STAW 3: The Search for Brent (12-11-2014 @ NAGA)

Tonights battle was between Captain Brent Jay of the Klingon Defense Force and Legate Jason Marden of the Cardassian Union/Dominion.

Stardate 12-11-14.

During the initial stages of the Dominion War a destabilised Alpha Quadrant is on the brink of all out war. Sometime between October 2372 and February 2373, with a Dominion attack on Deep Space Nine imminent, Gul Dukat announced the Cardassian Union’s entry into the Dominion. At the same time, Gul Dukat announced his ascension as leader of the Cardassian Union. Five days later, the Klingons had been expelled from Cardassian space.  This report details the driving of Klingon forces from the Setlik System

A Klingon Defense Force of General Martoks Vor’cha class Bird Of Prey flanked by Chancellor Gowrons and Worfs K’vort Birds-Of-Prey entered the Setlik System at approximately 1900 hours.

Gul Dukat, in an attempt to show the new power of the Dominion supported Cardassian Union personally led a charge of a wing of Keldon Class Warships on an intercept course from Chintoka to Setlik to expel these Klingons from Cardassian space.

As the Klingons attempted to cloak and escape Cardassian space the Keldon Warships commanded by Gul Danar and the Breen General Sar took up defensive positions on the edge of the Setlik System as Gul Dukat led a flanking maneuver to come into the rear arcs of the three Klingon vessels on the left and outside the second planet, Setlik Secundus.  Due to the poor maneuvering of the Keldon fleet this would be a long journey.

Using the magnetic disruption of the planets poles the Klingon fleet cloaked and tried to push past the line of Cardassian ships by moving down the flank.  Sar and Gul Danars Keldon class Warships advanced into the sector ready to face any Klingon advance.  The faster Keldons closed the gap to, Setlik Prime, the primary planet of the system first and having evaded an alpha-strike against them proceeded to orbit the first planet and sweep in behind the Klingon ships.  The slow turning Keldons edged around the planet and using their superior firing arcs began to fire at the rearmost Klingon vessel.  Sensing they were about to be engaged the Klingons began to lock weapons on the Cardassian agressors and follow them behind the first planet.

By this time it was too late and the trap had been sprung. Gul Dukats Keldon had lured the slower Klingon ships into orbit as his wider firing arc was brought to bear on the lead K’Vort of Chancellor Gowron.  Utilising superior discipline in battle and training the Cardassian crew was able to make every shot count and even at the furthest ranges could successfully hit the Klingon Vessels with every shot.

Sars Keldon led the attack as it swept around Setlik Prime and began to unload all its phaser fire at close range into a stranded Martoks Vor’cha.  The orbit took Sar too close to the planet and he was forced wide in a long arc before he could rejoin his Dominion allies.  Martok evaded destruction this time as Dukat and Danar rounded the planet and began the chase of Worfs K’Vort and the Generals Vor’cha.

In a very precarious position both Klingon vessels attempted to escape the pull of the planets gravity but the faster Keldons closed the gap and continued to fire, raining heavy damage on both vessels.  Danars ship dispatching the Generals Vor’cha without any reply.

In a last desperate act of Klingon courage and ferocity Worf came about to face his prey head on.  As he faced the twin Keldons of Dukat and Danar, Glinn Telle reduced the weaponry of the K’vort by almost half and when attacked the shields were destroyed on Danars ship.  Finally the combined firepower of Dukat and Danar tore the last ship to pieces.  As the pieces of the wrecked K’vort were pulled into the planets orbit and burnt up the three Keldons advanced onto the next system to drive the remaining Klingons out of their space.

Victory to the Cardassian Union with their Breen/Dominion ally Sar!

Tonights battle was between Captain Brent Jay of the Klingon Defense Force and Legate Jason Marden of the Cardassian Union/Dominion.

Brents 99pt Klingon Pure List v2

Vor’cha Class (26)
Martok (5)
Defense Condition One (5)
N’Garen (4)
Ship SP: 40

K’Vort Class (24)
Gowron (4)
Ship SP: 28

K’Vort Class (24)
Worf (3)
Drex (4)
Ship SP: 31

Total Build SP: 99

Jasons 99pts Cardassian Starter Fleet

Cardassian Keldon Class (24)
Gul Dukat (5)
Boheeka (2)
Dorsal Weapons Array (3)
Ship SP: 34

Cardassian Keldon Class (24)
Gul Danar (2)
Glinn Telle (3)
Dorsal Weapons Array (3)
Shroud (1)
Ship SP: 33

Cardassian Keldon Class (24)
Sar (1)
Seskal (4)
Dorsal Weapons Array (3)
Ship SP: 32

Total Build SP: 99