge Romulan vessels.

In the centre of the sector Team Baldys USS Reliant and Galaxy Class advanced to meet Team Annoyings Picard Clone #8’s USS Enterprise E and Janeways USS Voyager.  From close range the combined firepower of the Intrepid and Sovereign class ships was too much for the Reliant which was destroyed in a volley of torpedos.  Honours even so far with each fleet destroying one of its opponents vessels but Team Baldy suffering most having lost two ships.

As Voyager raced across the prows of the oncoming Galaxy class it turned to follow Janeways ship around the second planet.  The trap was sprung and Janeway unleashed a devastating attack with its re-enabled torpedos destroying Team Baldy’s Galaxy Class leaving Siskos Defiant as the sole surviving vessel in that fleet.

Team Annoyings Picard Clone #8 aboard his Enteprise E slowly turned to face his Romulan agressors and found Toreths Reman Warbird lurking in wait.  From almost point blank range with some nifty use of Elite Talents and crew she managed to squeeze four crits and two hits in destroying all the shields and applying a devastating critical to the Enterprise.  Toreth turned to engage the Defiant as the remaining Picard Clone limped away.  Salatrel and Donatra gave chase.

The chase didnt last long as the combined firepower of two Reman Warbirds managed 12 out of 15 hits on the Enterprise.  With their primary mission of destroying the Picard Clones achieved there only remained Janeways Voyager from Team Annoying and Siskos Defiant from Team Baldy.

Toreth sat waiting for Team Baldy’s Defiant to orbit the third planet and come into range.  As Sisko rounded the planet Toreth unleashed a point blank attack at the Cloaked Defiant hitting it six times before coming about and returning to the centre of the sector to join its Romulan comrades.  Team Baldy had been eliminated.

Voyager turned to tackle the three Reman Warbirds head on.  Salatrels Scimitar had been hiding behind the second planet and as Voyager turned it arced across theface of the lead ship.  From this range with a Target Lock acquired Salatrel could hardly miss.  After some dice manipulation the final result was the Scimitar scoring seven direct hits on Voyager and destroying the last remaining Federation ship.

For the glory of the Empire!


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