Battlesystems Sci-Fi Terrain Kickstarter Project

Some time ago Hairy Gamer Tris & I both pledged on an awesome looking Kickstarter from Battlesystems for a set of Sci-Fi terrain very in keeping with out Kickstarter pledges for Prodos’ AvP:The Hunt Begins.  We managed our pledges in such a way that we pretty much ended up with everything available without duplicating too much.  The Kickstarter arrived some time ago but it wasn’t until this past weekend that I had managed to get around to doing anything with it.

With trusty craft knife in one hand and liquid poly in the other I set about punching some sheets and assembling some terrain.  Not wanting to ruin what is an awesome product I thought I’d take a quick look at some of the tutorials that Battlesystems had created for us (see below) and start slowly:-

I have a vast number of sheets and bits of terrain to get through so I figured I’d start small.  Sunday afternoon was spent putting together some Infested Walls/Ramps.  Not a huge dent in an otherwise large project but it gave me some indicators as to how fiddly and difficult some of the more complicated bits are, especially doorways.

My advice to anyone attempting this is have a sharp knife, a cutting mat and liquid glue available, then just go about it methodically and take your time!

**EDIT** I’ve added a gallery to this post so every update of pictures can be put there to show progress.

One thought on “Battlesystems Sci-Fi Terrain Kickstarter Project

  1. Tonight (03-11-2014) I decided I would attempt a small section of Wall from the Battlesystems Terrain. I added some new pictures to a gallery on the original post so you can all follow my progress. I’m really very pleased with how its going and think I have a reasonably good system now. The Doorways which can be fiddly are much easier. I’ve not tackled any pieces that require “penning” as Ive not managed to get my graphic pens from the loft yet. When I do I will keep you all updated.


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