Update (Star Wars: X-Wing, Crusading, Mutant Chronicles)

So yesterday whilst being a good father, devoted partner and cheapo perusing the Black Friday deals on Amazon I stumble across some very cheap Star Wars: X-Wing goodies coming up.  Further investigation also finds me the cheapeast copy of the Core Starter Set for X-Wing I’ve seen anywhere recently.  I really dont think I should get into another game but its such a good deal…..so about £30 later I am the proud owner of a Star Wars: X-Wing Core Set, a TIE Phantom and a TIE Defender.

So now its time to plan for the SW: XW guys at NAGA to get their revenge on me for beating them at ST: AW by letting them school my Imperials in a very steep learning curve.

In other awesome sauce news I’ve applied for and been accepted as a PRODOS Crusader so I will be taking every opportunity to get some AvP demos at venues and locations locally.  If you know of a shop that would like a demo or a games club then please hit me up and we’ll arrange something.   As part of being a Crusader I will be picking up some Mutant Chronicles: Warzone Resurrection at some point…..possibly at the Black Dragon Miniatures Opening on December 3rd.  I’m think maybe Dark Legion, Brotherhood, Cybertronic or the British styled Faction with the gas weaponry.

Last bit of news in this update…..as The Hairy Gamers Tris and I will be writing a monthly article for a new wargaming magazine…Ravage which is based in Spain.  Hopefully you should all be seeing some of our work in that magazine.  We’ll be reviewing the “space combat” games.