Star Wars X-Wing @ NAGA

So having bought a Star Wars :X-Wing (SW:XW) starter set and two TIE on Black Friday I asked around at NAGA to see if someone wanted to give a n00b a schooling (and restore some pride for the defeats I had inflicted at Star Trek :Attack Wing).

A nice fella called Sean offered to show me the ropes.  When I arrived everything was setup.  We exchanged pleasantries and Sean began to patiently explain some of the key differences between SW:XW and ST:AW.  The mechanics are for the most part very similar with the exceptions being Cloak and Barrel Roll/Sensor Echo.  There are also slight difference to how the Fighter scaled game deals with obstacles as opposed to the Capitol Ship scaled game.

Sadly I never got the chance to take any pictures last night.  I must try harder in future.

I was given the choice of a 100 or 150 pt Imperial Fleet (the difference being the addition of a pimped out Decimator).  I chose the 100pt fleet as its all I can muster once my stuff arrives.  I was given 5 ships.  Whisper in a TIE Phantom, Saber Squadron Pilot in a TIE Interceptor, Howlrunner in a TIE Fighter and two Academy Pilots in TIE Fighters.  I setup with my two Academy guys infront of Howl on the right flank so I could arc into the asteroid field.  On the left was the Saber Squadron Pilot with Whisper just inside.
Sean had Rebels.  He had Wedge and Biggs in X-Wing’s, “Dutch” in a Y-Wing and a Bandit Squadron Pilot in a Z-95.  He set up in a line across his side of the mat.
My TIE Squadron engaged his Z-95 and Wedge whilst Biggs and Dutch took on Whisper and Saber.  All my ships took slight damage but with no shields the damage started to rack up.  The TIEs took out the Z-95 and Howl got 4 hits and crits against Wedge through an asteroid at Range 3 which kinda did him.  In return they took out one of the Academy sacrifices…I mean pilots.
Whisper lasted longer as he cloaked and I took my time to get into position.  I took a few bits of damage flying completely over asteroids and bumped a few times but in other areas my piloting was immense barrel rolling into arc at range 1 and decloaking, moving and boosting into range 1 with Whisper.
In the end it was a 1 hull Biggs and a 2 hull Dutch limping away having dealt with the remaining Imperials.
Whisper is a beast!  Howl was awesome.
A great time was had and I will be back for revenge……hopefully.  Much thanks to Sean for showing me the game.

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