AEG’s Awesome Smash-Up “shufflebuilding” game


AEGs Smash-Up Starter Set, Awesome 9000 & Cthulhu Expansion review

Another review for you all.  As the Hairy Gamers I reviewed AEG’s Smash-Up game and its first two expansions, Awesome Level 9000 & The Obligatory Cthulhu Expansion earlier in the year.

Anyone looking for a fun party game for 2 or more players (even better when you’ve had a drink) should check this out!

Recently the Big Geeky Boxset and Monster Smash expansions have been released.  Full reviews will follow in the future.

3 thoughts on “AEG’s Awesome Smash-Up “shufflebuilding” game

  1. So we’ve been away a while…off doing all sorts of geeky endeavours and stuffs. This weekend the whole team played Smash Up Monster Smash. Tris’s Cybernetic Vampire Apes vs Ju’s Magical Werewolf Creatures vs Lucy’s Giant Super Spy Ants vs my (Jases) Wizardly Monstrous Creatures.

    The new power token mechanic works really well and we can already see some crazy combinations for swarm decks etc or big hitting combat decks. Vampire Dinosaurs or Vampiric Bear Cavalry would be mental. Giant Robotic Ants or Giant Plant Ants would have a kinda synergy I guess.

    The Monsters were strong and could easily buff their minions for a turn with spare body parts of barrels of goop and it was a cheesy tactic like this that allowed my Laboratory Monster to smash the last base and guide the Wizardly Monstrous Creatures to a shared victory with the Cybernetic Vampire Apes.

    The Vampires do well destroying other factions minions and drinking thier blood for extra power tokens. They have some nice minions but do rely on a steady stream of being able to defeat other minions.

    Werewolves are a bit meh on other players turns but get very powerful on their turns or when a pack alpha is around which I guess is the aim. They dont use the tokens so much as their ability to get buffed is always on, just works on their turns only.

    The Giant Ants looks fun and have a swarm of weaker minions that can trade tokens and act like a hive which means the power they have can creep up on you without you noticing. We didn’t see too much of them as the Super Spies did most of the work for Lucy.

    All in all a tight and fun game. The new expansion promises to provide huge potential and brings a whole new element to the game. It would be interesting to see them up against established decks that we already know work very well together such as Elder Things & Wizards or Pirate Bear Cavalry.
    Next time we’ll crack out the Geek Faction from the Big Geeky Boxset and give them a try.


  2. Everyone loves what you guys tend to be up too.
    This kind of clever work and coverage! Keep up the good works guys I’ve added you guys
    to my blogroll.


  3. Thanks for your comments! We try to update as often as we can and occasionally with so much going on and real lives to attend to we get a little lost but it is nice to read that people appreciate what we are doing.


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