So this is just a little update for you all.  Things at the Mancave have been hectic recently but in true “biting off more than I can chew” fashion I have a plethora of projects all on the go at the same time.  So here goes, in no particular order:-

Blood Bowl v2 pitch construction and painting

Complete building and paint my Blood Bowl teams (v3 Skaven, Human. High Elves, v2 Elves and Dwarves)

Reading my AvP:The Hunt Begins beta rules in preparation for the KS Drop

Reading my Necromunda LRB rules ready for any campaign with the guys

Building Necromunda gangs

Building some more of my Battlesystems Sci-Fi terrain

Make some jungle terrain for a Predator themed gaming table…think aztec temple surrounded by jungle

Building and Painting my Colonial Marines APC ready for the AvP minis

Finish building my folding gaming table for STAW

More battle reports from the recent STAW series of taster games at NAGA

I must find more time to do things.  Bad geek no biscuit!

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