To boldly go……….

Here it is folks!  Its my new blog – talesfromthemancave where I will be sharing all my thoughts, reviews and experiences in gaming for you all to see.  I’m no expert, nor am I by any means the worlds biggest gamer but I wanted to share what I get upto with friends and peers and hopefully inspire some others to get into gaming and give it a go.  You may also be able to follow stuff I get upto as part of the Hairy Gamers by following The Hairy Gamers FB page.

For those who dont know me I’m Jase, a gamer who forms half of the Hairy Gamers on FB with my partner in crime and bromance Tris.  I primarily collect and play Star Trek Attack Wing but I’m also interested in other games and over the course of the next few months I hope to share some of this with you.

I also play some of the older, and dare I say it better, Games Workshop games such as Blood Bowl and Necromunda.  With any luck I’ll be picking up a new game shortly and with my better half Lucy we’ll learn to play from scratch together.  So you can follow the adventures of a novice gamer on this site.

Whether you’re into CCG’s, card games, board games, war games hopefully this blog will help you and inspire you




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