A couple of posts recently by friends on Facebook has had my keen levels rising for Necromunda again.  I’d love to find any of the stuff I used to have especially given the costs of things on EvilBay now.  I’m sure I had a Full Redemptionist, Full Ratskin, Full Orlock and Full Spyrer gang plus a stack and store box full of scenery.  I’ll be gutted if that’s all gone missing……could be at my Dads or my ex’s.

So I’m considering getting a gang and getting back into it…probably Redemptionists.  I’m also after a cheap second hand copy of the original game if anyone reading this has one.

For anyone interested the below link lists alternate places to procure Necromunda minis and some cool images to get the creative juices flowing:-

Possible alternate solutions would be Malifaux or Confrontation or Inquisitor.  Im looking for a 28mm sci-fi/dark future gang based game that wont cost the earth in minitaure purchases to buy or play.

One thought on “Necromunda???

  1. So a bit of an update on the Necromunda front……I’ve managed to get hold of a copy of the v1 rulebook which came in the original Starter Box. I’ve also downloaded and printed the Living Rule Book (or LRB) rules which were kindly supplied by Mark Southerd (of NAGA and LARP).
    Mark is proposing a group for a Necromunda style campaign in the Midlands. I have joined this via its Facebook page and am hoping at some point to get myself a gang which will work in whatever game they choose. Current ideas are Infinity, Urban War and Necromunda.


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