Nuneaton Alternative Gaming Association NAGA 05-11-2014

So last night I had arranged an intro game of Star Trek Attack Wing with one of the guys who runs NAGA in Nuneaton.  Scott was his name and I had agreed that we would run 99pt basic fleets.  So equipped with fleets for Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Dominion, Borg, Ferengi, Vulcan, Bajoran, Kazon and Species 8472 off I went.

At first impressions the club was very welcoming and the guys came out to help me bring in all my stuff from the car.  The venue itself is nice, two floors of gaming tables above the Lamb and Flag pub with decent parking facilities.  Its not too far from my place albeit a little further than Bedworth Gaming Club.

The club runs every Monday and Wednesday evening with bigger games getting underway around 7pm.  Subscription fees are £2 for both sessions but following their AGM they intend on proposing an annual £20 fee for a year, which would be great value!  The club has a vast array of materials and games they own which allows people to try before they buy and they often run campaigns for newer players.  They’re more fluff/for fun players on a gaming night but pretty hardcore when its tourney time with a lot of very successful players in various games.  They are big into their GW Warhammer Fanatasy Battles (WHFB) which was being played last night and Star Wars X-Wing

The club runs a Facebook event for each session allowing you to pre-book a gaming table ensuring you will definitely have a table to play on which is a great idea.  I booked a 4ft x 4ft gaming table and enquired if they had any vinyl space gaming mats to use.  Sure enough when I arrived the mat was all setup for me on my table which was really neat!

Theres also a Facebook page for the club:-

I had arranged to play one of the guys who runs the club, Scott Moore, who wasn’t new to the mechanics system being a Star Wars X-Wing player but was new to Star Trek Attack Wing.  I offered him the choice of fleets and he chose Dominion (which sucked as I wanted to try them out) so I took Borg.

Scotts 99pt Dominion Starter Fleet

2nd Division Cruiser (34)
Gul Dukat (5)
Boheeka (2)
Ship SP: 41

Gor Portas (26)
Thot Pran (5)
Energy Dissipator (5)
Ship SP: 36

Jem’Hadar Attack Ship (20)
Gul Danar (2)
Ship SP: 22

Total Build SP: 99

My 99pt Borg Starter Fleet

Borg Sphere 4270 (40)
Borg Queen (6)
One (4)
Access Terminal (2)
Ship SP: 52

Borg Octahedron (40)
Tactical Drone (3)
Seven of Nine (4)
Ship SP: 47

Total Build SP: 99

In hindsight at that sort of points value perhaps the Borg are a little OP’ed especially given the crazy 360 firing arc and amazing maneuvers.  The Dominion fleet had some tricks and the Energy Dissipator was a proper wrecking ball against my Octahedron.  The game itself was fun and I posted a narrative of the result and took pics in another post on here.  There was some interest from other players (whose names I have forgotten so I do apologise) and I’ve arranged to play twice next week, Scott, using a Romulan Fleet on Monday and against Brent on Wednesday.

Following the session the guys helped me pack away and took a look through all the stuff I had brought along which is always appreciated and then Scott and I chatted outside before we went our seperate ways.  Seems a really friendly club with a very welcoming and relaxed attitude compared to other places.  Scott knows some of the local guys from Bedworth and Escape Games and we chewed the fat about some of the activities, tournaments, proposed future club stuff that NAGA want to do.  They play a lot of Malifaux and Judge Dredd so given that Lucy and I are looking for a new game we can both play a bit of without costing a vast sum of money in armies both of those may be an interesting option.  Who knows?

I’ll definitely be back.  Maybe post AGM I may suggest a STAW Campaign?

STAW: The Dominion Picture (NAGA Star Trek Attack Wing Battle Report – Dominion vs Borg)

**Battle Report**

Stardate 05 11 20 14

Following reports of a strange vessel from a listening post in the Randomis Sector elements of the 6th Wave were assigned to investigate.  Personally taking charge of the mission himself, Gul Dukat captained a Jem Hadar Battlecruiser accompanied by Boheeka whilst Gul Danar, his second in command, aboard a Jem Hadar Attack Ship followed.  The new Dominion allies, the Breen, escorted this fleet in their warship the Gor Portas at the request of the Founders, bearing their devastating weapon, the Energy Dissipator.

Dropping out of warp in the Randomis Sector the enemy were spotted scanning the two primary planets.  Despite attempts to hail and commanding the unknown ship to surrender and leave no responses were received.  Going to Battlestations the three Dominion vessels closed on the enemy.  The ship was scanned and revealed to be bearing Borg technology.  It was a strange shape, neither cube nor sphere but more pointed in design, almost octahedron in shape.

One the Dominon advanced between the two planets to intercept the vessel stopped scanning, spun and advanced on thier position to meet them head on.

At distance the ship seemed able to evade some fire from the Dominion ships but once the ships closed the true firepower of the vessel became clear as it proceeded to attack Gul Danars ship and the Gor Portas.

The Gor Portas closed quickly and deployed its Energy Dissipator which seemed to stun the Borg ship.  Adrift without shields the combined firepower of all three Dominion ships overwhelmed the vessel and it was destroyed.

At this point the true plan of the Borg became apparent as a second Borg Vessel appeared from behind the second planet and was now within the rear arcs of all three ships.

Splitting its firepower the Borg Sphere captained by the Borg Queen and One now destroyed the Jem Hadar Attack Ship and stripped the Battlecruiser of its shields.  As the Dominion fleet came about and all went to Auxiliary power to bring their limited weapon arcs onto the Sphere it mercilessly attacked the Gor Portas destroying it in a barrage of primary weapon fire as the crew attempted to re-enable its Dissipator.

With only Gul Dukats ship still active and an undamaged Borg Sphere in the system the Battlecruiser attempted to evade the Borg vessel by swinging around one of the planets and using it to stop the relentless attacking of the Borg.  The Borg however, who had already used this maneuver to sneak upto the Dominion fleet, advanced quickly spinning between the planets and flew past the weapon arc of the Battlecruiser causing castastrophic damage to its hull.  Without the ability to evade and with the Borg at close range Gul Dukat ordered all hands to escape pods.  This was the last transmission intercepted on the listening post from the Dominion Fleet.

All hands have been ordered to evacuate before the Borg assimilate the planets and strip all resources.