Necromunda Scenery Update

I ordered some second hand Necromunda scenery from a guy down south and it arrived yesterday.  I thought I’d see just how badly it was damaged and whether any of it was salvagable.  I set about putting it together to see what I could make of it and on the whole Im not too unhappy about it.  I’ve got enough to run a game and its fairly sturdy.

There were some delamination issues on some of the gantries and walkways and the tower from the two storey structure in picture #2 is damaged and doesn’t fit within the two storey structure any more.  The top floor of the two storey structure in picture # 2 is ripped where the bulkheads slide (its weakest point) so its only the bulkheads holding this floor together.  I doubt it would support a model.

I’m going to make some new plasticard scenery using these as templates and some new shapes.  I just need to get my hands on more Bulkheads.  Hopefully the random box of stuff at my dads is just that…..more Necromunda scenery.

Just need to get the boys together to run a campaign now.

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