AEG’s Awesome Smash-Up “shufflebuilding” game


AEGs Smash-Up Starter Set, Awesome 9000 & Cthulhu Expansion review

Another review for you all.  As the Hairy Gamers I reviewed AEG’s Smash-Up game and its first two expansions, Awesome Level 9000 & The Obligatory Cthulhu Expansion earlier in the year.

Anyone looking for a fun party game for 2 or more players (even better when you’ve had a drink) should check this out!

Recently the Big Geeky Boxset and Monster Smash expansions have been released.  Full reviews will follow in the future.

Gale Force 9’s Firefly Deboxing Review


Some time ago I reviewed and deboxed my shiny new copy of Gale Force 9’s Firefly.  Anyone familiar with the Joss Whedon SyFy series and movie set in the same ‘verse will be familiar with the basic premise.  Its a sci-fi western.  Enjoy!  Further reviews for the expansions will follow in time.

To boldly go……….

Here it is folks!  Its my new blog – talesfromthemancave where I will be sharing all my thoughts, reviews and experiences in gaming for you all to see.  I’m no expert, nor am I by any means the worlds biggest gamer but I wanted to share what I get upto with friends and peers and hopefully inspire some others to get into gaming and give it a go.  You may also be able to follow stuff I get upto as part of the Hairy Gamers by following The Hairy Gamers FB page.

For those who dont know me I’m Jase, a gamer who forms half of the Hairy Gamers on FB with my partner in crime and bromance Tris.  I primarily collect and play Star Trek Attack Wing but I’m also interested in other games and over the course of the next few months I hope to share some of this with you.

I also play some of the older, and dare I say it better, Games Workshop games such as Blood Bowl and Necromunda.  With any luck I’ll be picking up a new game shortly and with my better half Lucy we’ll learn to play from scratch together.  So you can follow the adventures of a novice gamer on this site.

Whether you’re into CCG’s, card games, board games, war games hopefully this blog will help you and inspire you